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Friday, August 5, 2022

Fab Friday Finds 006

Searching Fab Friday Finds?  We are happy to share our Fab Friday Favorite Find internet photos that inspired us this week... what fall fun!  

Fab Friday's are all about sharing those beautiful photos of homes or design styles that catch our eye during the week while browsing.  This week we bring to you ideas for fall décor.  Fall decor ideas can be pretty simple to execute in your home.  Simply bring fall outdoor items inside to diy fall decor for your home.    

Source: Society 19

I could not pass on this photo to share with you today.  October is my favorite month, and by the looks of this October sign, there are others out there who agree with me.  

We always take time off in October and enjoy the breezy days of our most favorite month of the year.  It's when the most projects get completed here since it is cool enough to set up the work bench outside, yet not too cold where we feel the need to stay inside or set up inside our garage. 

I love the idea of bringing branches of leaves inside as they have displayed here.  Can you imagine taking a nap on that lovely bench?  I am sure I could fit that into my busy schedule.  I'd throw that blanket right over me and burrow down for a nice long nap.  

I'd imagine our kiddo would join me since he is always right there with me no matter what I do.  I even cover him up at night and he loves it.  I think it is a Beagle thing since he burrows down in the blankets and falls right off to sleep.

Have you ever noticed unplanned naps are the best?  Just the other day I sat down for a break and do you know I fell asleep?  Yes, I did, but when I woke up about 20 minutes later and I felt so rested.  It was a nice feeling since I am back to my no sleep at night spell.    

Source: Liz Marie

Check out Liz Marie's Apple Cider Bar.  Why yes, I will take two please... well, if they are gluten free that is.  She is the master at decorating and displaying a home full of antique and flea market finds.  I have admired her work for many years.

I do love this apple cider bar idea for fall though.  Imagine inviting a few friends over for sweets and cider and kicking back to enjoy each others company.  Sounds like a lovely afternoon to me.  

Anyone else feeling cooped up?  I'd say I have spring fever, but winter has not even set in.  These hot days are just too much for me.  

Source: Homebunch 

How easy would it be to gather fallen limbs, acorns, and whatever else we can get our hands onto for a mantel such as this one?  It would be free décor too!  If you have bushes or trees where you can cut stems from, even better.  

I even see a crackled something in the background, you know that got my attention right away.  It was like my eyes were drawn like a magnet and went directly to it.  If you do not have a lot of vases, the thrift store has a zillion!  

For some reason people get rid of vases all of the time.  Personally, I like to keep mine so I can make them over.  Talk about getting bang for your buck, a vase is a wonderful way to keep cost down, and get a new look on a whim.  Those little details are always what pull a room together for me.

Source: Good Housekeeping 

Do you see the loveliness of this blue and white pumpkin?  Good Housekeeping shows this as a painted pumpkin.  I just do not have that kind of talent, but did you know you can decoupage a napkin onto a pumpkin to get this same look?  Yep, Mod Podge it right on there, I tell ya.   

I love this look, and with all of the white pumpkins on the market, you can keep them year after year until your decorating hearts content.  I am quite fond of this blue and white pumpkin, that is for sure.  Maybe one will be in our future?

Source: Vintage Style Gal

When I was going through photos for fall, ours came up so I thought I it was worth a share with you.  I decorated more for fall last year than any other year.  I am not usually one who gets the house all dolled up for fall.  I am too worried about Christmas, but I should put more effort into fall.  It's a wonderful season afterall.  

I would say my love for fall began as a child.  It is when we have our county fair and I loved going to the fair for the rides.  I also quite enjoyed the socializing aspect.  Everyone and your brother would show up for the affair.  I have not been in several years, it just does not hold the same fascination for me.  

I know seeing it through my child eyes is very different than seeing it through my adult eyes.  I do not get on rides anymore, they make me motion sick.  The food is all filled with gluten, and I am not one to play games anymore.  Darn, now that I think about it, it stinks being an adult, doesn't it?   

As always, we have finds to share with you below that are similar to the photos you see above.  Have a wonderful weekend, stay cool if you can.  


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  1. Scarlett of SPRUCE @sprucestudioshoppeAugust 5, 2022 at 9:04 AM

    I love FALL! We don’t have ANY fall weather here in Florida (ever) so we travel to visit my family who all live in normal fall weather locations (where or near where I grew up in TN). We also head to NC some years just to see the leaves. There’s nothing better than beautiful fall leaves & a crispness in the air. Football weather we called it where I grew up. I’d easily trade my beach weather any day if I could live in fall weather year around! Sweaters, layers, boots, pumpkin picking & cider sipping.....

    1. Scarlett, you and I have football weather in common! I cannot wait to get my sweaters and many layers out! I have visited Florida many times throughout my life, and I am not sure how you handle the heat day in and day out, but you always have such beautiful photos of your surroundings!