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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Nuwave Oven Review

Searching for a way to make dinner time easy? We have had questions about our Nuwave oven and thought we would share a review on it for you.

We all like to make informed decisions when we purchase something new, or at least I like to do my homework on something before I make a decision to purchase.  Since we’ve had several questions about our Nuwave oven (old model we have), we thought we would share our thoughts on it with you.  

Mr. Vintage is a bit of an infomercial junkie... he loves them and finds reasons why we need things around the house. He actually had the Nuwave long before we were dating. He purchased two of them! One for work and one for home use. He’s a sharer like that, good guy that he is... the one he took to work everyone uses. One gentleman made his eggs on it EVERY morning for breakfast before he recently retired! 

After we got married and the Nuwave came to live with us, I was hesitant to use it. He did not know where the instructions were for it and I was not sure how long to cook items. Then one day I decided why continue to let this thing sit around and collect dust? I’ll make it earn its space on the beloved kitchen counter! 

I started with baking cookies, something I knew would take about 9 minutes to bake. They were delicious and all I did was spoon them onto the pan, set it for 9 minutes and walk away. Yes, you can do this with an oven, but when the timer goes off, and you are in the middle of something, guess what? You have to get to the oven and take it out quick before it burns.  With the Nuwave, your food can sit until you make it back to the kitchen since the oven shuts off when the timer goes off. 

Very handy for someone like me who thinks 9 minutes is an eternity and gets sidetracked working on something else only to find out the oven timer has been dinging for who knows how long, and I have burnt cookies. Yes, I have been known to start other projects while working on something else. My husband says one of these days I will burn myself out because I’m always working on several things at one time.

I always feel like I have to make the most of every day so I work on several things at once, trying to cram as much as I can in each and every day.  I am finding the older I get, the worse I am at multi-tasking and sometimes one thing or another will fail because I am distracted, just ask Mr. Vintage, he will tell you... 

I cut up veggies and put in bottom of pan

Once I started using the Nuwave, I decided it was the best thing EVER!  I use it for making breakfast.  I try to make things as quick as I can... sometimes I already have my veggies prepared and just sprinkle in the bottom of my Wilton cake pan, see, I told you it fit perfectly in there!  Breakfast consists of thinly sliced sweet potato, green pepper, and 2 whisked eggs, I share breakfast with peanut every morning and if I make enough, I can split it in half and have breakfast the next morning too.

I add my eggs to the veggies, salt and pepper to taste, set for 14 minutes and forget about it

As you can see, I did not have a lot of time this morning and on a paper plate breakfast went, you can see where I cut it in half, so guess what?  No cooking breakfast tomorrow morning!  I love the free mornings... I get to be a little more lax with my time before I start my day... I do love a little free time, I seem to find the older I get, the less of it I have.  

Sorry no fancy dishes this morning, in a hurry, paper plate it is!

I bake chicken in the Nuwave...  depending on the size of the breast is the determining factor of how long to bake the chicken breasts.  Ours is getting older and I am finding I am needing to cook things a little longer than I needed to in the past... chicken tenders take about 9 minutes one side, you can flip them and bake for 5 more minutes if you like crispy on both sides, but the gluten free Perdue ones I sometimes buy are fully cooked in 9 minutes.    

I can tell you, we have purchased a replacement dome for it.  You can find them on Amazon... the last dome cracked, but no need to purchase a whole new one!  How nice is that?  Hubby has had this about 20 years so they do LAST... it's nice when a product actually does what it says it will, and lasts!

I always put foil down on the grill part... sometimes you will have a spill over... no problem, you can stick it in the dishwasher.  We do this often.  You just cannot put the top in the dishwasher, but the dome does twist off so minus the electronic part it all goes into the dishwasher.  Makes cleaning it a breeze.  I have had things spill over and I groaned when I thought it was going to be difficult to clean.  I put the bottom piece in the sink, a little dish soap, and hot water, let it soak so the hot water and dish soap do most of the work, and it wipes right out.  I was really dreading it the first time it happened to me, but since then it's been a breeze.

New cookie recipe I will be sharing on Monday

I have made a pecan pie in it at Thanksgiving time nearly two years ago, everyone kept commenting on the flakiness of the crust.  I attributed it to the Nuwave.  So sorry, no pics of it, I was not blogging then, I have only been at this since November 2020.

