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Saturday, September 11, 2021

861 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43206

Searching for homes in German Village, Columbus, Ohio?  We have a unique home to share with you that is full of charm and the most wonderful yard. 

We have a house tour to share with you on this lovely Saturday morning.  Have you noticed cooler weather is on it's way, the leaves are turning and some are already falling?  

I am so excited for fall since it is well on it's way!  I went "house shopping" in German Village again, the pickins' are pretty slim in this area again, but that did not stop me from finding a lovely home to share with y'all.

All photos are sourced from Zillow.com.

This all brick home was built in 1900; it has so much character and charm.  Do you see those decorative headers on the windows and door? Don't worry, I will show you a close up a little later.

I am a big fan of the small portico over the door on the side of this home.  From the curb, this home looks absolutely perfect and honestly, I think it looks like a newer home since it is so well cared for.  

Now do you see the window headers?  Just that small touch of decoration on it sets the mood for this home. I also like their wrought iron window boxes under the windows.

I find it interesting the front door is closed off, but I have to say, I do not mind.  We do not use our front door unless a delivery gets dropped off, funny, huh?     

I love this back porch area, to me, this is just added square footage to this home.  This is the perfect place for a short nap, reading a good book, relaxing, or just daydreaming... with the heater on the porch, you can use this area three seasons.  I can see this porch being used very often.  

Do you see how the outdoor area here just keeps going?  The porch is an extension of the home, and then the patio is an extension of the porch.  Peanut would love running around here and I can even see him curling up on that couch for a snooze.  This peanut loves naps outside.  

Are you loving the exposed brick wall as much as me?  When I saw that and then the large mailboxes along the wall, that helped me in deciding to share this home with you.  I like the balance of the mailboxes and black doors (imagine all of that storage, I am googly eyes over it!).  Symmetry is sometimes nice in homes, it grabbed my attention.

I also thought their velvet club chairs were a nice touch to this sitting area.  After I took a closer look, I am wondering if the club chairs are actually leather?  

I was curious where the doors went to.  Maybe a closet to hang your coats, but then the lonely door off by itself is kind of covered by the sideboard.  Curious me, wondering where this leads to...      

Here is a different angle of the entry way.  I wonder if this door is original and if the glass is leaded glass?  It appears so. These home owners have some really unique pieces in their home.  I often wonder where some of these home owners find these pieces.  Inquiring minds want to know!    

I like drawers in a kitchen rather than cupboards.  What do you prefer?  I never really thought about it one way or another until we lived here.  Our cabinets have drawers inside them.  It is quite nice to pull the drawer out and see down inside, but our sides do not come up as high as a regular drawer would, and I think I would like those deep drawers for all of our kitchen goodies.

It is on my list when we are able to complete our remodel.  I guess it will depend on how extensive of a remodel we decide to go with.  Being frugal with it is at the top of my list, you know me and my games... how low can I go with my budget on projects?  Yep, my favorite game to play!  

For being an older home, it has a pretty open floor plan.  Some parts of this home are a little too modern for me, but I knew this home was worth sharing.  So many pluses, the exterior was a big win, the gardens, and porch... I am thinking about using their yard as some inspiration for my own.  

There is even plenty of room for this large sectional, quite a spacious area.  I like their shutters.  We have shutters in our own home, they were here when we moved in and we decided we liked them so much, we decided to keep them.  I think I would prefer for these to cover the entire window though.

I think these are cast iron planters, and I would totally bring those bad boys home with me.  Like I said before, I even think the shutters on this home are perfect for the interior windows.  Everything looks so clean and well put together on the exterior of this home.  It just feels homey to me.  What do you think?

Someone has a green thumb, I can only wish someone could come and put together my yard for me like this.  I think this is just a perfect oasis.  I doubt I would ever leave. Oh, and I am a huge fan of the chandelier on the porch.  How fancy pants, fun, and unexpected! 

Last one, you can check out this home for yourself if you liked what you see here.  The exterior would be a dream.  Mr. VS would love this outdoor television.  Fans to keep the air moving on those 90 degree days... heaters to take the chill off in early fall and spring days... yes, I can see myself living in this outdoor space quite clearly.

You can find this home located at 861 South 3rd St. Columbus, OH 43206.  This home has two bedrooms, three baths, and is 1,692 square feet.  It has also had a recent deduction in price of $20,000 and is now listed for $599,900.  As you know from earlier posts, this is a great price for this area.  

What do you think about this home?  It is a little different from some of the other homes we have shared with you.  That yard, landscaping, porch, well everything about the outdoors just caught my attention and I could not move on to another home after seeing what this home had to offer.  Interested in seeing other homes we have shared?  You can find those posts here: 702 S 6TH ST COLUMBUS, OH 43206, A BEXLEY COTTAGE, AN UPPER ARLINGTON HOME TOUR, ZILLOW LISTING IN BEXLEY, OHIO, ZILLOW LISTING.

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  1. You always find the most interesting homes. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Kim. I so enjoy looking at homes, this one was a nice change up from what I typically look at. That yard and porch area really called to me... you just never know where you will find inspiration.