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Monday, November 23, 2020

Christmas Scenes, oh my!

Does anyone love Winter as much as I do?  We love SNOW here, and I am drawn to snow scenes!  I am always on the hunt for vintage and cheap  economical d├ęcor for our home.  If you have been around here for any length of time, you will know I do love a bargain, but I also like things that do not look cheap... so I DIY a lot of things around here with a little creativity.  

Before Hubs and I got married and had a home to work on every weekend, we used to go to yard sales on the weekends.  I think I enjoyed the pass time more than he did, but we would drive all over seeing what sorts of things people had.  

One day, we stopped at a home.  I am not sure why we stopped at this home in particular, nothing stood out to me from the road, but I wanted to stop.  We walked up and the lady had this frame for sale. It was all green, had the glass in it, no back, no picture... I checked the price, $1.00!!  I scooped up this pretty right away!  I didn't see anything else so I walked up and told her I would be taking this piece.  She looked at me like I had four eyes and said I should probably just give it to you, it's been around here forever and is junk- it's an old antique I kept meaning to throw away.  I wanted to scream say, lady, are you kidding me?  I smiled and replied I collect antiques and was happy to take it off of her hands.  I nearly skipped down the driveway to the car.  Hubs said, you are extremely happy over a frame.  I grinned from ear to ear and said you have no idea, this pretty set me back $1.00!  Of course, he is used to me bringing junk very valuable items home by now... 

I highlighted all of that detail with white paint.  I even think the missing pieces of the detailed part of the frame is charming, it gives it character.  I do not mind at all.  

Some scrap book paper I had laying around for the background, and a series of Christmas cards I purchased last year to send out.  I kept a series for myself to complete the whole winter scene.  There is even glitter on the trees for added sparkle!  I love glitter and the way it shines in the light, another thing that drives hubby crazy.  He says it gets everywhere.  Oh well, glitter makes me happy and adds a little sparkle to our home!  

This is in our dining room, the wreath came from At Home, $19.99, pretty good for a wreath in my opinion.  The vases also came from At Home after Christmas sale, $7.99 for the large, and $5.99 for the smaller ones.  The large "diamonds" we used on the tables of our wedding, but I love them out all year round and leave them on my thrifted silver tray ($19.99).  The table?  From Lowe's $19.99 and came with a lamp to boot.  The table was kind of blah, I used gold rub n buff on it and it completely changed the look.  I love our old phone to the left!  

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