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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How to add privacy to a glass front door

Searching for how to add privacy to a glass front door?  We are excited to share with you how we added privacy to our front door glass. 

Remember how I told you how I look at Zillow?  Well, I also search homes in other countries too.  I am pretty sure this photo came from a home that was on the market.  I wish I could recall where I saved it from. 

Update, I found it in the Facebook group For the Love of Old Houses.  This home was on the market, Specksrum 7, Visby Innerstad, Gotland, Sweden. Photo source: For the Love of Old Houses.

Do you see that fabulous door?  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness as Annie would say!  I fell in love with the design of the metal work over the glass on said door.  I save random photos all of the time from home sales and tuck away for a later date.

I never know when inspiration will strike.  At the time I saved this photo, I was in love with the door and then... look at everything else?  White!  I am a big fan of white, but does it surprise you that my entire home does not have white walls?  

I love the bead board and I keep thinking this cottage was meant to have bead board somewhere gracing it's walls.    

I remembered that I had some left over sheet metal from a project I did several years ago... and that is why my husband says I am a hoarder in the making.  In my defense, I never know when I will need something, you know how it is, right?

What I had on hand was lincane sheet metal.  We, and when I say we, I mean Mr. VS cut the sheet metal into squares to match our glass panes on our front door.  

I took the cut panels out to the yard and spray painted them gold.  Our front door is painted high gloss black and then the hardware on our door is gold.  I may decide later I need a little rub-n-buff on the sheet metal later.  I have not decided. 

So I have these wonderful ideas, and then I wonder how I will go about implementing them sometimes.  I decided to take some sticky tac and and make a bead all the way around the metal and push into the glass.

Then I looked at it, and said YUCK!

So then Mr. VS said only put it in the corners of the metal and push that onto the glass.  Hmm... better, right?  Still not exactly what I had in mind though.  I did not want anything to show through the sheet metal.  

Of course, I would be lost without my little helper.  He decided it was the best time to bark at our neighbor, and any leaf that moved, or anyone who decided to walk down the street.  

Things to know about sheet metal... it is difficult to cut.  When you cut paper, it allows for you to get your hand and the shears in there, and this has zero movement.  Once it bends, it is very difficult to get the kink out of it.  While I like this, it kind of dresses up our door a bit, it is not the perfect look I like.  

I will have to sleep on this one, and see how I can perfect it.  We always said we would share the good, bad, and ugly so here it is.  I would not necessarily say it fits into any of those categories though.  Mr. VS and I are mulling it over to see how we can make it the perfect addition to our front door and will keep you updated on what we decide.  Until then... have a happy week!

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