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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Best fridge organization bins

Searching best fridge organization bins?  We have one of the best fridge organization bins to share with you today.  

Fridge organization ideas do not need to cost a lot of money.  You also do not always need to use fridge organization bins designated for only this task.  Fridge organization drawers can work just as easily. 

It all began with a shelf organizer that I picked up on Prime Day.  Amazon advertised it as a dorm room organizer.  Only I saw something else when I gazed at that little organizing shelf duo.  

What did I see you ask?  Well, let's see...

I shared a video on TikTok when it first arrived along with my other Prime Day finds and indicated I had other plans for it.  Below is the video I shared.

Who knew people were so interested in what you buy on TikTok?  Well, turns out they are!  Picked up some essentials, and then a few things I had projects in mind for, but do you know I have not used the Dewalt multi-tacker yet?  I am so looking forward to that one!  I guess that will be another day since we are all about organization today, and we know I am one of those who never stays on task, but hopefully organization will help. **wink**   

Things are not always what they seem around here, and I love that.  I enjoy being mysterious and allowing you all to open your mind to the possibilities of being a little creative.  If you need that push, that is what I am here for to share our ideas that work for us with y'all.  

I struggled with what I thought was creative for years.  I cannot draw to save my life, or paint, or a lot of other things... BUT that does not mean you and I are not creative in our own way.  We just see the world through different eyes, and you know what?  That is perfectly A-OK!

Seeing the world through our eyes can be interesting, and not the mainstream, and that is what I love most about using the creativity God gave me.  I thought I was all dried up in the creative department, but guess what?  It just strikes in different ways with me, and I am sure if you think you are not creative, then just adjust your perspective and you will find you are too!

When my organizer came, I knew it was going in our fridge.  I had big plans for this little thing and I am so glad it measured up!

I went shelf by shelf and removed everything from the refrigerator, cleaning it out as I went.  All I have to say is the little fridge monster who spills things needs to get their act together and clean up a spill when it happens.  

Do you have that happen in your home too?  No one admits to the spill?  I am not sure where they come from other than that dreaded little Fridge Monster so he has to be real, right?  Do you know how hard it is to clean up spills that have been lurking for who knows how long?  Oh, I know you do!  Doesn't it make you just grind your teeth, and think to yourself who did this?  I am a shortie, it is difficult for me to see the top shelf so when I clean out the fridge, there are always surprises for me to find.  Grr... 

Apparently we are a condiment family, if not then I am not sure where all of the condiments have come from.  I decided to put nearly all of our condiments in the baskets of our organizer.  It really helped in getting the shelves all cleaned up, which in turn made me really happy!

What do you think?  I surprised myself.  Some days I get busy working around the house and I decide to take a small video clip and share it on TikTok.  What can I say?  I have actually had some fun creating video's.   

I should have taken a before photo of the fridge, but I had not really anticipated sharing it with everyone as a post on our blog.  Then so many of you have spoke up and said hey Cara, we want more storage ideas, ok... I can do that!  In the past I was never very good at this storage thing, but with more time on my hands these days, I can say I am a work in progress when it comes to organizing our home.  One thing is for sure, I am not afraid to show you are most, let's say disorganized spaces, and leave it at that!

The smallish two shelf organizer sits on the top shelf of our fridge, goes all the way to the back of the fridge, has two drawers that open so we can pull out the drawer to retrieve condiments from each drawer.  It has been a life saver when it comes to keeping the shelves all organized.  

When I cleaned out our pantry, I shared the amount of items we had on hand.  I can honestly say being organized has saved us money.  I am not buying almond flour at $10.00 a pop every time we order groceries.  I can see everything so it really helps in preventing me from purchasing multiples when we already have multiples here.

I liked that this piece was clear so we could see through it too.  Plus, any spills should stay in the drawers when that darn fridge monster makes his appearance.  I will not need to remove each and every drawer and shelf from the fridge to soak it and clean it when I see those spills either.  

Speaking of removing the shelves.... this past weekend one collapsed on me because when I cleaned the fridge out I guess I did not exactly get it back into the slot just so.  I am surprised it held this long, but it did!  Thankfully.

Mr. VS was home so at least I had help while I was trying to remove items and hold the shelf up on my own.  I did a yell, and Bentley went running and barking to alert him I needed help.  I love that little guy so much, he is my little savior!  I am thinking there will not be any more occurrences of shelves falling since I plan to keep all of our items in these clear baskets so messes stay in there, making it easier for me to clean up, or that is the plan.  Makes sense to me, how about you?

Oh you mean more "me" time Cara, and not so much cleaning?  Why yes, that is exactly what I am saying!  Well, who wouldn't love a little more me time?  I know there were those days I would think if I could only just get 30 minutes to myself, what a grand day it would turn out to be.  

Stress is bad for us, but you do not need me to tell you that.  We already know it.  It is just difficult to find ways to alleviate it.  I have found being more organized really does help, and I am sure my mother is somewhere shaking her head yes, saying I told you so Cara.  I hate it when she is right... 

Knowing where everything is located saves time, and when you are in a rush trying to get out the door to an appointment or work, guess what?  You know where to find your keys, or the lunch box for your lunch, or whatever the case may be.  

I am loving this new organized life.  I keep working at it little by little and taking it one room at a time.  I used to feel like all I did was move items from one room to the next, but now, I am finally getting somewhere.  My opinion, but I think it is because I am picking up the tools I have needed all along to keep me organized!  Thank goodness because it may just drive you crazy when you are not!   

I have come to learn with a little imagination, you can use so many things you already have in your home for organizing.  I have used a punch bowl to store Christmas garland for goodness sakes!   Hiding things in plain sight is my favorite!

I have also come to learn you can use some of these small clear bins to store tomatoes so in case they go bad, you do not need to remove the drawer from your fridge, you can just remove the drawer and clean and soak it.  

I have also used the longer bins for fresh asparagus.  I do not leave items in the bags from the grocery, I have learned the hard way, I do not always see what I have and foods tend to go bad then.  I store our water bottles in the fridge in a clear storage bin.  It makes filling it easier that is for sure, I just remove the bin and fill the water.    

You can use the same items in storing your make-up, storing cleansers under the sink, and you can even store your scarves, socks, undergarments, the limits to your storage is only your imagination!  

I used to chuckle at my mom when I was in school.... do you recall when pantyhose was a thing, and we actually wore them?  Thank goodness that has gone to the wayside, but she would store them in a decorative hat box out in the open on top of her dresser.  Unless you opened the pretty box, you would never know all of her hosiery was stored in it!  

She is also the only woman I know who stores all of her shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes, labeled with what shoes are inside.  I am so sorry, I just do not have time for that, but maybe I need to make time?  

I guess I get this storage thing honest from her, it just took me a bot longer to get on track with it.  We'd love to hear if you have gotten any ideas from some of our stories we shared today!  Hope you have a wonderful week!  

And since we are sharing stories, here are a few ideas for those other storage options we discussed.  

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