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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Decorations for Fireplace Mantel

I am excited to share with you today our fall decorations for fireplace mantel.  Decorations for fireplace mantel with minimal effort.    

Mantel decorated for fall with pumpkins and candle sticks and pictures

When August hits are you still trying to clutch onto summer with both hands and your claws out, or are you like me and say goodbye summer, hello fall!  There is just something about fall that makes me smile to myself.  The cooler weather, the sweaters, and sweatshirts, the layering of my clothing and let's not forget my decorating too.  

Sparsely decorated mantel with mirror and pictures

I love to layer pretty much in every aspect of life.  It started many years ago when I worked retail right out of high school.  I mentioned before in one of my positions I created the window displays and mannequin displays throughout the store. 

It was kind of a high for me to come in early and start putting together outfits for those mannequins and then displaying them throughout the store and windows.  The high?  Oh, that came when women were coming in and saying I will take that entire outfit.  Then later when they added a men's department, men came in and did the same too. 


Added in gold garland to the mantel

The store where I worked, they loved the sales of course.  Me?  I just loved the fact that women were walking around wearing clothes I had put together.  I have always been someone who loves to layer my clothing and coordinate outfits.  

Next add in pumpkin garland on top of gold

So you may find this totally off the wall and think what went on in that child's head when I share this with you but... do you know when I was in high school in the evenings I would create outfits from my wardrobe and write them down?  


True story!  I would write down what I put together and then I would write the date beside when I wore those items so I went at least 2 weeks without wearing the exact same outfit!  Of course I wore the same pieces, just not put together exactly the same way.

Close up of urn picture and garland together

A little extreme for a 15 year old gal?  Maybe... but I have always loved putting items together and now it has transpired to our home.  

Creating beauty does not need to cost a lot, it doesn't have to be over the top (despite my love for over the top, I love drama in décor).  It just has to bring a smile to your face when you walk in the door after a long day at work.  Gotta do you boo...  which is what we do in our own home.  

It's all about the accessories to give an outfit a new look.  It also works for your home decorating too.  Buy your basic pieces and then add your accessories.  They are smaller to store, and you can have a new look any time you want.    

Add in gold hurricane globes on either end of mantel

In all honesty, even before I decided to take on this venture in writing a blog, I still did what I am doing everyday sharing with you folks.  I still created in our home, still decorated for every season, still looked at our home and asked myself how can I improve it without spending a lot of money... the mind never stops folks... it is a curse at times, like in the middle of the night when I should be getting my beauty rest (and here lately I have really needed it), I am thinking about decorating.  

Added in teal candle sticks on either end of mantel

Creating makes me happy and it is my way of keeping my sanity.  After a long day at work and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and hold peanut (my dream, not his - he cuddles on his terms which never seemed to coincide with when I want to cuddle) I decide to see what I can come up with, it seems to settle me... grounds me... it is almost like I can feel my blood pressure decrease... do you have a hobby that has the same affect?

Add in medium pumpkins at each end of mantel

Trust me, today's life is so much more hectic than I remember when I was growing up.  Technology, a blessing and a curse if you ask me.  Blessing in that I could not have Amazon deliver to me in 2 days and I get to share with all of you, but a curse in that I think overall it makes life more demanding, more challenging, just more, more, more...

Do you agree?

Add in small white pumpkins all over mantel

Do you feel like you need an outlet to tunnel all of that "more" in life.  Some of you are aware, but I started a free Facebook Group for my readers.  

Added white candles to large teal candlesticks

You can post all of your crafting ideas, you can post what you are working on, ask advice of the other participants.  I created the group for you.  I started by putting a few things in the group, but I really want you all to take it over.  Read others dilemmas, give advice, and just have fun.  It was meant to be a safe place for others to share their homes and get ideas.  Hope you enjoy "The Group".  

Wow, I got pretty long winded in this post, but I guess I had a lot to say today.  I sprinkled in pictures of what our fall mantel looks like for you to get some ideas.  

You can also see I did a lot of layering on the mantel, I am not sure I know how to do it any other way.  I added in pumpkins, and the teal candlesticks (similar found), and gold hurricane globes (similar found), and kept a few items up that seem to have made a permanent home on the mantel.  

I do love our picture of the urn from Rhode Island, and the stained glass fireplace screen (similar found) Mr. Vintage surprised me with one evening in front of our fireplace.  He knows the way to a gal's heart.  💕  We even have a wedding photo on the mantel.  We have lanterns that stay in place and our pineapples to boot.  Sometimes it just boils down to what makes you happy, make home your haven, I cannot say that enough. 

I do not run out and buy all new pieces every time the season changes.  I just add and subtract what my vision is for the season, or when I feel I need a change up.  I have told you our entire attic is bursting.  I buy when I see something I love, and I also pick up items when they are at a wonderful price. 

Antiquing has been our thing over the years, until recently, but let's keep moving with the positivity... collecting, buying items from auctions and then seeing how we can get everything to come together?  There is my high... making a home of items we already have, while sprinkling new things when we can.  

I have to say I found the cutest pumpkin garland you could have out until after Thanksgiving.  Had I found this one before I put up the one we have, I would have picked it... oh well, maybe next year!       

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!   Let's GO WEEKEND, because it is Friday EVE!! 

Final mantel presentation with teal candlesticks, candles, white pumpkins, large photo of urn, mirror, and wedding picture of couple

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