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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

How to use flour sack towels

Searching for how to use flour sack towels?  We have an idea on how to use flour sack towels to share with you today.

Farm fresh pumpkin tea towel hanging on handle on oven door

Fall in the kitchen... why yes, I did decide to make a little something for the kitchen out of a flour sack towel again.

Since we have been sprinkling fall throughout the cottage, I decided to share another idea on how to use flour sack towels.  I made a cute little towel for the kitchen and I have to say I am pretty happy with how it turned out!    

Flour sack towel laying flat with stencil on top of towel

Recall the flour sack towels I purchased a ways back?  I made a
custom towel for the kitchen, and then curtains too... well, I decided it was time to start using up some more of the flour sack towels I have lying around.  Put those things to good use!    

Things have gotten so tight around here for space since we packed up another home and brought it all over here, along with the fact Mr. VS seems to have a wife who also likes to shop, and craft... well, we will just say the cozy cottage is actually bursting at the seams now.

I keep saying I need to get rid of things, but I always see value in the items we have and think I will need it at a later date.  And there is where Mr. VS would say I am a hoarder in the making... Ha!  If you are a crafter too, then you know my dilemma, crafters never know when they will need that perfect piece to finish off the ultimate project! 

Stenciling paint on towel

We went through things this past weekend and I will have to say, I did throw some items away.  We are going to make the spare bedroom a craft room for me!

Don't worry, I will share it with you once it is under way.  We had a mishap this past weekend with a leaky faucet... GRR... we left on Saturday morning to get our pick up order.  

When we came home, I was putting groceries away and stood by the sink, I felt water on my foot... we looked up under the sink and low and behold, the sink was leaking.  It was wet under the sink, and had soaked down to the basement... 

Black paint stencil on flour sack towel

Have I mentioned how much I hate plumbing issues?  Especially on a holiday weekend?  Well, the plumber did not call us back, Mr. VS had to turn off the water to our entire home, and then work on getting the shut off valves turned off under the sink.

The shut off valves are older and I could not get them to budge.  Finally, my guy was able to get them turned off.  I had to put a fan on the floor to get the floor to dry up, yep... carpet in a kitchen stinks in cases such as this.

We have an order of events, and the kitchen is not on the highest priority list around here… oh the joys of owning an older home. Long story short... trying to get it shorter... we have no water in the kitchen.  

Completed towel with pumpkins

I was not able to cook since I could not do dishes, or clean up, or anything... so I decided I needed a craft room and I would work on the foyer, and this little ole' custom towel.

When we have something like this happen, I go in a million different directions since it gets me all out of whack!  

I needed a project to ground me again.  I decided to sit down at the dining room table and just let go...

Pumpkin towel for fall hanging on bar

I laid out the flour sack towel and centered the stencil on the towel.  Then I got started right away stenciling away with black paint.  I love black and white... Mr. VS would have preferred the pumpkin to be orange, but I decided black and white was classic.

Stenciling is so easy, if you take your time, you can worry less about bleed through.  I did purchase new stencil brushes where the center has longer bristles than the outer edges.  I read where it helps with bleed through too.  

This was just what the doctor ordered... I needed the time to wind down after all that happened this weekend.  I am strung pretty tight these days and hoping to have some R&R in November.  We always take vacation at the end of October into November.  Of course, I have a project all lined up for us, I just hope we can find all of the supplies we need to complete it.  We had planned on doing it last year, but then materials became impossible to locate.  

2 custom towels hanging side by side on bar on oven door

Happy Hamp Day!  It may be a short week, but those seem to be the longest ones, don't they?  Here's to hoping you have a fabulous rest of week!  

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