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Monday, December 7, 2020

Our Christmas Dining Room

 I really do love to decorate for Christmas, but this year, I didn't do anything over the top.  I kept it kind of simple.  It seemed appropriate for this year. 

I love this runner and use it every year for Christmas, it came from Target.  They have an exceptional selection of table runners on their website.  I still use my typical candlesticks I use all year round.  The candle rings came from QVC last year, but it looks like they still have them- they are by Luminara.  The trees are mercury glass and light up using batteries, they also came from QVC, by Valerie.  

The placemats came from Amazon.  

As you know, I love items that light up.  Most everything I buy has a timer you can set to prevent running around and making sure you get everything turned on every night.  It is quite handy since I would never remember to go around and turn them all on  every night until I was getting ready to go to sleep.  Ha!  

I love these trees, hubby talked me into them several years ago and they make it out every year and have been known to travel around the house in different rooms.  I wish I would have purchased multiple sets.

Here is my simple chandelier this year.  I purchased more of the cedar napkin rings from Target and placed them on each light.  This chandelier has 10 arms and I believe is original to our home.  Brass is back in and I like traditional and original accents in a home so it will stay for as long as I am here.      

I love bursts of greenery spread throughout our home.  I actually have a black thumb so any flowers or greenery you may see in our home is faux.  The greenery pieces came from Target last year, I did see where they have them again this year and at $5.00, you cannot go wrong! 

The tins came from Amazon last year; they are no longer in stock.  They were $7.95 for the set.    

I have had the glass candlesticks (we used them at the reception of our wedding) for years.  I added pieces of pine I mentioned above from Target and placed an ornament on top.  Pretty low cost décor with a special touch.  I tend to reuse items each season, but make small changes.  I do not have the storage to keep all different décor items for each season, and it helps keep your cost down too.

I will do a post later on this piece and the items surrounding it and show the details.  This was one of the first pieces I purchased for our home. 

I love wrought iron planters; I have several and of course, they always have faux flowers in them.  I purchased the coco liners from Amazon and then placed styrofoam inside to hold my flowers upright.  I do this with all of my arrangements.  I also placed a wreath on top to fill in and disguise the styrofoam. The bow came from Walmart last year as well.  I think I saw them on their website this year when I was searching for Christmas decorations.    

This tree came from QVC, it plugs in so no batteries needed.  I do like the option of using white lights or colored lights, you simply flip the switch to white or color.  Really easy, huh?

Mr. Vintage and I picked this up at Amish Country one year while tooling around a flea market.  I love the sparkly snow on the tree branches, hard to believe, I know.  😉 And... it lights up of course!  

This copper kettle has been in my husband's family for many, many years.  I was at a loss of what to do with it when we first moved in.  I had magazines in it for the longest time and then I decided that was a waste for such a beautiful piece.  We found this wrought iron stand from Longaberger at an auction.  We had no idea if it would work, but decided it was worth a try and I am so glad we did!  I started collecting flowers to put in the kettle, it did take some time because it is huge.  I just purchased flowers I love and started pushing them in the styrofoam and making a large arrangement.  My boxwood pup came from Big Lots last summer.  We had a period where we did not have a pup and I was so lost... the boxwood pup made me smile so he had to come home with me.  He also lights up, but I have never added batteries to it.  

I needed a place to put this so I just put it on the floor for some extra decoration.  This is one of those thrift store vases, filled with split peas (low-cost filler) and then placed a large ornament inside.  

Photo bombed, maybe this is not such a good idea to put this on the floor after all.  He is so curious.. and always getting into things.  Ornery... of course, it may have to do with the split peas being food too.  Do you have any easy décor ideas you would like to share?     

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