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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mischievous behaviors

Recall us talking about one pup who gets himself in some pickles?  Well, he has been at it again.

Puppy sitting on floor
Doesn't he look like Gizmo? And look at those feet! 

I sat down to work on a post about decorating this past week and this peanut decides he wants to look out the window.  Mind you, I am sitting on the loveseat trying to work.  He puts all of his weight on me like Mom, you need to move, get outta my way!  I need to see what is going on outside today...  then he proceeds to bark like a maniac at whatever caught his attention outside, mind you it is probably a harmless old soul walking down the street...  not the cat burglar he would like to think they are...

When he barks like a raving lunatic, it is piercing and makes your eardrums vibrate and hurt!  Being that he was on top of me, and barking right in my ear, I said are you serious right now?  I gave a little nudge telling him to back off.  Oh no, he wasn't having that!  He shoved hard right back and kept barking out the window!  I said you need to stop as I am trying to get him off my shoulder and get out from underneath him.  He will not give it up and continues to struggle to look out the window and bark like a banshee... FINALLY I free myself and say you need to go to your place.  

Dog playing with 3 balls

Of course, he just looks at me like, really Mom, we both know I am not going in there.  Well, today, it struck a nerve with me.  It could be because I am operating on nearly no sleep since he decides to eat things he should not, and tends to throw up in bed in the middle of the night... so then you are stripping the bed, remaking it in the middle of the night and I am like today is not the day to push me back kiddo.  This throwing up thing comes in waves, it could happen a few times in a week, or he could behave and it might not happen for a few weeks.  

He looks back at me like well, first of all I am protecting our home, secondly I am the one who puked so don't you feel sorry for me?  And thirdly, you need to know your place Mom... again, no sleep, so I took a hold of his collar and directed him to his crate, you know, the castle he has to move freely around and do as he pleases...  

Waiting pup

I am sure you know by now, he does not spend much time in there.  Really since I have been working from home, I can say there has been about oh, I don't know, none... null... zilch... time spent in there.  When I closed the door, he looked up at me defiantly like I cannot believe you just did that!  

I went back to my seat and decided I would start my work... he gives me a look that clearly says, this means war lady!  He decides to take his nose and flip all of his food out of his bowl all over the floor of his crate and outside the crate.  I looked at him, he looked at me like so there Mom, what are you going to do about that?  I said, well nothing at the moment, you can eat the food off the floor if you decide to.  Some days I just have to take a deep breath and say, let him have his tantrum and it will be over soon...

Pup playing with Mr. Bill

Only, he is not always one to forget about why he is ticked off...  Some days once it is all over with, and you think all is forgotten, he will disappear... once you realize he has gone somewhere else in the house, you then begin to panic, wondering what he could possibly be tearing up?  I take a mental list of anything I could have left out and then I go running around frantically trying to find him and see what retribution looks like.  

Some days it is a sock, a shirt, pajamas, my carpet... yes, there have been many things lost to war with this pooch.  We grin and bare it, scolding seems to heighten his anger which in turn ends badly for all of us.  More lost items!  Just when we think he is settling down, he seems to have a lapse every now and then. 

Dog chewing on gorilla

We will take the wins with the losses because at the end of the day, we love him.  You can't get rid of your children and you continue to love them when they make bad decisions.  We look at him as our child and decided we would take the good with the bad when we signed up to be his parents.  Some days are glorious, and like today, it was just a mild tantrum... so, we move on and forget the tantrum, and remember the love, cuddles, and licks... we take them when we can get them...  kind of like life, huh?  Take the good with the bad... making lemonade out of lemons... 

Do you have any pup stories you would like to share with us?  He is quite ornery, but some days you just need some ornery in your life to keep things interesting.  I just wish I could get his tantrums on video to share with you.  It is almost like he knows... when I get my iPad out to take pictures or a video, he stops what he is doing... oh mom, I can't let you get this on video... it didn't really happen unless everyone sees it... and why would I allow that to happen?  They can think you make these stories up because I am innocent and would never do the things you accuse me of... with big brown eyes looking up at me... uh huh... I wish I could say I have made any of these stories up... he is quite the character.

We know it is just his personality to be ornery.  I went to the basement, the one place he is not allowed to go to do laundry this morning.  I threw a load in and went back upstairs, as the spin cycle begins, the drum gets off center and begins to sound like the entire floor is about to give way.  He starts with the barking.  I tell him, I know... I am going to fix it.  I go downstairs, fix the washer, and as I am coming back upstairs, there is a little nose pressed to the crack under the door listening and sniffing to make sure his mom is ok.  I laugh because in all of his orneriness, he is loyal, and makes sure everyone in this household is taken care of and well loved.  Just like I hope we make him feel... 

dog walking on two legs inside crate

P.S.  As I was wrapping up this post this morning, he runs off with a microfiber towel.  At first, he is sneaky about it... he walks off casually, nothing to see here folks, just taking a stroll down the hallway... as he feels me look up, he picks up pace, trying to run to the one room he knows I have lost all hope of trying to retrieve items from him in... the dining room!  

Little did he know, the door was shut so luck was not on his side, as he tries to turn and decide to run somewhere else in the house, I come jogging down the hall trying to get to him before he can take off.  He drops the towel, he knew he was had.  I ask, where did you find this?  He just hangs his head like, darn it, I knew I should have tried to run upstairs!  I am so much faster than mom!  I laugh and tell him to come with me so I can tell on him some more.  He jumps up on the loveseat beside me and lets out a big sigh, almost to say, you may have won this one, but I will win next time... so until next time... because I am sure this peanut will be up to something soon, like in the next five minutes... 

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