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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

We would be lost without our peanut

Do you find having a pup really does enhance your life?  We love sharing our pup with y'all, he tends to brighten everyone's day.  

Being at Grandma's house rocks!  She lets me do whatever I want!

Peanut, peanut, peanut... we would be lost without our peanut! Do you know he is the sunshine in our every day? Mr. Vintage has been saying most every night here lately that he cannot wait to get home to see us. They have a ritual every night where my husband walks in the door and peanut goes running through the house to greet him and jumps in his arms. It’s pretty cute. Peanut pivots so his front paws hang over my husbands arms. They do this every night and sometimes Mr. Vintage is not ready for the event and has to drop everything in order to catch him. It’s quite comical... 

There were times when I was unsure he would make it here with us.  I was troubled that I had not seen his behaviors before, I have never given up on a dog, and I did not want to give up on him either.  I have had dogs my entire life and I have never had one more challenging then he is.  I have shared with you before that when we got him, we were told he was a Lab/Mastiff mix.  When he was a pup, he had a nasty habit of biting and showing his teeth.

This caused a lot of concern to me since I only saw a pup that was going to be HUGE and possibly aggressive.  I was also worried about him biting someone and the aggression he showed.  I signed him up for obedience training at four months old.  Looking back, I think that was too young to have him go for training.  He was just a baby.

I was in training with these two intimidating pups... Mom didn't know it then, but we were from the same pack!

It's funny now, I see a pup who just loves to play.  He likes to rough house with Mr. Vintage and knows I am not one to play rough.  We also know now that he shows his teeth when he plays.  When you give him a treat, he runs off with it and rolls his body all over it.  He also shows his teeth to his treat. It is his way of being playful, but if you did not know him, you would think he was going to bite you!

I did make a friend when I was in training too though, I miss Elvis. 

I have never had a pooch who rolled himself on his treats.  I looked it up and they say it is him trying to protect his food and put his scent all over it.  I am unsure why he does this since he gobbles them up after he is finished playing with it.  He only hides treats when he goes to Grandma's house.  He has hidden treats in her bed, under the covers at the foot of her bed.  

She laughed one day when I picked him up.  She said she got in bed because she was cold and covered up.  She felt something on her foot, peeled back the covers and his treat was there.  She mentioned asking him if it was his and he snapped it up right away and went running to play with it some more.  He makes her laugh on a daily basis when she asks what he has been up to.    

He has also hidden treats in her backyard.  He will peel grass away and hide it then push the grass back over the treat.  In all of my years of being around dogs, I have never had a dog do this!  He has some odd behaviors, but we tell him that is what makes him special!

I have gone through a lot of leashes in my short time... I like to chew them while I play.

Peanut likes to watch television... I have also never had a dog who does this.  Yes, occasionally my pups would watch other animals, but once they were off screen, they lost interest.  Not this pup, he will watch whatever we have on.  It makes me laugh because he also enjoys watching Bluey on Disney Junior.  If I turn on the t.v. and say Bluey is on, he will come running and look at the screen to see if I am telling the truth or not.  Then he will bark almost to say, hey Mom, I really like this show, don't turn it and then he will lay down and watch it!  He really is a rare gem!

Cuddling with my Mr. Bill

He brings a lot of smiles, love, and good stories to our life and others.  Our family members look forward to what he has been up to daily.  My grandmother is 98 and she asks every time I talk to her what he has been up to.  I relay the things he does and pickles he gets himself into and she giggles like a school girl while I tell her.  I am so glad he makes her happy too, we like spreading the love around...  

Isn't it funny, you never know what is missing out of your life until you do not have it anymore.  The longest time I have ever went without a pup was when I lost my last Lab.  He was a perfect gentleman.  If he did something you did not like, all you had to do was say Ahh... and he would immediately stop and cower down.  Not sure why, he was never hit, I can assure you of that, but the Ahh... being spoken to him was like oh no!  I cannot disappoint Mom!  I will stop immediately and never do it again!

When we lost him, I was unprepared and I cried for days.  I was so sad and I told Mr. Vintage never again.  I can never go through this heartache again.  It will kill me if I have to, but you know what?  The heartache is worth having when you get to have so many happy memories of the time you do have together.  I know now, despite our rough beginning, I would be lost without this peanut.  I am a firm believer in the statement, who saved who?  He certainly saved me... and I cherish each day we have together.

Can you see how rollie pollie I was when I was a wee pup?

Just last night, we had to repeat the whole ordeal with the trash can... he really does hate that it appears and disappears every Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon.  I had to leave for an appointment yesterday afternoon and I let him roam free in some of our home.  I wasn't sure if this was a good idea or the worse idea I have had in a while.  When I opened the door, I was unsure what I would find... he was laying on the couch upside down, with his head hanging over the edge almost to say, "I'm sooooo bored... I have no one to play with... I am on my own... when will Mom be home?"  When he saw me, he came running and jumped up and sniffed me all over.  We are together all of the time now and it was nice to know even though I was only gone for a short time, he was happy to see me.  Pets can be the medicine we need to make us feel better.  They are always there for us, happy to see us, and despite whatever is going on in our lives, they can still make us laugh. 

Do you want to share your pup pics with us?  We would love to see them!  This little bug is our world, and we enjoy being able to relay his shenanigans with you.      

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