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Friday, November 13, 2020

Spilled nail polish remover on wood table

Spilled nail polish remover on wood table?  Do not worry, not all is lost, you can repair spilled nail polish remover on wood table.

How to reverse acetone damage you ask?  If you have spilled acetone onto a wood table, resulting in an ugly coffee table, you can actually reverse the acetone damage by sanding down the table.    

coffee table stripped and in raw wood form

This all wood table by Thomasville (which ended up being free to me) was picked up at an auction for $1.00!  I used to love going to auctions.  I would get excited, look around, see if there was anything I was interested in and then BID!  

I happened upon an auction one Saturday morning with family that had various items on the auction block.  Guns were the highlight of this particular auction so people were not interested in the furniture.  Me?  I am ADDICTED to furniture.  I love it and that was what drew to me to this auction, especially when I saw French provincial items being sold. My heart did that little pitter patter it does when I see something I think I absolutely have to have.   

I was amazed people were not bidding on the furniture and this French Provincial beauty?  I had my heart set on it!  Then my sister said she wanted it and I thought to myself, NO, must have coffee table!  I will outbid you let you have it if you really want it... and as it turned out, I gave in and let her have it.  

finished coffee table after removing nail polish remover

She purchased it for $1.00, can you believe no one was interested in this beauty?  I know, hard to believe!  She also purchased the couch to match for $2.00, a bed, and matching nightstand for $10.00!  She made out that day!

So, you wonder how did it end up back in my grasp?  Sis spilled finger nail polish remover on it and did not want to take the time to do the necessary repairs!  She was actually going to sit it out at the curb and let some stranger person other than myself end up with MY table!  

I thought to myself, self, you absolutely MUST have this piece.  So, I drug hubs along for a drive, 45 minutes one way, I had her loaded up and ready to come home with me in five minutes flat! Can you believe I found a similar table to this one? I was astounded since I thought I had the only one, ha! 

I also may have not divulged I thought I could bring the piece back to it's former glory in no time flat... is that bad?  After time had passed, I still secretly longed for this piece... French Provincial is my style, I love it, it makes me happy, and I will go to great lengths to get these items for our home as you will learn if you stick around for more.   

So after a lot of hard work, this is how the table ended up in our living room and I could not be more happy with it, especially since it was FREE to me!  And sis?  She saw it and asked is that the table I gave you?  I replied um, yes... she wanted it back after she saw what it could look like.  Sorry Sis, it is here for good and not going anywhere!  Thanks though!

coffee table after removing nail polish remover

In order to remove the nail polish remover, we sanded the top of the table down.  The first photo in this post shows you the raw wood after we sanded it down.

Doesn't it look beautiful?  

The bottom half of the table was painted, and although it had that chippy paint look I adore, I decided to completely remove the paint.  Now, that was a labor of love.  All of those nooks and crannies were filled with paint.  

We used a Dremel tool in order to remove the paint from the bottom half of the table and buffed it with an attachment to the Dremel tool.  Once all of the paint was removed, the table received a stain all over.  

Do you see how the lip on the table appears to be a different color?  We decided to let it stay that way.  I think it is a different wood than the top.  We thought it added character, and we all know how much I love character in a piece.  

I like to think this coffee table flip, also being the the first piece we saved, turned out well.  I wish I had more in process photos for you, but this was a project that we completed long before I decided a blog would be in our future.  This is also my first post as a blogger.  Wow!  Stay tuned for more budget friendly d├ęcor ideas and projects happening here.      

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  1. That's unbelievable that it was a dollar!! A bargain for your sister...but I guess it was really meant to be your though. It's lovely!

  2. Thank you Kim! I love it, we enjoyed working on this project together, seeing what it was and what we ended up making it. She wanted it back and kindly told her no way!