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Saturday, November 28, 2020

No skeletons in this fancy pants closet...

 It is not a big secret I love the fancy pants parts of life... I really enjoy making all parts of our home enjoyable.  Whether it is our dining room, living room, or even closets, I really get into decorating.  I showed you the chandelier Mr. Vintage and I made, here is how we spruced up the closet a bit more.  If you missed the post about our chandelier, you can find it here.   

Why yes, I did add wallpaper to the closet to spruce it up a bit.  Now you know how serious I take my decorating.  Ha!  The walls were just white so I decided to add this gray/silverish (yes, now I am making up words too) demask pattern to the closet.  I LOVE IT!  Between the wallpaper and the chandelier, it helps to get me moving in the morning and start my day with a smile.

We did use peel and stick wallpaper from Amazon, I looked so I could provide a link, but this particular one is no longer available. Of course, hubby is better at matching up the wallpaper than I am.  I totally messed up the second row.  He had to remove it and put back up.  Once he matched the patterns, it was easy to do.  If you make a mistake, it does peel off and you can stick it again, this is not the wallpaper of the past.    

I still have a few more projects I would like to do in the closet, but I have been short on time lately to tear a closet out and start over.  The other side of the closet has shelves and I added rubbermaid drawers to each shelf to better organize the shelves, but it is not working for me anymore.  I need to come up with something that will match the look I am going for in the closet, I will keep you posted on what I come up with.  

If you are searching for peel and stick wallpaper, here is a link similar to this pattern above.      

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