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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Before and After of our Living Room

Searching before and after living room makeovers?  We will gladly show you our before and after living room makeovers.  

We have before and after living room makeover pictures to share below.  Wow, has this before and after living room makeover pictures changed or what?

Pink living room


So, you have seen some pictures of the living room and what it looks like now.  Ever wonder what a home looked like before someone started making it their home?  Below you will see what our cottage looked like before we started making changes about 7 years ago.  

Remind you of a pink bubble gum room?  That is exactly what it was.  Pink striped wallpaper, pink curtains, cream carpet...  we have no idea what their décor looked like, we purchased it from an estate in "as is" condition, but sometimes I wonder what kind of furniture was here before me, how did they situate the furniture? Was this remodel completed in the late 1980's?  

As I mentioned before, I look through homes on Realtor and Zillow.com.  Um, it may be a slight addiction, I do it everyday.  I have looked at homes so much I can tell you about when the home has been built solely on the colors and décor in the home, or when the remodel happened.   

Yeah, behind that wallpaper and mirror are hidden treasures (not the good kind) we found when we removed the wallpaper.  Large chucks of plaster came off the wall, there was an old leak and it really wreaked havoc on the walls!  

Pink curtains in pink living room

Please ignore the ladder, I had no idea I may be taking photos back then that others would see. 

Pink curtains

The window to the right is a 6 foot high, by 9 foot wide window.  

Pink striped wallpaper and niche built into wall

Little niche` for knick knacks... 

Pink wallpaper

The living room is 14' x 26' long.  

I have always loved older homes, wondering who has lived in them throughout their life?  How did they live?  What was life like inside the walls?  How did they decorate?  What was their style?  Why did they make some of the decorating decisions they made?  I cannot wait to show you some other before and after pictures here, you may laugh.  

We saw the potential of the home and knew we would enjoy making it ours.  We keep plugging away and I am not sure I will ever say it is done.  I dream up new projects all of the time and enjoy doing it.  

Hubby just grumbles and says ok.  Sometimes he gets excited about some of these projects and others he thinks is a waste of time... like wallpapering the bathroom closet...   or why I would want to spend time remaking a brass sconce... or creating fancy pants tie backs for my curtains... or why I create vignette's on our bedroom dresser... it's like he doesn't know me at all... what's a gal to do?  Keep making our home just as my vision says it should be is what I will do!  

2 leather couches and wood coffee table in living room

View of the living room with the couches separated while we tried to find the other sides for each one.  

French provincial coffee table by Thomasville

Living room decorated with Christmas tree in vintage style

I like to think we have a timeless living room and it will be in style 20 years from now.  I lean towards French and Traditional style.  Styles come and go, but when you decorate with more timeless pieces, it will always be in style. 

Leather Chesterfield Sofa in living room

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