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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The one she calls peanut...

Searching shenanigans pups get into?  We have all sorts of stories about this German Shepherd Beagle mix who is quite the story teller.  

German Shepherd Beagle mix pups can be quite stubborn, and pout when they do not get their way.  This German Shepherd Beagle mix is all personality and has no qualms letting you know it either.  

Pup laying on floor pouting

I decided I was hijacking my mom's blog today so I could talk to you about ME!  

You would not believe the excruciating pain she made me go through at the vet this past weekend.  You see, I am suffering from allergies.  I know she did it to help me, but you should have seen the needle they stuck in my neck not once, but twice!  It was at least 1/2 in wide and 10 inches long!  My eyes got huge... I thought oh here we go, she has finally had enough of my shenanigans and she is going to leave me here... but as it turned out it was so I could have my blood tested for allergies.  

I still got to go home with my parents and I let them know I was not real happy with the events that morning.  I mean, would you be happy with a big ole' needle being stuck in your neck?  Heck no!  I was so sad... when it was all said and done and I was back in the car, I let EVERYONE know, especially the pooch walking into the vet.  I told him, get the heck outta here... they will stick you, run for your life!  I am telling you, listen to me!  He just looked at me and stuck his nose up in the air, walked in, and ignored me, I was like, your funeral buddy, I am outta here!  

So I have to wait a week for the results and I may not get any answers after going through all of that crap!  Mom says she would rather eliminate than me go on meds.  I guess if I take allergy meds, I can get something called cancer which seemed to make her really sad so I do not think I want that!  

I know my parents love me!  I mean, I do have the bestest stuff in my home.  I have all kinds of toys, they get up in the middle of the night and let me outside EVERY time I want.... I got it made here...  can you say suckers?  But shhhh... do not tell them, I gotta keep this guise up as long as I can!  I do not know what I would do if they did not give me my way!  

So my parents took away my Grape Ape, if you do not know what I am talking about, you can find him here.  I know, I know, he is blue and we call him grape... long story for another day... They say it is because I chewed his head off and am tearing bits off and eating it.  

I got so mad at my mom, I stomped my feet and barked at her!  I cried, I whined, and stomped my feet again and can you believe she would not give in!  She said it was not good for me and I have to get a new one!  Of course, when I get it good and broken in she takes it away.  So I guess I do not always get my way around here.  That makes me feel like I am loosing my leverage here!  

Dog pouting

This is what I do when I do not get my way.  I POUT!!  And I ignore my parents when they call me... and sometimes, I go in search of something that is near and dear to them so I can put my stamp on it, you know like chew it to shreds...  

I have a bit of an attitude, but I am kind of a big thing around here.  They drop whatever they are doing for my every whim, I mean who wouldn't love that?  Yeah, life is good here... 

sleeping German Shepherd Beagle Mix

Mom snapped a pic of me sleeping, I have to say, it is not one of my best pics and is that gray in my muzzle?  Wow, I am going to have to have a chat with her about getting pics of me at my best.  I can't be having a bad rap around here... I mean, I am pretty cute and I need to make sure she shows that side of me off!  This is the internet after all for the world to see!  My goodness, what is she thinking some days? Yep, gotta have a long chat with that woman! 

dog playing with ball German Shepherd Beagle Mix

See what I mean, I cry and she comes running... my ball got stuck up under the chest, and I was not happy I could not reach it.  Mom dropped what she was doing to get it for me!  

Of course, it could be because she is working from home now and she has told me multiple times I cannot bark while she works!  Yeah, I know how to work her, she gets up and gets what I want pretty quickly when she works because she has to get back at it.  Really I just want her all to myself, I do not want her to work, I want to play all day and go outside and have fun, but she says she's gotta go back to work.  Stinks if you ask me.  

dog coming out of crate German Shepherd Beagle Mix

Have you seen my crate?  It is a castle!  And it is all mine!  No sharing with anyone!  I do not spend much time in it, but it is there if I want to and I take my meals in my castle so I do not have to be interrupted.

They keep my bowls filled at all times.  I do not even have to ask for food or water... it is like living in a luxury hotel all the time.  I have two servants who wait on me hand and foot, yep, life is so good, being royalty and all.  Welp, I had better run before I get caught being on mom's computer, but one more awesome pic of me for the road.

pup playing with balls

German Shepherd Beagle mix  chewing on toy

Ok, I fibbed, two more pics, you can see I have all kinds of toys!  Well, I might see you again soon.  🐶

P.S. If you want to read other stories about me you can find them here, here, here, here, here, and here. Wow, I am certainly loved!  🐾

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