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Thursday, April 29, 2021

How to organize the junk drawer for $1.00 & something I found

Searching for ways to organize that chaotic junk drawer in your home?  We have a suggestion to help organize it that will only cost $1.00!

Doesn't everyone have "the junk drawer" in their home?  Oh good, we are not the only ones who have the dreaded thing... it is the catch all of everything we want to get out of the way quickly or just do not know what to do with.  Growing up, we had a junk drawer which mostly consisted of batteries, rubber bands, a few hardware pieces, and keys... lots of keys, Lord knows what all of those keys went to... 

Ours has a little bit of everything in it.  I was tired of pushing down on the “junk” in order to get the drawer to open or close...  what a pain... and so I took a little inspiration from my Mom.  I think I have mentioned her obsession with having everything organized, labeled, neat, and tidy... she may take it a little too far for some, but I decided I needed to make a change.  Do you see how horrible this junk drawer is?  OH MY!!!

You see we had so much in this drawer it was hard to find anything without taking everything out and then putting it back in.  I decided why keep wasting time doing this?  Why not just organize it?  Then I thought, there have to be other people out there like us who have this issue, so why not share it with others?  So, then you see how the drawer got organized so quickly, like 10 minutes tops, and that is basically no time at all!

I purchased a set of three small organizing baskets from Walmart.  I have also seen them at Dollar Tree, 3 baskets for $1.00!  You cannot really beat that price especially when I got as much satisfaction as I did when it was finished.  Ok, so call me strange, but when something gets organized or is "neat and tidy", I get a little giddy... I blame it all on my Grandmother... she loves to clean... do you see this may run in the family?  Mr. Vintage says we are all alike... I told him to hold his tongue if he wanted to keep it!  LOL.

I pulled everything out of the drawer, sifted through what I thought we still needed to keep and threw away what we no longer needed.  Do you know some of the things I found in this drawer?  Oh my, I would show it to Mr. Vintage and ask what is this?  If he did not know, in the trash it went.  There were items he said we no longer needed too... phone jack wires... a rubber bottom to a crutch or something of that sort... hardware to things we no longer own... how did I let it get this bad?

I would imagine we are not the only ones who have this issue, the dirty secret of a junk drawer completely out of control... I will show you the good, bad, and the ugly here... I am not scared... I think it shows we are human after all... because guess what?  We are!

I found the black organizer in the bottom of this drawer, looks like I have attempted to organize it once upon a time, but it never stuck... so I added the three baskets and made one for hardware (screws, a few screwdrivers, etc...), one for pens and pencils since we can never find one around here when we need it, and the middle one is for crafts (there were a few crafting stamps in the drawer, scissors, tape, etc...).  

Do you see all of my lovely labeling tab holders?  I picked those up for shelving labels, I have a few in the pantry... I guess I did pick up the labeling thing along the way from my Mama... good grief, we will keep it between us and not tell her.  I’m just happy I can see what is in the drawer now and I no longer need to fight to open and close it!  It's not like her drawers, but it is much better than it was, that is for sure!

In other news... do you or do you know someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis?  A few years ago I was having a severe pain in my heel, when I went to the doctor to have him look at it, he said yep, classic case of plantar fasciitis... I am like what is that and how did I get it?

Basically he said it was inflamed tissue from the heel to the toes caused by injury that may have occurred repeatedly over time, well we all know I am a klutz so I agreed this could have happened... he suggested standing on the edge of a step and letting my heel drop off of the side of the step to stretch my heel.  I tried this, it did not work for me... I had even more pain, I tried to stay with it, but it was just not working.  

I have always worn good shoes.  If you know me, you know I am not one to care about style when it comes to my feet... injury to my ankle many years ago caused me to never be able to wear heels again... and I wore ugly shoes for years... and not really caring about it since I nearly had to have my foot amputated when I broke my ankle (my allergies rejected the stainless steel they put in my ankle which caused a real mess).  I decided I could live with ugly shoes, in order to keep my foot, who wouldn't right?

I also tried a cylinder ceramic piece that you put on the floor and roll your foot over it which is supposed to help... that also did not work for me.  When you are experiencing this sort of pain, you will try almost anything.  Wearing Birkenstocks helps me, but I am not able to wear the sandals to work.  I have found two pairs of their shoes which I love wearing, they are very supportive.   

I have mentioned a time or two, we are Prime members with Amazon.  I never look at the daily deals, but I decided to the other day.  They had socks advertised that would help with plantar fasciitis...  I thought why not, I will try them not expecting it to help... I purchased two hot pink pairs because I like fancy socks (I have a collection of all kinds of socks {mermaid fins, snowmen, stripes, hearts, it goes on and on}, I am not one for plain Jane socks lol), and do you know after two days, I am not experiencing any more pain in my heel!  I have flair ups with this and I am not sure if I caught it just in time, or what, but I will take it!    

If you have this or experience it, then you know it is a glorious feeling to not have the pain in your heel every time you walk or step down!  I am amazed so I am going to pick up a few more pairs... if you try them, let me know what you think.  I cannot believe they have helped me this much and this quickly!  If I would have known this, I would have tried them a long time ago.  I walked around for several months in so much pain in my heel a couple of years ago, I did not even want to put my foot down on the ground.  It was that bad... thankfully I did not get that bad this time around.  Looks like I have the cure for me!  Have a wonderful Thursday!   

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