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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Scary ghost craft

Wait until you see this scary ghost craft.  We are pretty excited to share our easy scary ghost craft today.

Halloween ghost crafts can be simple to make.  Ghost Halloween ideas can also be budget friendly by using items from around your home.  I like easy Halloween d├ęcor so I give this ghost craft idea a 10.    

Scary ghost craft

Oh Halloween... you and I have a love hate relationship.  I absolutely do not like the tricks that come with you, just treats please.  I am not a fan of the things that go bump in the night, jumps and scares waiting for me around the corner, when the hair on the back of my neck stands on end, and when I go to release a blood curdling scream, nothing comes out!  No Halloween, you and I differ in the trick department, I will continue to love my treats only for Halloween.

My lovely coworkers were big fans of waiting around corners just as you arrive to work only to be scared out of you wits when you least expect it.  That moment you just turn the corner, and someone reaches out and scares you nearly to death... as they cackle, and you reach for your heart to try to slow the racing happening inside your chest... oh yes, many times over this happened in the halls of our office over the years. 

There were spiders in office drawers, frights, walking into a dark bathroom only to see Santa Claus staring you in the face as you turn on the light!  Talk about a wake up call courtesy of your ornery coworkers.  A scream, then a giggle to follow once they realize you were rightly horrified by their antics.  

Oh, the joys of working with jokesters.  At the time, I did not find many of these jokes as funny as they did... at least when they were happening to me, but I think back now, and long for those days.  Those ornery kids we once were, who of course got the work done, yet made time to make our workday more enjoyable too.

When you think about it, you spend more time with coworkers than you do your own family, so in a sense, they become your extended family.  I know there are some who I felt that way about, and still consider close friends today.  It is comforting to know there are some bonds that continue to hold strong long after everyone else forgets... you learn those are the people who are worth your time and effort in life to continue to keep friendships alive...  not the ones who are there for the here and now.

Some days I feel like I speak from my 100 year old grandmother's perspective, but Rosezella is one who never really got out in the world, so that may be another reason why she is continuing to live beyond her golden years.     

Why do we feel like you are giving a life lesson here Cara?  Well, sometimes I like to offer some food for thought.  You never know when someone needs that extra bit to bite off and gnaw on for a few minutes to help in their own life journey.  I may love the crafts, decorating, and recipe sharing, but I am more than just those things too.   

Scary ghost craft

Onward and upward... scary ghost craft coming your way...    

When it comes to Halloween, do you jump in with both feet and deck the halls with spooky ghosts and goblins, or do you take a more minimal approach since Halloween is not really your thing?  

I have to say in the past, I never really decorated for Halloween which is odd since my husband really loves the holiday.  Personally, I think he really just loves the horror flicks, but he likes to drive around and see what our hometown has to offer when it comes to Halloween decorations too.  Let me tell you some folks just do not disappoint, they go all out!

When it comes to decorating in our home for Halloween, I have decided on a minimal approach.  I thought how cute is this scary ghost?  You can pick it up at your local dollar store.  I knew just the spot he would hang, in place of our octopus in the foyer of course.  I thought about it... I even considered making a witch's hat for my octopus, but in the end, I decided this ghost would be better suited.

That did not stop me from using the same frame though.  You see, you can keep your art in behind whatever you are currently showing in your home.  Saves on frames, storage, and my favorite?  Money!  I think we all enjoy saving that, right?

Making art for my home has been a long time hobby of mine.  There is just something about sitting down with a bunch of materials, and seeing what you can create.     

I painted the ghost white, and then time for fun... I got out the glitter, my husband's favorite.  Oh, when I say that, know that I am kidding.  He is not a fan of glitter, he says it gets everywhere and is all over your body when you touch something with glitter on it, which secretly makes me love it all the more!  A holiday is not a holiday around here without lots of glitter!  

ghost craft

Once the paint dried, I applied one more coat, let it dry, then I covered  the entire ghost in glue.  Just your average glue stick is what I used and quickly sprinkled glitter all over my ghost.  I let it sit for about 30 minutes, then I took it outside on the windiest of days (because why would I do this when the weather was nice) and sprayed Mod Podge on it to set the glitter so it did not shed it's glitter with each handling.  

I went to my stash of scrapbooking paper and decided on the striped paper you see above for the background.  Of course, the paper is never long enough for a frame so I cut off the extra from the side, and then added it to the top of our paper.

I used my go to, a glue stick again.  Glue sticks are budget friendly when you are crafting, plus most households have them in their home already.  Do you see our octopus peaking out from behind?  He was sad to leave our entryway, but he will make an appearance in the spring again, I am sure of it!

ghost craft

I like the contrast of the stripes going in different directions, it is the same approach I used when I created the octopus art.  

ghost craft

I have had these cardstock stickers for years... they were so old, they did not want to stick to my paper so I added more glue stick and covered our line where the stripes collided with each other at the top.

I thought the butterflies were most fitting, since I thought of them as moths for Halloween instead of happily floating butterflies. 

ghost craft ideas

I decided our ghost needed some contrast and went for a harlequin pattern where his eyes and mouth were.  I simply added the paper to the back of our wood ghost with again, a glue stick.  See how simple this art is for the wall?  

After our craft for seniors and children, I was asked for more simple crafts so I thought I can do that, no problem!  I also had a reader reach out who shared a similar ghost project as this one.  I had already begun working on the ghost part of this project, but I wasn't exactly sure how she was going to end up at the time.  

ghost craft ideas

I had planned to use my frame in our foyer so I did not need to come up with another way to hang our ghost, and I had planned on using my scrapbooking paper, but by your suggestion, you know who you are Melissa!  Thank you by the way, I was able to finish this one quickly and get her hung up lickety split.  You can barely see my glitter which was a bummer, but know it is there.  

ghost crafts for adults

Some days I have a plan and have an idea of how the whole project will turn out, and then others, I wing it.  The hole at the top where the hanger was for this ghost I covered using another "moth" either it decided to land there, or it is a moth bow, I will let you decide.  Do you see our string of "moths" at the top of our project?  

I was happy with how this one turned out.  I went to our attic and pulled out our vintage inspired Halloween pillows and added them to our bench, I love those pillows... then I used our stenciled books since I felt they went with our spooky vibe in the entryway.  Overall, I am pleased with how this project turned out, plus so easy... thank goodness since Halloween is quickly approaching!  I cannot believe how fast this month is flying.  Before we know it, Christmas will be here.  

Before you float away, you can save this post to your Pinterest board for future reference, hover over any photo and add to your specified board.  

Imagine this project with spiders!  How fun!  

The Ghost was a big hit in our foyer.     

Great price on multi pack of glue sticks, I find I need these when crafting.  

Sponges are great for crafting.  I have found myself liking these more than paintbrushes lately when painting.  

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  1. Ahh this is such a cute idea! I hope you will come by my weekly link party and link up for a chance to be featured! https://www.ourtinynest.com/2022/10/12/wednesday-link-party317/

    1. Thank you for your comment Nicolle, and thank you for the invite to your link party! I look forward to linking up!

  2. Cara, your scary ghost is both spooky and adorable! Such a cute craft. Thank you so much for sharing it with us over at Crazy little love birds link party #5. https://crazylittlelovebirds.blogspot.com/2023/09/crazylittlelovebirds-link-party-5.html
    Always a pleasure having you visit and share with all of us.

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to this ghost when I picked him up, but he came together quite spookily! teehee. I love those crafts you are not sure about, but then turn out cute.