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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Our ornery kiddo

Ornery pup, swift runs up and down halls, you just never know what this ornery kiddo will be up to next.  

Our sidekick has been busy being ornery, but you would never expect anything less, would you?

The other night I went up to get ready for bed and was washing my face.  I see a streak run by the bathroom, I am still washing my face and brushing my teeth, and then I see a zoom of fur run back by the bathroom the other way.  

For a third time I see a streak run by the bathroom.  I walk into our spare bedroom, and he is rolling all over his treat in the dark.  I laughed and asked hey stinker, what you are you busy doing in here?

You see, when he goes out and "does his business" he gets a treat and it is a pretty big production around here.  He has to make sure all are aware of him receiving his treat.  He gallops through the house just to make sure you do not miss the big ordeal.  Then there is the rolling and smearing of that darn treat all over his body, sometimes he will do this for several minutes.

Do you know this stinker will also go out in the middle of the night.  He makes his daddy let him out during those times.  If he gets a treat, he runs up the stairs with it before my husband can even turn around.  He jumps on the bed, and does the whole rolling around in the dark all over the bed thing while rocking the bed this way and that way.

As I was writing about him and said treats, he ran upstairs.  You see, when he gets something on his mind, he has to immediately do whatever that is.  Doesn't matter he had 5 other balls on the floor, he decided he needed the orange and yellow ball.  He remembered it was upstairs and off he went.

Only guess what?  He rolled the ball up under a small end table I have between the two French provincial chairs I have in our bedroom.  So he is upstairs, barking, then crying, then letting out little yelps like mom, dad, someone help me... I need you, I need your help... I am going to just die if I do not get that ball right this minute.

How can you people ignore me when I am obviously having a break down upstairs all by my lonesome. How dare you parents ignore me... you are breaking my heart, it is like I do not even matter to you at all.  Why do I still live here?  Oh yes, it goes on and on and on... he doesn't let up 20 minutes later.

So, what do I do?  Of course I go upstairs and decide it is bed time and I need to comfort our kiddo since he is obviously having a melt down.  Oh wait, that would happen as soon as I get up the stairs and turn on the light. He throws himself down on the floor and points his head to the end table like here mom, here… I need your help. So I get down on all fours to get said ball out from under the table. 

I roll the darn thing out and he grabs it like, oh don't you even think about it mom!  This ball is mine, I had to work so hard for it!  You cannot just walk up here and think you are going to take it from me!  Then off he runs like, hey dad, guess what?  I got the ball all by myself!

Mom did not help me one little bit!  She just came upstairs to go to bed, she did nothing.  I did it all on my own!  Such a show off!  Can you believe the nerve of this one?  At one moment, he is so ornery, then the next, he is a cuddler, well, on his terms anyway.  I will take what I can get when it comes to his cuddles.

We are pretty sure he has every commercial known to man memorized.  All the dog commercials anyway... as soon as he hears the sweeper being ran on the Amazon commercial, he comes running since he knows a pup will be seen.  Barks like crazy and turns to look at us like hey, parents, are you seeing this pup on the big box?  

Redirects happen a lot around here, when the barking starts, he will not stop, unless of course, we redirect.  Ball, food, grandma... yep, we use those words to get him to stop and think... sometimes he looks at us like you are crazy, look at the dog... I am telling you something and you are not even listening to me, then others he is like huh... maybe I do want to play ball or where is my grandma, I want to see her, or yum, I do want some food now.

He keeps this household on it's toes, but we think back often to that evening when we went to meet him and I said no matter what, we are not getting a dog, we are just seeing him... do not let me bring home this puppy.  I did not want to cancel the appointment on the woman because she mentioned he had 2 other appointments who canceled on him.

Oh yeah, she knew what she was doing, she knew that would pull at my heartstrings, and so I did not cancel the appointment.  When we met, it was not final until when she called him and he would not go to her, he stayed at my feet and looked up at me with those big browns, and was like, oh pick me up, pick me up...

When I picked that little one up, it was all over with from there.  Do you know my husband did not make a peep in any way like, I thought you said no... nope, not once did he intervene.  He just let me hold him and then I said ok, he's coming home with us.  

It's been an interesting ride, but I am glad he is here with us.  No matter what he does, he always makes up for it and redeems himself.  Hope you enjoy your Saturday. 💕  

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