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Friday, August 19, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 008

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  We are happy to share our Fab Friday Find internet photos that inspired us this week... thrifty living room decor ideas!  

Fab Friday's are all about sharing those beautiful photos of homes or design styles that catch our eye during the week while browsing, it's where we stop the scroll.  This week we are bringing thrifty living room decor ideas, the most lived in room of the home.  Thrifted living room ideas can be so easy to pull together, not to mention easy on your wallet too.

We are all about being thrifty this week, sharing our meatless meatball recipe, and then our thrifted makeover, and now we are sharing thrifty living room ideas, how exciting!  

Taking a look at this living room, I do not see anything here that you could not locate at a flea market, thrift store, or even an antique store.  I love being thrifty... one, because I enjoy getting the most bang out of my buck.  Who doesn't, right? Two, your decor is different than your neighbor's decor.  Not in the literal sense, but you know what I mean.  Not everyone will have the same things in their home as you do.  

I am a huge fan of expressing yourself through your home, letting it reflect your personality.  Home is the place where you can let your hair down, and do you.  I do not know about you, but I love being me, quirky personality and all.  

Yes, I change things up often around here, but I just like to see what I can throw together with items I already have, or things that do not cost an arm and a leg.  I enjoy being thrifty when it comes to decorating our home.  It is how I get to be most creative, and we already know I thrive there in that lane, it is where I feel most alive.  

Now, I am not saying I am even good at piecing items together, but I get to let a bit of "me" shine through in our home, plus it makes me happy.  I have been working on making this house our home since the day the keys were ours.  So, have some fun with your home, let your shining personality come alive in your home too, and see what you can create.  We would love to see your creativity, and even share it if you would like to be featured here.

Now, that living room?  I want that sofa!  I have been on the search for a velvet sofa, and I am even digging that green color.  If you find one, I am all ears!  If I did not think Bentley would annihilate the leather bean bags, I could see those in our tv room.  He tends to think everything is his, and I would image they would have styrofoam balls flying through the house in ten seconds flat!  One chomp and they would be curbside, so, so, sad.    


Sometimes I think more is more, and then there are those times where I love simple decor.  That is what this living room feels like to me... it could be in anyone's home and so easy to replicate.  It is not fancy pants, or out of date, I think it has that classic, slightly vintage feel.  Eclectic décor always tends to be "in" if you ask me.    

The best part about this living room?  You could find any one of these items while at a flea market, or an antique shop, or even shopping your grandmother's home.  I love those items that are passed down from generation to generation, do you?  We have several pieces that have been passed down in our family and I love being able to see them everyday.    

Now that grandmillinnial is all the rage, I can say I am finally "in style".  I am a nostalgic person and enjoy living through memories of the past.  That is not to say I am stuck in the past in any way, shape, or form, but there are certain items that will trigger a memory from childhood, and then away I go, daydreaming the day away.    

If you have ever walked through an antique store, I am sure you know what I am referring to.  That is the way my brain works most days, I like the way things make me feel.  I think it is why I enjoy making over pieces we already have.  I get to relive the memory when we picked it up.  My husband and I have many wonderful memories of traveling all over Ohio antiquing or picking up items from online auctions.  Each piece holds a special memory, some better than others.

There is something so inviting about this living room, wouldn't you agree?  Since we have been discussing thrifty items, I would imagine you could find any one of the items in this living room second hand.  I am always drawn to items with a bit of age to them, and often wonder what their story is.  I made up an entire story on two dictionaries I picked up, imagine what I can come up with about a piece of furniture.  

From the vintage windows on the walls, to the lovely architectural piece, and everything in between, I think you could find many stories in this room alone.  Not sure where to turn for aged pieces?  You could find items like the ones in this room on Facebook Market Place, or even your local thrift store.  

Do you know the best thing about decorating with vintage finds?  You can create any theme you desire and can go to a second hand shop and find about all of your décor in one location, and sometimes all in one trip.  

