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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Zillow Listing

Hope you all had a great Christmas!  We sure did enjoy the holidays with the pup and we even had SNOW!!  Well, let's jump right into another home on the market.  

Below is a Colonial home located in Lancaster, Ohio.  I see a lot of potential here.  Rumor has it the home used to have a third floor, but caught on fire and was never rebuilt to reflect the lost third floor.  In my opinion, still a beauty in all of her glory.     

Wow, look at those grand columns...  they look like they are in pretty good shape, just need fresh paint. 

A grand entrance to match the porch... since this home was built in 1908, I can't help but think there has to be hard wood floors throughout the home.  I see slate in the entry, we removed the same slate floors from our entry.  I would remove these carpets, wallpaper, and paint the walls a neutral color.  I love the way the trim pops and I love the painted moldings.  

Look at the curved staircase and I am in love with the arched door!

This living room is to the right of the arched door.  I think I would find an older mantel to replace the existing one.  Looks too modern for this Colonial home.  Red must have been the previous home owner's favorite color, this red carpet is throughout the home.  I would hope for hardwood floors under this carpet.  I'd paint the walls a neutral color like white asparagus and then hang French pleat, velvet curtains.   I think I would hang an oil painting over the fireplace.  I would also have many different conversation areas in this large living room.  I think I would add molding panels to match the entrance of this home to all of the walls.  

Be still my heart... the built in's in the dining room...  You know they are not original to the home, but they are nice.  It would be ideal if they were original, but I would totally be happy with these too.  I am not actually opposed to the wallpaper either.  

No aging out of this home!  Can you imagine your own elevator?  Aging out of our home was a concern for Mr. Vintage and I when we were looking at homes.  We did purchase a home where there is a first floor bedroom and bath so if we never went up to the second floor, we could still live here.  I know we are kind of young to be thinking of those things, but like I said I am an old soul and so is he.  We think about the future a lot.  

Wow, a retro bath!  You know, the only thing I think I would change is removing the wallpaper and changing out the curtains.  And I may be partial because we have a similar bath in our home.  I would paint the walls white and hang a damask curtain on the wall maybe gray and white pattern or possibly a buttery yellow and gray...

A large bedroom, I would not expect anything less with a home of this size.  I would remove the carpet, and keep my fingers crossed for hardwood floors, a large area rug.  I could leave the wallpaper or remove it.  I would put the bed on the left wall, hang an architectural piece above the bed, change out the light fixture, maybe a chandelier.  

I am not sure if I would have this as an office or another bedroom or how I would decorate this room.  The stained glass window?  Absolutely beautiful!  It is still a large room, and I do like the built in's, I would change out the hardware, remove carpet, new light fixture and curtains.  And I do not like the ceiling... I wonder if this room is part of the finished attic?  The ceiling is what makes me wonder this?   I think I would have to lean towards an office then here.  I doubt I would get much done in here though, I would be too busy staring at that window!  

A retro bar in the basement... like this home needs more...  I am not sure I would change it though.  Maybe add a large sisal rug to the room.    

Need a safe to put your valuables in?  This home comes equipped with one.  

You can find this home on Zillow.  The home was built in 1908 and is listed for $675,000 which has dropped in price since it was originally listed.  It is 5,681 square feet, and has 5 bedrooms and 6 baths.  

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