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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Peanut has been ornery

Searching for pup stories that will make you laugh? This stinker has been up to his old ways... I am sure you are not surprised by his behavior at all.

Do you recall last week when I said peanut was behaving?  Well, two minutes after I posted that story, I went upstairs to begin my work day... I walk into the bedroom to grab my cell phone and I see this below... can you believe it was so soon after I praised him on being so good?  

When I walked upstairs and found the mess on the floor, he was laying in the middle of our bed. I looked at him and said are you kidding me?  After I made you sound like you were improving so much?  He looked at me like, I have no idea what you are talking about, but Mom looks like someone made a mess, not me or course, but someone, and you had better get busy cleaning it up...

I cleaned up the mess and told him he better behave for the rest of the day.  Well, the good deeds did not stop there that day... he also decided to grab a packing slip and shred it all in my spot where I work on my posts in our den everyday...

The following day, he decided I was not allowed to work and he wanted to play and I was to be his playmate for the day.  He barked and whined at me until I turned around and gave him my full attention.  I do not think the full attention he had in mind was the attention he received.  I told him, Mommy has to work and you had either decide to nap, play by yourself, or you will need to spend some time in your crate.  He opted for A, jumped up on the bed and laid down for a long nap.  He must have decided it was better to be quiet while I worked than to be alone.  

So, I may or may not have instigated this, but he has decided he must receive a treat every time he goes outside and does a dribble now.  He only gets a treat when he goes out and does his business... but now... he sits at the treat box and looks at you with those sad puppy eyes and says Mom, Dad, I need a cookie every time I go out!  So, of course, the trips outside have increased.  I may have rewarded him once or twice when he was quick so I could get back to work.  Trust me, I have learned my lesson.  He does not give up when he wants something, EVER!

This past weekend we worked on a project I will be sharing with you this week, and he was right in the thick of things... he had to be in the middle of the project at all times.  I just laughed because he is so curious.  I love the curiosity in him... he had to watch Daddy using a drill, then when we cleaned up after every drill use... he has been known to try to shove his way in so he can see too.  That just makes me laugh harder because it is like, hey, parents, I need to see what is going on, I need to know how this thing works!  

He went up under the dining room table and when I got the sweeper out, he peeked out and started barking at it with his rear end up in the air and tail wagging... He was right by hubby's side all day Sunday while we worked, watching the drill, watching how everything came together... he wanted to be by my side as I was painting.  I was afraid he was going to get into it.  He had his nose right up to the piece, but never touched it thankfully...

A man walked down the alley at the back of our property passing where our driveway comes up the back.  Well, peanut was not having any part of it.  He barked his head off and bounced all over the yard.  He has to let EVERYONE in the neighborhood know, stay away, do not enter, this is not your property... although, he does this even when they are not close too... 

He also had a vet visit this week; he was tuckered out afterward.  When we pulled in, he saw two Great Danes.  Of course, him being peanut, acted like a ninny and barked like a raving lunatic at them, scratching my window, and the ledge of the door... I said are you seriously going to start anything with them?  They could eat you for a snack!  When they came out of their appointment, Mr. Vintage said one weighed 101 pounds and the other 110 pounds and they are only six months old!  Well, peanut here didn't have so much to say when they were right in front of him, only when he had the protection of the car... 

Other than him being a ninny with the horses, he was pretty good.  He has continued to stay off his meds when he gets his toenails clipped which is something I never thought we would see.  I am thankful though since I really do not like to give him meds that make him a little zombie.  He has too much personality for that.  When we got home, there was no lingering to see what I was going to do... or running around the yard... he came in the door, got a drink and jumped up on the loveseat... laid his head on his dryer ball and that was all she wrote... apparently the trip took a lot out of him.  

Speaking of dryer balls... have we shared with you this is his most favorite toy?  It happened by accident when I brought laundry up to fold one day and the dryer ball fell out of the laundry I was carrying.  He immediately went for it and ran off with it.  At first I was like oh no, I need to get that away from him, then I thought let's see what he does with it... for the first several months, he enjoyed playing fetch with it, chasing the ball all over the house, then he started mouthing it, finally he did end up chewing a hole in it, but it lasted for a long time.  We decided we were on to something here and we have continued to buy him dryer balls to play with.  He loves the nubs on it and runs them over his tongue, and he takes them everywhere he goes.  He seems to love them so we buy them in a two pack.  We pick up the Nellie's brand, they are large enough he cannot get them in his back jaw which is what we think is the secret.  We noticed on the reviews on Amazon there is someone else who is using it as a dog toy too!  We laughed so hard when we discovered that!

Well, we will never be lacking in stories about our peanut at this rate.  He is one ornery little guy.  Are you a dog lover?  Have any stories you would like to share with us?  Happy Tuesday y'all!            

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