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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Christmas Dining Room Table


This will be a short and sweet post... 

Do you love to decorate for Christmas as much as I do?  I found this table runner at Target last year.  I love it!  It has all of the colors you would expect to see at Christmas!  

The candlesticks came from Hobby Lobby, I purchased two at the time and each one had a scroll broken off one end.  They were part of their garden d├ęcor at the end of spring and I believe they were $3.99 a piece!  I added white paint to mine to give an older look and charm.  Don't be afraid to interchange items, I use what I like whether it is meant for outside/inside, spring/winter, who cares?  Let your imagination go wild and decorate with what you love!  

The ornament placemats?  Well... I found them at Dollar Tree!  They were meant to be hung on the wall, but when I looked at them I saw placemats instead!  For $6.00 total for 6 placemats, I thought why not?  At that price you could even let your guests take them home to decorate and do as they wish with them, or you could do it as a project together when everyone has finished eating.  Keep the kids busy with a project, glitter, glue, and Christmas cut outs, the sky is the limit!  

Do you see items like this and think I can make that into something else?  I hope to inspire you to be creative and enjoy making your house a home and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy while keeping within those low-cost parameters.         

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