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Monday, October 25, 2021

Just call me the crazy dog lady

Just call me the crazy dog lady... this kiddo will get me to do about anything for him.

This morning, he was not having it.  He did not want to get out of bed and cuddled up in a furry throw blanket I usually have at the end of our bed.  I leave him be, go shower, come back and ask him if he is getting up this morning.

His response?  I could have sworn I saw an eye roll, but I definitely heard a sigh.  I peaked at him, and he is laying there cuddled up in the furry blanket still looking at me like please leave me be... I just want to sleep this morning.

I tell him I am going to make breakfast, and he sighs again like MOM!  You are not getting it, I am not ready to get up this morning!  GO!  Leave me be!  You are bothering me!

Talk about knowing what it is like waking a teenager up in the morning now... in the warmer months, he wants to get up.  The cooler?  He likes to linger in bed for as long as he can.

I went downstairs and began making breakfast.  I also have to make up a concoction for him every morning which consists of 3 allergy capsules I cut in half and dump the powder on a paper plate.  Then I add a little peanut butter along with his pumpkin.

Since we found out he has allergies, and the shots cause cancer, and there is not much of a difference from the shots to the pills... I decided if Benadryl was good enough for me, then he could have it too.   The vet has recommended Benadryl for him before when he has had allergic reactions so that helped me make my decision even more with their stamp of approval. 

I get his medicine all ready and I go jingle the bells on the back door.  I hear a scuttle, then little feet hitting the steps and then a very curious pup sticking his head into the kitchen.  I ask if he wants to go outside?  Of course, he is ready and raring to go.  

We go out, he does his business, and here would be the point where he would typically get his treat.  Only I changed things up this morning and gave him his plate of medicine.  He sat down and eyed me like nope mom, you know how this works, I get the treat now.

I said come on, let's have this before your treat.  I said come here, and I sat on the kitchen floor with him.  He sat and said nope, eyeing those treats on the counter and looks at me.  I know exactly what he is thinking, lady, you just don't get it, do you?  First the treat, then if I decide to have this other crap you made, then I may eat it.

I said no treat, eat this first.  I held the plate out to him and scooted it across the floor to him.  He steps over it and comes and sits and puts his head in my face.  Come on mom... you know what I want, just give it to me.  

I lean over and grab the plate, and say no, this first.  I can tell the point where I almost have him.  He longingly looks up at the counter and looks at me, then the counter again.  Looks at the plate, and it is almost like, hey treat, I am doing this for you.  He does a small lick, then looks at me, like, is that good enough?

I tell him come on, you have this every morning.  He finally eats it then is like, get your butt off the floor mom, and get the darn treat!  I got up and gave it to him, and he went running off thinking he succeeded in getting me to do what he wanted.

You see, when we first began the pumpkin, he gobbled it all up.  Then he began to not want to eat it.  Then I had to mix in the pills which he liked even less, so I started adding peanut butter because it is his favorite.  Well, we are to the point where he is becoming more and more lax in wanting to gobble it up every morning.  

So I decided to use leverage this morning and see if it would work.  It finally worked after about 10 minutes.  He is one stubborn cutie pie.  I did not know Beagles were so stubborn until I read up more on them.  The German Shepherd?  They want to please, so it is like the angel and demon sitting on his shoulders and saying who will win out today?

He is an ornery one, that is for sure.  That was our Monday morning... do you see why I could be called the crazy dog lady now?  That kiddo sure does have me wrapped around his little paw.  Let's hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly as this morning did.  Enjoy your week!

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