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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Random musings from Cara on a fall Saturday morning

Random thoughts on a fall Saturday morning...

Are you excited fall has arrived?  I have to say, I am pretty happy about this season change this year.  

Seeing those acorns on the ground, the changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, and walks with peanut that I adore, what more can a gal ask for?

I love being able to bundle up in my sweatshirts, jeans, and sweaters... and scarves, I love them!  Oh and socks, I think I have a MILLION pairs!  The funkier the better for me!  

Do you have a signature piece that just screams your personality?  Socks are it for me since no one can see them and know they are there except for me!

Yes, I had to do it!  I picked up Beagle socks!  Since this Beagle/German Shepherd has entered our lives, I have been picking up Beagle items here and there... and you see, he had to get in the pic too!

Do you know my sister and I have an affinity for odd socks... it began many, many years ago... we began buying each other the funkiest socks we could find. It was a nice little secret to share between sisters.  We still to this day pick up socks for each other when we find something different than main stream.

Funky socks have actually become a thing though now, so people are not always as surprised when you have funky socks on, but it was our way to know the other was with us that day.  

She wore a pair I had gotten her to a job interview one day.  During her interview, they asked for her to tell them something they did not know about her (she had been working there for some time already).  She said the only thing that came to mind were the socks, so she told them.  She has been with that company for over 20 years, and those darn socks got her through and a promotion!  She even mentioned how we buy them for each other.  

I guess you just never know how an article of clothing or jewelry or whatever will help you in life.  😉  


Are there any things you look forward to during fall?

We have the local Fairfield County fair around the corner.  I have not attended in many years, but I always become nostalgic around this time of year thinking back to those years as a child when I would go.

I recall the candy cigarettes I was not allowed to have, and the "cool kids" who walked around with them hanging out of their mouths pretending to smoke... the feathers I was also not allowed to have that gals put in their hair... jelly shoes!  I remember how popular they were one year and I begged my mom for a pair.  Of course, she said they offered no support so I was not allowed to have those either!

My oh my, how did I ever grow up in the 80's without being allowed candy cigarettes, feathers in my hair, and jelly shoes?  I must have gotten by just fine because here I am, an adult... and not missing any of those items now.  In case you forgot, or are too young to recall, I have included some of these items for a throwback to days gone by to bring back your own memories.  

Funny how when you think back to childhood and the things you just thought you had to have, and yet... they were not as important as you thought they were.

I bring this up because I was at an appointment yesterday and a woman and her daughter were having a "discussion".  The daughter said after all I have been through today, you have to take me shopping after we are done here.  The mother said, we should get home, I have things to do.  The daughter snapped back, I need jeans!  

The mother told her that she had plenty.  As kids are, she said I do not have nearly enough!  I need another pair, the ones I do have, do not fit, and then she gave various other reasons why she needed a new pair.  

Inside I chuckled to myself and thought oh the days when I had to go shopping with my mother.  It never ended well, one of us was always ticked by the end of the day.  I am glad to see no matter how old we get, children and parents never change.  Always the same struggles, same arguments, no matter what decade we are growing up in.

I thought we needed some randomness today on this fine fall Saturday morning... and memories.  I do love sharing them with you all.  Growing up in the 80's was a wonderful time to be growing up, but I also wonder if other generations think the same things?  

If I had my choice, I think I would have chosen the 50's.  So many things I love from the 50's!  First, the clothing... I love many items from this time frame.  Saddle shoes!  I wore them when I was a child, and I still love them.  I have been looking for a pair with a rounded toe for some time.  Oh yes, I would wear them again!  

Then the appliances... what was there not to love about them?  Do you know the original stove to this home is in our basement?  I loved it and had wanted to move it upstairs, but hubby said no.  He wanted new.  So new it was... but if that one stops working, I know just where to find a vintage piece for free in my basement that will surely make it's way back upstairs!  

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me today.  If you enjoyed random musings, let us know and we will continue to share them with you.  When life gets too serious, sometimes it is nice to take a break from life and just think back to a time when things were less hectic, when you thought you just had to have something, and learn all these years later, they would have no impact on your life... I love those sorts of thoughts, when the big stuff was just really the small stuff in life.  Enjoy your Saturday!    

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  1. Cara, first of all, your blog is beautiful! Secondly, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! I have a feeling you and I are from the same generation!

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your comment! The 80's were pretty great, huh?