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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Peanut Musings

Ever wonder how one pup can get into so much trouble?  Well, every Tuesday you can read more about how this one peanut manages it week in and week out.  

Every Tuesday is trash day for us, and every Monday afternoon/evening our neighbors across the alley put their trash out sometime between 2PM and 6PM.  Well, peanut hates that trash can... he sees it and barks at it.  Do you know the distinct beagle bark?  AROOOOOOROOOROOO... yep, that is him... he throws his back legs out and kicks up grass as he snortles, and chortles, and barks, and grumps around that the trash can should not be there...  Little Barney B.A., that is what he thinks he is...  Every week I laugh because he thinks he is saving our home from the trash cans.  I ask him are the trash monsters going to get us?  He takes his job so seriously...

We have a large hedge in our backyard to provide us some privacy from the driveway that comes up the back of our property.  He makes me chuckle when he walks along the hedge, stops at the end, and throws his head around it really fast like he is is hoping he will catch those trash cans in the act!  Moving around on their own...  I am not exactly sure what he thinks he is going to find every time he does it, but he is convinced he is going to catch someone doing something they should not be doing.  He is like the enforcer of this cozy cottage... always searching for things amuck.    

Some evenings a dog will bark in the neighborhood and he will decide to have a rebuttal to their comment.  When this other dog barks back at him, some evenings he will reply back, you would know he always has to have the last word... and then there are other evenings he starts running, it's like Mom! Hurry up, they are coming for us, we have to make it in the house before they catch us!  All we have to do is outrun them!  Who needs cable, we have all the entertainment we can handle here.  He is all that and a bag of chips!    

Peanut has many different barks... the beagle bark, AROOOOOROOOROOO... when he is angry or trying to alert me his German Shepherd bark comes out.  BACK OFF he says, I am protecting my home and property!  Then he has a whiny baby bark like Mom, please... please get my toy for me, please let me have what you are having for dinner... please do what I want... PLEASE, or more like NOW, do it NOW.... and he has all of these barks perfected!  He knows how to turn on those big brown eyes and make me melt.  I am putty in his little paws... actually we both are.  We cannot stand for him to pull the baby barks out... and he knows it too!

Every evening he has to go to bed with a ball.  We have a Victorian vintage style bed with rails... we have had to get inventive around here.  We take the comforter and fold it over the footboard (as you can see below) so he does not stick his head through, but we are also trying to prevent him from dropping his ball.  Often he will drop his ball down between the footboard and mattress.  We had to take it a step further and push pillows down to fill this area so the ball does not get lost where he cannot, or should I say will not retrieve the ball from. 

If the ball gets lost, you might as wall throw in the towel, get up, turn on the light and find the darn ball right when he asks for you to find it.  He will not give it up.  He will lay there and make the baby bark noises... if this does not work, they become more anxious... and if you are still not doing what he wants, they become full barks like, GET OUT OF BED AND FIND MY BALL NOW!  I cannot sleep without it!  Do it parents, NOW!!  It is like his security blanket or pacifier...  

So, as you know, if you want to get any sleep around here, you will get up and get the ball.  Otherwise, you may find it will be a sleepless night for everyone, neighbors included... yep, this one here is spoiled rotten!  

Do you know how many times I have woken in the middle of the night with a ball in my back?  It has to be laying right there beside him all night long.  Sometimes he chooses to chew on it if he cannot sleep and finds himself bored.  In turn, he shakes the whole bed while doing this.  Now you no longer have to wonder why there are so many sleepless nights around here.  The things we do for our four legged kiddos!    

He is the most ornery pooch I have ever had the opportunity to meet or love... when we say he is in something often, we mean it.  A few weeks ago I was cleaning up before we were getting ready to have dinner.  I was cleaning a big pan in the sink before I planned to put it in the dishwasher.  Yes, I am one of "THOSE" people who clean the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher... anyway, as I have my back turned, he decides he is going to steal a lick or two off the dishes I just loaded while my back is turned.  

He knows he is not supposed to do this, but it's peanut we're talking about, he does what he wants...  so as I am turning back around, he yanks away quickly, nothing to see here Mom... I am doing nothing... only when he pulls away really quickly, his training collar gets attached to one of the rungs that holds the dishes in place.  He pulls the entire tray out and is trying to run away.  The tray was full of dishes, I am screaming for help, I cannot get him unstuck, I am afraid it is going to choke him and he will either be severely injured or something I would rather not think about could happen.  I am trying to reach him, but it is difficult when he is trying to run away from the thing that is choking him and it is between us.

Mr. Vintage is like what is all of the racket?  I am freaking out and say I need help!  He gets peanut's collar off of the tray.  Somehow all of the dishes stayed in the tray and were unbroken.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I am rubbing his throat and talking all kinds of baby talk to him and trying to soothe his nerves after the event... it was a whole ordeal!  He's a mess, I am a mess, Mr. Vintage is like how did he do that, and I bet he doesn't try that again.    

Well, two points for Mr. Vintage!  Do you know, when I open the dishwasher door, he runs out in the hallway and watches me load dishes now?  He refuses to come into the kitchen if the door is open.  If I open the door when he is in the kitchen, he goes running!  I hate that he had to be traumatized, because let me tell you, he thinks he has been and maybe I was too... but at the same time, I no longer have to worry about him licking dishes behind my back. 

Do you see how this little nut is hard not to love?  He can be so trying, but at the end of the day, he knows we are suckers and he has us right under his little paw.  I guess I would rather that he be spoiled than feel like he is not loved enough.  One thing is for sure, he is loved and we accept him for his ornery, mischievous ways.  How can you not when you see that face?    

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  1. Precious baby! Love reading these stories about him! <3 Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. We are glad you enjoy them and will keep sharing, every Tuesday... he loves people and he seems to have quite the following with his antics so we decided we would share him! He is our baby after all!

  3. Wonderful writing about your precious Peanut. Animals are great pleasures and comfort to many, many folks.

  4. Thank you. You are so right, he brings us a lot of joy and keeps life interesting around here. We think we would be lost without him.