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Sunday, October 31, 2021

How to hold taper candle in place

Searching for how to hold taper candle in place?  We found a way to hold our taper candles in place with these cute as a button candlesticks!

How to get candle to stay in holder is very easy.  We found one of the easiest ways to get candle to stay in holder by using a pipe cleaner.  

Nutcracker candlesticks with candles that fit
Ahh... finally standing straight in their candlesticks 

Have you ever picked up candlesticks where your candle is too small for the candlestick?  Your candle does a bit of a leaning trick like you see below... well, I was stymied for a minute, and then I had a wonderful idea to fix this problem!

Candle leaning in candlestick since it is too small for the candlestick
Leaning tower of Pisa 

Mr. VS picked up a buffet and brought it home with him from an auction several years ago.  Inside were candles, I kept them, but never thought I would really use them.  As you know, I do not usually use candlesticks for what they were meant for.

The candles I had were too small for the opening in these vintage Nutcracker candlesticks.  I thought okay, now what am I supposed to do?  

I decided to take a pipe cleaner and curl it like a spring.  I placed it down inside the candlestick and made sure it was completely up against the walls of the candlestick holder part.

Curled pipe cleaner into a spring
Curled pipe cleaner looks like a spring 

Then I placed the candle down inside the holder, and it fit like a glove!  No more worrying about them falling over.  How easy was this fix?  

I also considered using sticky tac that I used to hang the bats on our wall in the dining room for Halloween, but the pipe cleaner worked like a dream.    

Curled pipe cleaner placed inside the candlestick
Place pipe cleaner inside the candlestick 

Did I tell you or did I tell you we begin getting Christmas items out when we take vacation.  I love this time of year when our home really begins to transform for the season.

I feel like our home is so warm and cozy with all of our decorations out.  We pick up a few new items each year, or we make something new to add to our decorations.  

Candle standing straight inside candlestick
Candle inside candlestick standing straight 

The majority of our attic is Christmas decorations.  I have gone in many different directions over the years, but do you know I always seem to go back to my old trusty, traditional decorations.  They make me feel most at home during the holidays with many memories of Christmas over the years in my mind.  

The only place I do not decorate in traditional décor is our living room.  We decorate in blue, white, silver, and gold there.  It is the one room where no peanuts are allowed.  Everything stays nice in that room... yep, we gate off the living room.  

Candle standing straight in candlestick

Believe it or not, despite his size, he is very hard on everything.  Then there is the chewing... we thought he was over it, but low and behold, guess what?  He is not!  He chewed a blanket his daddy was covered up with on the couch this past weekend!  

I am telling you, we cannot have anything nice without chew marks around the edges... yep, our blankets have those, and then sometimes there is the occasional hole in the middle of the blanket...  we deal with it since he is so cute.  😉  I thought about replacing blankets recently, but nope, this kiddo is not finished with his chewing phase. 

I guess you will just have to wait and see where these cute as a button Nutcracker candlesticks end up for Christmas!  We have all sorts of easy on the pocketbook ideas for the upcoming festivities! 

My house is a disaster as I drag out all of my treasures.  I look around and wonder is this all worth it?  Then I think about how much joy it brings when it is all completed, and there is no questions it is worth every minute of upheaval.    

Hope you enjoyed this helpful tip.  We have other tips you can find out about by clicking to read: Cleaning tips and tricks and Low budget, high impact results.

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  1. Great tip!! Thank you! I have some candles that don’t fit and this is the easiest trick!

    1. Yes, it was really easy Kim. This is the first time I have encountered this issue, glad I learned something new!