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Friday, September 3, 2021

Autumn grapevine wreath

Searching for autumn grapevine wreath?  We have an autumn grapevine idea to share with you.  

I went attic shopping two weekends ago and found a piece I made in my single gal days.  

I used a black frame I had purchased probably from Big Lots, I actually do not recall where I picked it up from.  I love chippy paint frames, to me they have character.  

Several years ago a scrap book shop was going out of business and I picked up several pages on their clearance sale.  I thought this was pretty unique paper and I saw it as something else.  I never got onto the scrap book band wagon, but that did not stop me from picking it up whenever I found something unique.  

I decided to make my own art by placing the scrap book paper in the frame and then I found this lovely brass piece.  I think I found it in the scrap book section of a shop too, but to me, it was like a door knocker.  

I put it all together and then it sat on one of my end tables in my living room.  I used to put pieces like this together all of the time.  I have always used crafting as my way to relieve stress.  

I decided to drag it out and hang it in the dining room since it went with my moody decor for fall.  

I could not really leave my wreath on the wall with the existing wreath I had, so down it came.  

Talk about bare wall... I decided I would try my hand at making a wreath for the dining room and I also decided to pick up more black feathers for said wreath.  

I found grapevine wreaths at Walmart and added them to the grocery list for pick up.  

I had these picks at the house I wanted to also incorporate in the wreath.  

I placed them in the grapevine and thought about what my next step should be.  

I began adding the black feathers into the wreath as well with the gold ball picks. 

I made this piece from plaster of paris and a mold I purchased.  I thought adding it to the wreath may be a fun element, but I broke it when trying to wire it down...  in the trash it went.

I hung it on the wall and took a step back and thought, blah!  

I was not liking the command strip showing on the wall.  

So then I flipped the wreath upside down and thought ok, now I do not have to look at the command strip, but it looks bland... more blah!

I looked at that wreath for nearly a week thinking what would look best before I decided to try something different.

I removed the wreath from the wall and added more feathers to the top and two more ball picks to the wreath.  

And then I decided all was right with the wreath world and I could share it with y'all.  Sometimes creativity is a process, or at least it is for me.  Sometimes I have a clear vision, other times, not so much... I just keep working until I get something I like.

I decided to show you my process.  Sometimes I have so many things on the table before I get started and then only a few items make it into what I am working on.  You do not always have to have a clear concise plan, just work with what you have and make something today.  

It kind of reminds me of the 1920's... and if you know me at all, you know I am so ok with that!  When I look at it now, for some reason it reminds me of a hat.  Ha!

I keep slowly adding my fall decor, if I move any slower, Christmas will be here before I am finished with fall.  Let's hope not.  

Are you getting your home ready for fall?  Has fall entered your thoughts at all?  I have to say with the mid to high 90 degree weather this past week, I am ready for cool, brisk mornings and evenings. 

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