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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

702 S 6th St Columbus, OH 43206

I am excited to share a home tour with you today!  This 1900 all brick home is quite lovely inside and out!  

Photos sourced from Zillow.com

Welcome home!  I thought it was high time for another home tour via Zillow listing... 

I have been searching high and low for a home for my sister, but she has a very specific list and I am coming up short... so it was refreshing to look at a home for "fun".

Sit back grab your morning coffee, or a bowl of popcorn, whatever you enjoy when looking at homes.  This home has it all... was built in 1900, and has all sorts of outdoor nooks and crannies to enjoy.

I love this home owners personal style, and the home in general is quite lovely.

This brick patio area is just perfect to have friends and family over, a cookout, dinner al fresco, big or small gatherings... I can see really getting to enjoy this space most of the year.

Right around the corner, you have more outdoor seating.  See where I am going with the small or larger gatherings?  There is plenty of room for people to mingle... and you know the best part?  No grass to mow!  You know I love that, being highly allergic to grass puts a damper on a lot of my outdoor fun.

I am absolutely in love with this smaller porch and everything about it!  The dark gray gutters, porch posts, and trim against that brick just pop!  

A lot of times we see white on brick and I have to say, I am really digging the dark gray and black I have been seeing lately on brick homes.  

That door?  Oh my goodness!  The glass and panels at the bottom?  Yes please, more!  

Do you notice how the chair and small dresser are even dressed in the same dark gray color?  I would be quite at home sitting a spell on this small porch, watching peanut run amuck, wreaking havoc on the patio area.

Look at all of the brick homes in the area and that Columbus skyline!  There is quite a bit of entertainment in this area, and the most wonderful bookstore called The Book Loft with 32 rooms that is a must see if you are a book lover like me!  

I see we have some football fans here... living in Ohio a lot of people live, eat, and breathe football.  Go Bucks!  

I could work with this room, their decor is a little too modern for me, since I’m a Vintage Style Gal afterall... the arch of the window, that fireplace with mirror, and the simple chandelier?  No need to twist my arm, how about you?

I really love the way they have styled this entry way.  I have been searching for vintage aerial view photos here lately.  I am not sure why, but they really draw me in.  

Black and white?  Even better!  There is just something about a black and white photo, it gets me every time!

What a lovely conversation area!  I could see having a few friends over, finger foods, cool beverages, and great conversation... and that clock?  Why yes, I will take one of those too!  

You can see you are not far from the open kitchen area either so this really is a nice place to have friends relax without the distraction of a television blaring in the background.

Another lovely fireplace.  I am curious to know where they found that sideboard by the window.  

Wonder if I could talk my sister into creating a painting like the one on the wall?  She is the artist in the family... sis, if you are reading, I will take one of those!

There is that lovely door from the small porch.  Now we know it comes off of the kitchen area.  

Another clock I would like to bring home with me, it's like these home owners speak my language!  Everything about this area is calling to me... and we know I am a lover of exposed brick walls in homes too!

Another porch, this home is full of wonderful surprises! Why yes, I will take my morning hot chocolate on the porch please...   

Do you know what caught my attention in this room besides the exposed brick wall?  Oh, those doors to the left... do they not remind you of the doors on old wood iceboxes?  I am a huge fan!  Are you?

I do believe the entire yard is enclosed around the home judging by some other photos I looked at.  Interested in seeing more?  This home is located at 702 S 6th St. Columbus, OH 43206 and is listed for $1,595,000.  This home has 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and is 3,040 square feet.

P.S. I will also take that sphere on the pedestal!  I love yard art like this.

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