I like a gluten free bagel once in a while and I remove them from the freezer, place it on a piece of foil, set the timer for 4 minutes, do something else, when I hear it go off, I slice the bagel, put it back on for another 4 minutes... when that timer goes off... I am like yeah! Crunchy bagels!  I love a bit of crunch to my bagel.

I also bake fish on the Nuwave, I put the frozen piece, usually tilapia is what I make, but I also love salmon... I will place it on the grill with foil under it, bake for 9 minutes, flip, and bake another 7-9 minutes depending on what I am wanting.  I like some of my foods crispy... Mr. Vintage comments some of my things look burnt, but I have found when I am eating everything baked, no breading, I like a bit of crispiness to some foods, it makes me feel like I am eating something I shouldn't... and I love that!

I have also found here lately, I do enjoy a gluten free tortilla, I put two slices of turkey on it, fold in half, and bake on the Nuwave for 9 minutes.  One side will be crispy, call me strange, but I like the one side crunchy, and then the other soft.  I add mayo, or honey mustard to it and it is scrumptious!  I sometimes miss sandwiches and this is my alternative.

Basically, you can bake anything on the Nuwave.  They have newer models out, but you know I am frugal so we keep plugging away with the old one we have.  I should also mention, you can bake a turkey on it.  It has an extender ring that comes with it.  I will say, I have not tried it, but I have heard it is delicious.  I am more of a crockpot gal when it comes to large items like that.

My crispy turkey bacon!

Ok, last one, turkey bacon!  I love bacon, but I always buy turkey bacon since it is supposed to be better for you... the thing I have always disliked is not getting it crispy enough for me.  I have tried everything and it never seems to get that crispiness I crave.  Guess what?  Yep, you guessed it, I put it in the Nuwave and it gets my turkey bacon so crisp!  10 minutes and it is all the crispiness goodness I am searching for!  

So, there you have some of the many ways we use our Nuwave oven.  With summer coming, you do not have to worry about heating up the entire kitchen when you make dinner either.  Just your dinner will heat up, and Mr. Vintage especially loves this part.  We like for the house to stay cool in the summer, why make the AC work harder than it has to?

It is a great gift for the seniors in our lives... we had a family member who kept falling asleep after they put items in the oven.  We were worried about a house fire while baking items in the oven, and the issue of falling asleep... do you know this fixed the issue?  Again, when the timer goes off, you do not have to worry since it turns off the oven too...  Nuwave to the rescue!  

If you have any other questions about it, let me know.  I really cannot say enough good things about it.  

Coming tomorrow... a crafty project... I have had requests for another bird project with the napkins... and then something came to me.  Join us tomorrow to see this new project, I certainly hope it turns out now that I put it out there, lol.  If you missed our bird napkin project, you can click to read How to decoupage a vase

Here are some recipes we have made and you could certainly make in the Nuwave.

If you have a single layer cake in a round cake pan, you can make a yellow cake in the Nuwave.  I have made cakes in it before.  Click to read How to make a gluten free yellow cake with chocolate icing the easy way.

Double Chocolate Banana Cookies, I have made these in the Nuwave before. 

Easy baked chicken, I bake chicken in it all of the time!

Meatloaf is so easy to bake on the Nuwave!

AND... the Perfect GF chocolate chip cookies

P.S. Since we have so many new followers, I thought I would give a background on why I cook gluten free recipes.  I did not find out I was allergic to wheat until I was nearly 40 years old!  I kept getting sick, and it would always end up going to my lungs... shortness of breath, needing an inhaler... pneumonia... all bad stuff... after this happened a few times, I was sent for testing, wheat, barley, and rye all came back along with a slew of other things I am allergic to, so I had to start consuming gluten free foods.  It has been a journey of discovery for me, and I am finding I do not miss the wheat once I started experimenting with foods and making my own recipes.  Occasionally, I will purchase gluten free items already made, but I have found I actually like my concoctions best.  We call them concoctions around here... I feel like a scientist on some days when I make new things... never a dull moment that is for sure!  

Enjoy your day!  

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