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Friday, August 12, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 007

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  We are happy to share our Fab Friday Favorite Find internet photos that inspired us this week... what fall fun!  

Fab Friday's are all about sharing those beautiful photos of homes or design styles that catch our eye during the week while browsing.  This week we bring to you exterior fall décor ideas.  Fall décor ideas can be pretty simple to execute on the outside of your home.  Simply bring fall outdoor items porch side along with a few items we see inside for your DIY fall decor.   

Source: HGTV

Thank you so much to those of you who reached out last week about our Fab Friday Finds.  I was kind of afraid to post about fall thinking it was too early, and anticipated some blow back, but wow!  So many of you are ready for fall, like me, and then a few of you still want to hang on to summer as long as you can which is okay too.  

Since most of us are in the fall mindset, I thought I would share some fall exterior ideas.  We have such a small porch that I miss out on outdoor decorations for every season.  I only have two wrought iron planters attached to our front porch railings that I change out the flowers in from season to season.  We also have two cedar trees and two cedar bushes that we display depending on which set we are feeling like at the time, but I am sharing dream porch ideas with you today, and who doesn't love to dream?  Go ahead, join me so we can dream together.  

Wow, what do you think about those scarecrows?  Are they not the cutest ones you have ever seen?  I am not one for the scary variety, I like my Halloween dialed back about twenty notches from most.  I like the cutesy kind of fall decorations.  What do you like?

Source: HGTV

When I saw this decor idea, I thought how clever.  I know in the evenings when sitting outside it can get kind of brisk.  Imagine having a seat with these lovely rugs at your back, and then I decided if you can run an extension cord, why not have heating pads under those lovely rugs to keep you warm?

The beauty of those rugs making the scene complete, and the warmth of a heating pad at my back would be ideal for me!  I may just need to try this, and I will take those adirondack chairs too!  You would just need to make sure to take those heating pads and extension cords back indoors when you were finished with your evening. 

The throw blankets are a nice touch too, but I am thinking that heating pad is the bees knees!  I live on my extra long heating pad in the fall and winter, and even into spring.  I know, I know, I really should not, but that heat feels fabulous on my achy joints and bones.  Do you know what I mean?  I never thought I would be one for heat, but wow, does it feel so fabulous!    

Source: Southern Living 

Every year I say I am going to purchase these ornamental cabbages, and every year fall gets away from me and another year passes without them.  My mom picked them up several years ago so I know they would look adorable in our wrought iron flower planters on our porch.  I need to make sure I pick them up, stat!  

Do you love that punch of purple to this porch display?  I am on board!  I really like the way all of the colors bring a bit of liveliness to this porch and home.  I am quite fond of the tubs the cabbage are in on the porch and beside the steps.  I can just bet they were a vintage find.  Ahh.. my favorite!

Source: Homedit

This little bistro set is as cute as can be with all the fixins.  I am seeing a lot of overlap with our shares today, we could create many different fall exterior displays with the same items over and over, year after year.  Me being frugal, I love it when I can get multiple looks for not a lot of money, how about you?

I could see myself enjoying those bistro chairs and perhaps sitting with Bentley on the porch while I sip some hot apple cider while he raises a ruckus in the neighborhood.  Yes, that is exactly what would happen if we sat out on our porch for any length of time.  We actually may be the perfect candidates for a Cesar Millan episode, he can be that bad.  

People would say do not pass the crazy dog house, you know the one where he barks and acts like a maniac!  Most certainly that would be the case.  I cannot wait to share with you his most recent shenanigans.  I was laughing so hard, and this time I have video... come back tomorrow and I will share his excitement for the week.

Do you see how simple your fall décor can be and still be as darling as ever?  This simple fall sign with a pot of mums, a few pumpkins, and a vase of cattails shouts fall to me.  No fancy decor or all of the layering I am always drawn to, just plain and simple, and yet so inviting.

I am all in when it comes to fall weather, when I can get my sweatshirts out and curl up with a blanket... now that is my ideal time of year.  I love getting my crazy colorful socks, jackets, hoodies, and boots out... I have always loved everything about fall weather when it comes to dressing for the occasion!  Layer upon layer upon layer is my style.  

A tid bit about me, I worked retail for several years while putting myself through college.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating window displays and outfits.  I would find myself getting lost in my work while I would create outfits for people to wear.  I had several instances where individuals would come in and say I will take that entire outfit, accessories and all, away I would go pulling all of the merchandise for them to purchase.

I guess I was even a creative soul way back then when I did not think I had a creative bone in my body.  One of my jobs allowed me to have full creative reign over what outfits and window displays I was able to create.  I worked alone a lot in that position and I loved the solitude where I could just be busy all day working on putting clothing together and the accessories to match, the music would be turned up, and I would create the day away.  

Oh to reminisce about past experiences... did you have a job in the past you thoroughly enjoyed, but was not a part of your life plan?  It always amazes me when people tell me they have had the same job all of their life.  Throughout my 20's I enjoyed a variety of positions, to me variety was the spice of life.  Then you grow up and decide stability is best (chuckling to myself).  I am guessing that means I grew up?  Yikes!    

As always, we have many exterior fall ideas for you below that corelate with our Fab Friday Finds.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed searching out these items to share with y'all.  We use the orange potted flowers in our wrought iron planters since they offer a variety of colors.  They are easy and no fuss, my favorite kind of flowers!  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!  

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