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Monday, November 30, 2020

Christmas Decorating

 So you decorate your chandelier for Christmas too?  Why yes, doesn't everyone?  I did not the first few years we lived here, but then one Christmas I wanted the house to look like Christmas threw up in my home.  I got crazy and I wanted to use all of my decorations.  

I decided to drape garland around the arms of the chandelier and then ornaments on top of that (this is last year's decorations on the chandelier).  Simple decorations, and to be honest, it all came from Big Lots.  I LOVE perusing their website for Christmas decorations.  They have fancy pants, traditional, fun ornaments, anything of your heart's content.  The bows also came from Big Lots, no need to put a bow on each arm, I only put them on the lower level.  The bows were $5.00 total for this look.  The garland was $5.00 per strand (2 on this chandelier) and the ornaments were all from a box of ornaments I think $5.00 as well.  I am going simple this year and will share this year's look with you soon.  🎄   

   I see now I had a light out, oh well, keeping it real here...   

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