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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Magazines and Catalogs

I am curious, do you enjoy sitting down with a magazine or catalog and looking it over from front to back, taking it all in?  Or do you enjoy looking online for everything and getting ideas from the Internet?

Honestly, I will have to say I do both.  Mr. VS purchased Victoria  magazine subscription last year for me for Christmas, and it was the best thing ever!  I look forward to that magazine when it comes in the mail.

I sit down with it, and I start on the last page.  Yes!  I begin with the last page and work my way to the front.  Strange?  Perhaps, but I have done this for so many years I am not sure if I can change it.

Roses styled in a silver teapot
This idea came from my Victoria magazine subscription 

I enjoy reading all of the articles, and looking at all of the pictures of homes.  In case you are not familiar with Victoria, it is a decorating magazine.  No surprise there.    

I get it honest from my mother, that woman has about a thousand magazines.  At first I thought that may be an exaggeration, but then I thought about it and I have to say, it probably is not an exaggeration at all.   

She began purchasing magazines in the 80's, 40 years of collecting...  you see, I get my decorating from her.  It was a bit of a hobby of hers, and I guess I inherited it.  

She has begun to thin out her stash, and always asks if I want them before taking them to the recycling center.  Of course, I never turn her down.  I ended up picking up this HUGE tote to store most of my magazines in.  

As I tend to do, I got sidetracked today, but then if I did not do that, how else would you get to know me so well?  

There was once a time where I would look at websites and I would sign up for every catalog I came across.  I enjoy looking at them and getting ideas, and sometimes I decide to create crafts from items I see for sale in these catalogs.  

I look in all of the nooks and crannies, not at just what is for sale, but the way it is styled, what is in the background... do you do this too, or am I a weirdo?  

Cookies on a silver serving tray
Cookies displayed on silver serving tray, another idea from my magazine

This brings me to the the Plow and Hearth catalog that came recently, I picked it up today and noticed something... right under their, "Make the place you are the place you want to be" was printed on the cover.   

Interesting, isn't it?  

I have always wanted home to be the place I want to be.  I would prefer staying home versus going on vacation to where ever.  I have been working diligently on this cottage since we purchased it making it the home I have envisioned for some time.

It is unfortunate that recent events have just now caused people to want to spend more time at home.  Our home is our haven.  Do you feel the same way?  Or are you new to spending more time at home?      

Want to receive catalogs in the mail for free?  Go to the desired website and sign up for their catalog to be sent to your home.  I am the Queen of catalogs.  My mother says our mail carrier either loves me or hates me.  

Ideas galore, everywhere you look... maybe after reading this post, you will find some inspiration in the most unexpected places.  

I use catalogs and magazines for ideas, and I come up with plenty of ideas on my own too.  I love arranging and rearranging things around the house.  

Have you ever noticed if you do this, it is like a whole new place, no spending necessary. Free decorating is my favorite kind of decorating.    

We are getting closer to the weekend!  Smile!  

Cheetah print rug on dining room floor
Our bold choice of rug in the dining room idea came from Ballard's Design catalog

You just never know where inspiration will sprout from.  I especially love this rug when all of our Christmas items are out and about.    

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  1. Good question! I used to subscribe to so many mags but I don't have any active subscriptions now. This just gave me an idea for a blog post :)

    1. Great! So happy inspiration struck. I enjoy leafing through my old magazines rather than having a device stuck to my hip. It is so relaxing for me.