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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Vintage Christmas

Have a vintage Christmas you can be proud of.  I am sharing today all sorts of goodies so you can have the vintage Christmas of your dreams.  

A vintage inspired Christmas may be easier to pull off than you think.  Today, we are sharing where you can find those vintage inspired pieces.  Vintage Christmas decorations and vintage Christmas ornaments bring nostalgia and who doesn't love a bit of that sprinkled throughout the holidays?  

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I'm dreaming of a vintage Christmas... just like the ones I used to know... doesn't it just make you think back to Christmas' growing up?  When we all gathered for family dinner, and opening presents with your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  Grandma would get out the same decorations year after year, and if she dared to put them in a new spot, you had to tell her that is not where they go... oh the days of Christmas' growing up.

Brings back some memories, doesn't it?  I know it does for me.  This year, I am all about a vintage Christmas.  I never thought my home would have those traditional red and green colors, but the past couple of holiday's I have had them proudly displayed here.  This year, I am going all out vintage with traditional colors in a few rooms of our home.

It's the time of year where I get all googly eyes over Christmas decorations, and Christmas cookies, and Christmas wreaths, and Christmas trees... whew, that is a lot of Christmas!  I am in my festive mood right now and have begun to drag out all of my Christmas decorations. I have taken stock of what I have, and like every year wonder what I can add to my Christmas and holiday loot of decor.  

Not that I need to by any means, but if you are anything like me, then you cannot help yourself and think must buy more... Christmas is the one time of year I throw caution to the wind, and think more is more is more when it comes to decorating our home.  Now that I think about it, I am always like that, but especially during this time of year, the holidays just bring it out in me.    

Some of you may be surprised, and others of you who know me well and my love for all things Christmas will not be at all, but I started decorating last week.  Can you believe it?  I know, Christmas in October, even before Halloween!  Yes, I just could not help myself.  Those cookies I shared earlier this week?  Some folks may have been thinking cookies for Halloween, but Christmas is what I had on my brain.  

It is how I roll... getting all of those cherished pieces from the attic always lifts my spirits and this year I needed that extra push.  I know I said I was not going to get everything out, BUT... well, I have been busy.  I will share once it is all up.  I have some pieces I have used in a new light, and then others you have not seen before, but are those everyday pieces I have, but decided they needed to be used as Christmas decor this year.

Then I also checked out Antique Farmhouse and can I tell you how I am swooning over their d├ęcor for Christmas?  I mean, I usually love many of their pieces, but this year they have outdone themselves in the Christmas department.  So much yummy vintage inspired items I am crushing on.

Let's get to it!


Up first, I wanted to share this antiqued silver mercury glass garland.  I began a collection of mercury glass several years ago and always try to add a piece here and there.  I can imagine this garland on our mantel or atop the china cabinet, or buffet, in our kitchen.  Oh my, I can see this anywhere in our home.  

I am also thinking who says it can only be displayed at Christmas time?  Certainly not me!  I say Christmas 24/7, 365 days out of the year!  Too extreme for your tastes?  Okay, I will dial it back a bit, just for you.  

Can you imagine all of the possibilities with this garland though?  Oh, I just thought of it laying on top of our dining room table woven into our pine garland.  How beautiful would that be for Christmas dinner?  Candles, garland, pine, check, check, check!

Now for those neutral Christmas decorators, how about these tasseled punch hook pillows?  These could sit out from now until the end of February if you ask me.  I love those pieces that transition from the holiday right into winter decor.  

I'd imagine they are quite cuddly too, don't they just make you want to curl up on the couch and watch Hallmark Christmas movies all day?  Can I tell you how much I am looking forward to watching those beloved movies this holiday season?

You see, hubby controls the remote in this household so we always watch what he wants.  This year?  Oh, I am totally watching a movie here and there sprinkled throughout the season while he is at work.  I mean, I do deserve that, right?  I am thinking so.  The majority of my time is spent working around the house, and other family obligations, but I think I can take some time out for a movie here and there!

If you are searching out Christmas presents, check out these cutting boards that can be displayed in the home.  No need to purchase separately, they come as a set of three.  That could be three people crossed off your list!  If you want, just add a bow and perhaps a sprig of greenery, perhaps a cookie cutter, and there you go, Christmas all completed.

I love the look of cutting boards in the kitchen hanging on the wall or leaned up against the wall on the counter.  I picked up my first one many years ago, it was marble, and then I picked up the wood ones.  I have to say I actually like them a bit better since they offer warmth to the kitchen, and I do not have to be as careful when I am cleaning around them.  

Check out their Kitchen and Dining section, you will not be disappointed.  There is that tartan plaid I so love and want sprinkled all over my house on any given day of the year.  

That pitcher is lovely and I can see it out all year round as well.  Now the tree placemats we might not be able to display year round, but we can certainly have them out until February, right?  So many good things to be seen!  Are you getting as excited as I am for Christmas?  The decorating and spending time with loved ones are my favorite parts.  

Okay you vintage Christmas lovers, do I have surprises for you!  I am right there with you, and this is what got me so excited about Antique Farmhouse this year for Christmas!  I have found so many items I must have for our home!  

Take a look at a few of their Christmas items below, but to get a good idea of what they have this year, hop over to their Christmas Decor.  So many pages of items, but hurry, items are already selling out!  I was disappointed in myself since there was a sign I really wanted, and I missed out.  Can you believe it is already gone?  How sad for me, but I found a little something in it's place.  I guess you will have to wait until it comes!  

Today I am sharing just a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing, check back for more ideas from Antique Farmhouse.  I love so many of their items, when I am not able to get out and about, I can turn to them for my vintage fix, and see what else Santa has on his list.  

Well, I sure hope you check out their ideas and vintage inspired pieces.  I wanted to make sure I shared these finds with you before the Christmas rush came along and snatched them all up.  Antique Farmhouse offers sales events.  Each event is curated to a specific look and is only available for a certain amount of time.  Let me know if you enjoyed these vintage inspired Christmas items.  

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