Going coastal?  Beachy items can be found there.  Searching out grandmillinnial?  Got you covered there too.  It is a mecca of wonderful things all thrown together in one location steeped in history just waiting to be discovered.  Sounds like an adventure to me, are you ready to go?  

Do you see how the photo above could also all be flea market finds?  When searching out items, do not be afraid to give an item a little paint to make it better suited to your needs.  I find if I am not spending a lot of money on an item, I am more apt to make it over.  

If you are anything like me, you enjoy walking into a room that has that collected over time feel... not the, I walked into one store and purchased everything they had on display and called it my own.  If that is your style then that is perfectly fine, but for me, I am one of those people who enjoys the hunt.  I like my home with a bit of history thrown into the mix, and character abounds.  

Perfectly imperfect is how I decorate, and describes me to a tee.  I just know when I see something I like, I will find a place for it.  For the most part when decorating our home, I did not always have a plan, but when I would see something I just could not let go, then I would bring it home and make it work somewhere.  What is your style, or how do you like to decorate your home?

Since I have looked to blogs for years, I wanted to have my own in the hope others would find inspiration for their home with ideas I share.  Not one to follow mainstream anything, I hope we bring unique finds to you every week.  This has been one thrifty week of sharing, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!  If there is something you would like to see, drop us a comment, or send us an email.  


Last, but not least... two vintage saw horses, an old door perched on top, and call your desk done!  See how easy it is to put vintage items together?  I have picked up my fair share of doors over the years, and I can tell you that you can find them anywhere from $5 all the way up to $100 a piece so let that creativity fly.  

Now if you look for a new desk with as much character, you will be spending so much more.  I get it, this may not be for everyone, but with a bit of imagination, you can really make your home reflect your personality all while staying on budget.  Besides work, it is the place we spend the most time so why not make our homes our sanctuaries?  I know I feel that way about our home, it is truly my happy place.  

My husband's great aunt was a collector of all things antique and vintage, heavy on the antique, and light on the vintage.  She loved to be surrounded by her collections.  We all know I like a bit of, some would say "clutter" around my home, but when I would go with him to visit her?  Oh my goodness, I was so overwhelmed!  

She had built-in bookcases filled with dolls, one in front of the next, all lined up in rows, and they would all stare at you while you visited... kitchen walls covered with antique hand mixers, wood spoons, anything and everything in between of kitchen related items, antique paintings filling the walls nearly from floor to ceiling.  

She even had a circus tent with all of the animals that went along with it, and the ring master.  I believe she said was from the late 1800's.  I was flabbergasted when she showed off her collections, but the thing that always stayed with me was that she liked to be surrounded by her things.  

She would spend afternoons in different rooms while enjoying her collections.  I cannot say I have ever done that, but her collections were her pride and joy.  I can understand being proud of what she had collected.  She had some really unique pieces, things I had never seen before, or only in books or magazines.  She was not the person you wanted to see at an auction as your competition because she would win whatever she set out to get, every time.    

Now I am not really a collector of any one thing, and I do not even have one eighth of the items she had, but I do like to see the things we have picked up over the years.  What is the point in stuffing items away behind glass or in boxes never to be seen again?  

We have a china cabinet, but it is not filled with expensive items, just things we have picked up along the way that have great sentimental value, or were given to us by loved ones.  They would never hold the same value to someone else that they do to us.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Fab Friday Finds.  I enjoy getting ideas from around the internet, and then seeing what I can create.  I never know what I will stumble upon next, and I never know where inspiration will sprout from.  

Well, I would say we are off to an excellent start to Friday, and welcoming in that weekend.  Any plans?  I am patiently awaiting a new toy to come.  A hint you ask?  Well, let's hope I do not lose any fingers while using it.      

As always, in case you are not one to go out to a flea market, or antique store, or a thrift store, we have ideas to share below with you.  

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