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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Sometimes it takes a while to find the right veterinarian for you and your pet

Searching for a veterinarian can be difficult., sometimes you just have to test the waters a bit until you find that perfect match... 

German Shepherd Beagle Mix

Hi!  I am so excited to talk to you all again, you know the one she calls peanut!

I decided to take over Mom's blog again today.  I have to tell you, she made me go back to the vet AGAIN this past weekend!  Can you believe this?  I am beginning to feel like I live there!  I met with a tech and she took me back.  I get nervous when I have to leave my Mommy's side.  I decided I would try my bestest to behave though.  

Two of those techs ganged up on me... I had my pedicure done again, I just had it done two weeks ago!  This time, I did not make a peep, I am hoping I do not have to go back any time soon... and then I had something else done which I will spare you the details on...

Do you know that lady tried to bribe me with cheese on a stick?  I said no thank you, the cheese at home does not come on a stick... I turned my nose right up at that!  She even told on me for being stuck up!  Mom laughed so I knew I was ok. When it was over, I wanted to run outta there so fast, get in my car, jump up and yell, let's go parents, burn rubber, drive as fast as you can, we need to hurry before they they ask me to stay again!  If you missed the emergency trip to the vet, you can read it here.     

Beagle German Shepherd Mix laying on bed

I really do love my new vet though.  Mom says I am much better behaved and I no longer let people know I am upset by giving them love taps either so I guess that is good too.  At my old doctor, I got my toe nails cut there once and from that point on, I decided I did not like going there anymore!  She cut my nails too short and I cried out, help Mom, help me, she is trying to kill me!  Mommy, are you coming back here and saving me?  Mom finally got the hint and tried another place for me.  Thank goodness she did, because I was running out of ways to tell her to get me outta that place! 

They used to have Mom, Dad, a tech, and the vet hold me so they could cut my toe nails!  I would get so mad, I would make noises to tell them I was not happy, but I felt like no one was listening to me!  So, one day, I decided to let them know the only way I knew how.  I lashed out!  I said hey people, I have had enough and I had tears in my eyes.  They asked Mom to give me pills to calm me down, and added a muzzle too, but that didn't work either.  I just wanted to get out of there and try a new place.

Finally, after the day of tears in my eyes Mom said we were not going back there.  You see this thing called covid was happening and Mom and Dad were no longer able to come back with me which only heightened my anxiety!  So she made calls and then BAM, I was a patient at the new place.  I have been happy ever since!  Mom doesn't even give me pills to calm me anymore, I do not wear a muzzle, and I feel like I am treated like a prince there!  She is happy, Dad is happy, and most of all, I AM HAPPY!  Life is so good when you no longer cry getting your nails done.  🐶   

In other news around here... I have been busy watching the house.  Everyone has jobs around here and that is mine.  I love looking out the window and alerting Mom when someone walks onto our property, or on the sidewalk, or across the street... I mean, I take my job very seriously so I have to make sure she knows what is going on around here.  

When I am upstairs I cannot see out of the windows as easily as when I am downstairs.  You see, in the tv room, I can hop up on the couch and push the curtains back and watch my neighborhood.  I watch the comings and goings of the UPS, and Fed Ex delivery guys, any dogs who walk in our neighborhood with their parents, any suspicious people who I am not sure about, and I watch our neighbor.  

I bark and growl and say hey, stay back or watch out!  Mom tells me it is not necessary to alert her when our neighbor is out, but I figure she should know.  I mean, I tell her about everything else going on around here.  She has told me to "leave that poor man alone because he does not deserve my rants", but I say a person is a person and I need to tell her about everyone!  I do not mean to seem mean about it, I just want to say Howdy neighbor!  How are you today?  Anything new going on in your neck of the woods?  He never seems to respond to me though.  Maybe he doesn't like me?

German Shepherd laying on couch

Mom says everyone loves me and Dad says sometimes Mom's are just too nice... I am not sure what is the case here.  I know I am lovable, so I tend to believe my Mom!  Mom's never lie about being loved!  They love us no matter what!  I sure am happy I ended up here with my parents, it is scary to think where else I could have ended up.  Well, I thought I would share with you what has been happening around here lately.  Hope you have a good day!


Peanut 🐾

I love playing with all of my toys!  This is one I have not been able to destroy yet... yeah for me!  You can ask Mom where she got it if you would like to know more!  

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Ok, I really have to go now.... Mom says it is nearly work time.  I hate it when she says that, it means play time is over for the next how many hours?  I hate waiting until work is done!  YUCK!   


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