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Thursday, April 8, 2021

How to easily update your décor for FREE!

Wondering how you can update your décor for free?  Here are ideas that will make it seem simple, you may wonder why you did not think of it before.

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I love to reuse items in my home.  Why continue to spend money on new décor when you love what you already have?  Sometimes, we just need a refresh... and it will make you love it all over again, but in a new way!  

Below you see my candlesticks you have seen so many times in our dining room.  As you can see they looked a little different long ago... same candlesticks though... 

real rose arrangement on dining room table

Do you also see my gold rope candles too?  The candlesticks looked much different than they do now.  You can see this picture is an oldie, but goodie... this is from when Mr. Vintage and I were only dating... he sometimes buys flowers for me and has them delivered to work, sweet guy isn't he?  We have decided to keep him.  😉

You may see something else familiar in the background?  See how this painting is displayed in our home now below.  This photo was taken when I lived in my apartment, but when we moved, I displayed it in our current dining room too.

Remember what the candlesticks look like now?  I only dry brushed white paint on them to give them a worn cottage look.  Now they look quite different than when I originally purchased them.  No need to go purchase new candlesticks.  I like the ones I have, I just wanted a new look for them.  I can always repaint them if I decide I want a different look, but the white paint suits me just fine now.  I love pieces that look aged, like they have been around for a while and plan to stick around for a while longer.  

Did you see in the background of the first photo a painting that may look familiar?  I removed it from our dining room and moved it upstairs to our bedroom.  Shop your own home, it's FREE!  It is one of the easiest and most on budget things you can do to keep refreshing your home.  Move items from room to room to give your home a new look whenever you get the itch to make a new purchase.  

When I was growing up, my Mother was notorious for this.  All 4 foot 10 inches of her was moving furniture around our home whenever she needed a refresh.  She would also move her décor around and give it subtle updates when she was bored with her surroundings.  

I think I get a lot of this creativeness from her, which she in turn got from my grandfather.  She is quite resourceful when it comes to changing things up.  When we were kids, we would leave for school in the morning and come home to a totally different home after school.  It was always kind of fun to see what she would come up with.

Does the milk glass, hobnail pieces look familiar?  How about the roses?  Just rose soaps added to the bowl and around it... not much effort to throw this look together. 


And here are the same milk glass, hobnail pieces on our end table with a rose candle inside instead of the soaps.  Click to read How to choose new lamps to see the lamp above.    

The same rose soaps above inside another milk glass, hobnail bowl.  Click to read How to style and layer a living room for more about styling your coffee table and couch.  Do you also see our gold rope candle? Another item stolen from the dining room to be used in our living room.

Do you see the white sparkle ornaments above displayed on glass candle holders at our wedding reception?  Are you digging the carpet too, lol...   You've seen the ornaments many a time around here... I use them in almost every room of our home.  I love the sparkle and they are eye catching to boot.  

Click to read How an online auction works and the story of a beautiful French provincial chest to see how I have displayed this ornament in our bedroom.  The close up shows I added a few springs of eucalyptus so it appears to be a flower. 

You can see I have also displayed them in our dining room.  Click to read Another Spring/Easter table idea to see how they look on our dining room table inside that fancy pants ashtray.  Yes, ashtray!  You can also click to read How to use unique home decor items to read more about the ashtrays.  I am full of ideas on how to decorate and get that vintage, fancy pants look on a real budget.    

These are just a few ideas I have to share with you about how easy it is to move items around your home from room to room and how simple it is to update pieces with just a little paint.  I keep craft paint on hand all the time to do this to some of my décor that I have had for a while.  I also have those classic pieces, like my milk glass I never tire of per say, but I update them by changing out items displayed in or around them.  

We are loving your feedback and comments, please keep them coming!  It is keeping us going and the creativity is flowing.  We are looking forward to sharing more ideas and projects with you! Having this blog has really been helpful to us through this pandemic.  We plan to keep going... thank you for following along with us.  

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