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Monday, November 16, 2020

Our Little Peanut

Searching German Shepherd Beagle mix?  We are happy to share our German Shepherd Beagle mix with you and when he first came home with us.

This German Shepherd Beagle mix puppy was a handful as a puppy.  German Shepherd Beagle mix personality is quite unique, and by far smarter than the average dog.


German Shepherd Beagle Mix Puppy

This is the first night our little peanut came home with us.  He was a small chubby ball of fur.  Little did we know the joy, love, biting, chewing, and laughter he would bring to our home then... Oh my, where to begin?  

My husband found him on Hoobly, a website many breeders list their puppies for sale.  I have always had dogs in my life, all Labs.  In my opinion, Labs were the best!  After losing my last pup, I was so sad I did not think I would be able to open my heart up to another one.  He and I were together 15 short years, no matter the time you have with a pup, it is never long enough.   

Hubs said I think this is what you are missing and you should at least meet him.  I said no more Labs, my heart cannot take it.  He said, well these are Lab/Mastiff (Mastadors) and I really think you should at least meet him.  I agreed and told him, I will meet him, but I do not think we should agree to take him.  Of course, I am sure he knew as soon as I saw him and held him, he was definitely coming home with us.  I just did not know this yet.  

Over time, it became apparent to us that he did not have Mastiff in him and were not sure that he had Lab in him either.  Mastiff's are huge and this peanut was not getting huge... we decided to look at DNA testing because some behavior issues I could not put my finger on.  

If you recall, I have had dogs my entire life, but his behavior, wow!  Biting, chewing, growling, showing his teeth and this was all when he was a few months old!  I did some research and decided to go with Wisdom Panel.  It was really easy, the kit came and we swabbed his mouth.  Sent the DNA back and in a few weeks we had answers... here are some more pictures of him to see if you can take a guess what his breed is.

German Shepherd beagle mix puppy

4 months old...

German Shepherd beagle mix puppy

About 5 months old...

German Shepherd Beagle mix

10 months old...

Full grown German Shepherd Beagle Mix

German Shepherd Beagle mix full grown...

Looks so innocent, right?  He can turn the charm on and off pretty quickly.  He loves people and really cannot seem to understand if someone will not pay attention to him, but he has some real quirks too.  When he runs off with something, he will slide under the bed Dukes of Hazard style very quickly.  He knows if he makes it there, it's all over.  It's impossible to get whatever he has taken away from him whatever it may be and he knows it too.  

Any takers on his breed?  Ta da: The BIG reveal: German Shepherd Beagle mix!  We were pretty surprised with the results, but once you begin reading the report, a lot of it makes sense.  

He is the smartest little nugget, which sometimes does not play into our favor.  He is stubborn, doesn't like to be told what to do, rebels like a teenager, and some days I want to pull my hair out.  

He will be 2 on Christmas Day and will be with us 2 years in February.  Patience is something that is needed with his temper tantrums and some days I think is he ever going to outgrow this?  BUT... he makes us laugh, likes to cuddle on his terms, and is very protective.  He may be small, but he is mighty.  

Are you a dog lover?  Any advice on training?  We have tried obedience school, he listened to his trainer, but once he came home it was like, meh, you may think that is the way this is going to work, but Mom and Dad, this is really how it is going to be, no if, and's, or buts about it... We love him and I think life would be pretty darn boring around here without him keeping us on our toes every minute of the day.  If you would like to read more about his shenanigans, you can read more by clicking It's a Dog's Life, and it sure is.  He runs this house, we just live here and pay the bills.     

My not so small love before this nugget, still love and miss him everyday.

American Yellow Lab
Block head yellow labYellow Lab drinking from fountain

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