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Monday, September 6, 2021

Cottage entryway decorating ideas

Searching for cottage entryway decorating ideas?  We have some new cottage entryway decorating ideas for fall.  

I have been dragging more fall decor out... and decided the foyer needed a make over... it was beginning to look old and tired.

I cleaned the bench up with Old English.  I love that stuff for all of my furniture.  Some of my really old pieces just get a whole new look once I give it a rub down with it.  

I decided to move our H Blanket out to the foyer and drape over our bench.  Then I decided it needed a pom pom pillow or two... then scaled back and decided on one pom pom pillow on the bench was perfect.

I added couple of pumpkins to the bench since let's face it, we never sit in the foyer, it is just for looks.  Ha! 

Of course no project would be complete without my helper.  He has to be right there with everything I do around here.  This peanut has to give his stamp of approval on all d├ęcor. 

It is kind of dim in our entryway.  One, we have the porch out front that helps in keeping the sun away, and two, our home juts out where the living room is so sometimes it feels dark and dreary.

I added the mirror years ago to reflect light in our entryway so it would appear brighter.  If you have a smallish space or want to add more light, add a mirror to give the illusion of light and bright.  

Oh the tips and tricks you learn when you study decor...  no formal training, just me studying the pro's decor and how they put together a room.  

I kept looking at the entry and decided I wanted to add a little light to the entry.  Up to the attic I went in search of a mercury glass pumpkin I have had for years.  I actually picked it up at a thrift store for $3.00!  Can you believe that?

Who would want to get rid of this amazing pumpkin?

No problem, their loss, my gain!  I find this pumpkin makes it's appearance around the cottage in many places... it has been in the living room, dining room, on the table, on the buffet, the other buffet, and now in the foyer.  

It's just peeking out a bit from under the bench placed on our copper style boot tray with a strand of Christmas lights inside of it. 

This little make over cost $0.00 (my favorite kind of make-over)!  I already had everything here at the house.  I just shopped our attic and living room... you do not need to shop every season.  Just use what you already have, or make small purchases.  

Those small adds to your decor can make big impact.  Those little white pumpkins I purchased last month were a great buy.  I have so many to place around our cottage...  and I keep finding more and more things to do with them.  We are sprinkling pumpkins all throughout our home for fall this year.

I remember as a child, my mom was always so on top of the decorating and changing out her decor for the seasons.  We would go to school and the house would be completely different when we got home.  I wish I had that kind of drive after working all day.

The weekends are where I get to experiment and see what works and what doesn't.  I enjoy putting together decor, but sometimes I am slow at getting it all to come together which seems to be the case this fall.  

Do you decorate for every season?  Do you get it all done in one day, or are you like me and it is a process?  I need to get things changed up on the porch... maybe it will happen sometime this week.        

Today will be just the three of us.  Family time is the best time spent.  Enjoy your Labor Day!

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