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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Storing Christmas Items

 I purchased these decorative twists to attach our garland to the banister during Christmas in July on QVC this past year.  I was tired of using dental floss because it is so difficult to hold the garland in place, tie off the floss, and keep everything in place at the same time.  I love them!  I actually used them to hang our stockings too this year.  They were really easy to use!  

And I digress... do you put away Christmas items and then the following year have no idea where you stored them?  GOOD!  Me too!  I hate that... I am notorious for storing items and then forgetting where I put them all the time!  I often times wonder if I am losing my mind or heading to assisted living any day now... This year, I am trying to make storing items easier for me so I can prevent my loss of sanity a little longer any way.  

Here are a few more pictures of the twists.  

I decided to store the twists inside the stockings so I know where to find them for next year.  I always hang our garland here and the stockings found their home on the banister last Christmas.  I really like them on the banister so all of these items will be stored together.  Next year I will not have to wonder where the twists are since they will be inside the stockings!  No more thinking I have lost my mind at least where this is concerned.  The garland, stockings, and twists will all be in under the bed storage boxes.  I have found these are best for storing garland, this allows for them to have the most room, while being contained, and also keeping their fluff until next year.  I am thankful for our walk in attic, lots of storage there.    

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