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Saturday, April 17, 2021

How to make small updates in your home

Searching for ways to update items in your home on a budget?  Here is a small update that packs some punch. 

They say time flies when you are having fun... I cannot believe it has been a month since we finished the backsplash make over!  Wow!  Well, in that post, $15 backsplash make over, I had asked which knobs y'all liked best.  Thank you to all of you who participated and gave your input!  I was surprised the pick was unanimous... drum roll please... ta da...

mercury glass knobs in kitchen

I tried natural light this morning and it looks kind of dim and dark... one would think a home with 18 windows would be brighter than it is, but alas, it is not... 

mercury glass knobs
Here is a brighter picture of this area... 

Are you surprised what everyone chose?  What do you think?  Are these the same ones you chose too?  When Mr. Vintage brought them home, I fell in love instantly, but at the same time, I wasn't sure they were quite right.  I guess we just needed a new backsplash to make them perfect for our kitchen!  I love mercury glass... I have been in love with it for YEARS!  Whenever I see a piece at a great price, I pick it up... apparently, hubby likes it too because this idea was all him, they were a surprise for me!  I do love a good surprise!  Especially when it adds sparkle and character to our home!

Do you know when we were deciding how to make over the cabinet doors to the built in we created, we considered mercury glass doors to the cabinet?  Since we left the doors open, we do still have that option... I guess only time will tell if we decide to go that route at a later date.  You can click to read Kitchen updates, one step at a time if you would like to read more about that project.  Below you can see exactly what it looked like before the built in was created.  

plate rack

I wanted to show you some pictures I came across this morning just how far we have come in the kitchen despite not really doing much in here yet.  When I look at these photos, I think wowsers!  Can you believe our kitchen really looked like this?  

plate rack

large window in kitchen

before kitchen pictures
Ignore our cleaning supplies, this is from day 2 of home ownership here

You can see above how quirky this kitchen is and not in a good way... do you see some of my dilemmas I am working with here?  You see where the kitchen cabinets are, beside those cabinets, we have our 40" range.  The refrigerator is on the other side of the peninsula... it is a lovely kitchen, one large window, one regular window, and four doors to work around too... you may see where I am coming up short in designing this kitchen now... I so want it to be my design, but I may need to get some help... I really did not want to do that, but it may need to happen... do you see how the drawer pulls can make a big change for the kitchen?  The porcelain was just okay, so we updated, and now we have updated again.  I think these are the keepers for good now though.

mercury glass knobs in kitchen

I know you know that I absolutely love fancy pants... I am not fond of the price tags of fancy pants though... so I stew until I figure out a way to make it happen... I always have a plan, or I am working on one, or I am still convincing someone around here what we need to do... I am relentless in our journey of making this our home with all of it's quirkiness and unique finds that reflect our personalities. 

Drawer pulls, knobs, whatever you like to call them, they are a cost effective way of making a small update in your kitchen, bath, or furniture for not a lot of money.  You can find them just about anywhere these days, but you know what?  Depending on where you look, they can also be pretty expensive too!  Sometimes you just have to know where to look.

When we purchased our home, you saw the porcelain knobs on all of the cabinets.  I was not in love with them so I changed them out.  We had the sets you saw in the backsplash make over photos for many years.  I can tell you to save quite a bit of cash, I only purchase knobs that allow me to purchase them in sets.  Occasionally, I will make a purchase in the single knob arena, but it is only when I need a few (four or less is my limit).  To outfit an entire kitchen, purchase in quantity, this will save you a lot of dough.  

french cottage kitchen

There are so many choices when it comes to drawer pulls these days. I can tell you, I will never purchase pulls from a big box home improvement store. Have you looked at the prices there? Too much! Shop online for them, find one you like and query the name brand and name of drawer pull to get the best price. Google is my BFF when I’m price comparison shopping... convenience is key for me too. I’m sure you will agree, but I shop a LOT on Amazon. If you are a prime member shipping is free. Have you seen some of the shipping prices online these days? Highway robbery I tell you... 

I have picked out some drawer pulls if you are searching for new ones below. 

Do you know these are little more than $1.00 a piece?  YES, $1.00!  I could not believe this one either!  Now, that is a steal!  That pumpkin design is beautiful and antique looking... I was floored with the price.  These would be so cute on a dresser, in the bathroom, or your kitchen, the possibilities are endless!    


crystal pumpkin knobs

Loving the pumpkin knobs above?  Well, here is another twist on the same knobs for less than $2.00 a piece!  I love the antique look of them and how cute would they be as a way to hang your robe, or a towel in the bathroom to dry?  They come in a pack of 10... I am loving them. 

white pumpkin knobs

What do you think about these?  I think they would be perfect on painted cabinets... either bath or kitchen.  

white and gray cabinet knobs

And these come in a pack of six, again, a little over $1.00 per drawer knob!  I cannot believe the prices on these.  The last time I was in a home improvement store, I was looking at knobs, and they were over $10.00 a piece!  These look antique with the bronze/brass stems...  

glass door knobs

Well, what do you think?  Do you think you will try new knobs somewhere in your home to give it a little update?  It really widens the possibilities when you think about where you can change things up... your kitchen, your bath, or a dresser (paint the dresser and give it new knobs, it's like a whole new piece for not a lot of cash) applying them to a piece of wood to hang your bath towel, your robe... you can also take a piece of decorative trim molding and add a knob to it as well for a fancy pants look.  I love coming up with new ideas for us to try!    

Searching for more ideas we have worked on around here?

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