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Monday, August 1, 2022

DIY projects ideas

Searching DIY projects ideas?  We have a unique DIY projects ideas to share with you today.

DIY home projects ideas can be a lot of fun.  Cheap DIY projects ideas are my favorite, but just because something is a small DIY projects ideas does not mean it will not have a big impact on your space.  

eyeshadow art

Over the weekend I posted a few videos of a picture I made and what our foyer looks like now.  I had no idea it would generate so many questions so I decided to create a post about it.

One of my Prime Day purchases was a lovely octopus rug.  I have had my eye on it for a while now, but I wasn't sure I should pick it up or not?  I kept looking at it and I loved the colors in it, and the idea of an octopus in our entryway made me giggle.  I have an eye for extraordinary things.

I like different.  I like odd.  I just like items with personality.  Quirky to match my personality and sense of humor.  Yep, I am that odd ball, and I am not afraid to admit it.  It is who I am.  I cannot seem to be like everyone else, that is just not me.  

So away I went, making an octopus rug purchase.  I loved the fact that not every day you see an octopus in someone's home, plus it reminded me of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and who doesn't appreciate a bit of adventure?  I am all for it... especially when you can use your mind to take you to another place.  See... total kid at heart, still to this day!   

children's coloring page make over into art

Must be why I am always getting sidetracked.  **wink, wink** I have been wanting some art in our foyer, and I decided why not make my own?  I used to do this all of the time in my single gal days, but had gotten away from it.  Why you ask?  Time.  I found there was not enough of it in a day for me to do everything I wanted to, until recently that is

I have been tooling around the house making over so many items I cannot even keep up with the blogging part, but you know what?  It makes my heart full.  I love being creative and seeing what I can make from a children's coloring page, or whatever else I dream up.

So... yes, it all began with an idea.  As you know if you have been following along these last few months, I am on an organization mission.  I was going through my dressing table in our bathroom and came across old eyeshadow.  I am sure it would make those beauty experts cringe.  The eyeshadow has been around for... well, who knows how long!  See, I see them cringing and their eyes a twitching thinking woman, you need to do a better job of clearing out and getting new makeup.  Sorry folks, I am not one of those who wears much eye makeup.         

eyeshadow pack for art

I was going to throw it away, what any good girl would do, but who said I was a good girl?  I like to think outside the box, smudge the lines a bit, and see what I can come up with.  Like Pooh Bear, I did a think, think, think... and well, that is all it took, and I was running off thinking up a new use for my eyeshadow.  

A crafting I went that was all it took for me to say ok, I am going to use this in a crafty way.  Then I found a children's coloring page of an octopus.  I tried to find one that was not too juvenile, and came across this one, you can print it off if you are wanting to try this project.  

I searched all over and came across the one I thought would not have a lot of detail, but yet would fit in our foyer.  I got started right away and decided to use a Q-tip to color in my picture.  Again, no hi-tech materials for this project.  I like low key and easy, just like my cookin'.

As I began coloring in the page, I was not entirely sure how it was going to end up.  I had no plan, I was not exactly sure how I was going to make this look mature and something for our entryway.  I mean who uses a coloring page as art in their home?  Apparently I do.  

I just kept coloring away like a child lost in thought dreaming of an octopus in the sea, and how that cool water would feel on my skin, with the wind in my hair, and the sun beating down on me.  Why yes, I can get lost in my own thoughts... what a way to spend the afternoon!  Do you ever find yourself doing this?  If not, I highly recommend it!  

After I had the page colored I was not exactly impressed with it.  I knew it needed something more.  I came across a wallpaper sample that reminded me of seaweed if turned just so.  I said yep, that is the ticket, and what I need.

framing wallpaper for wall art

I began by applying the peel and stick wallpaper to the frame backing.  I wanted the "seaweed" to be vertical since that is the way it grows, lol.  It created a problem for me since I was unable to completely cover the backing with the seaweed for the entire picture.  

wallpaper looks like seaweed

I thought about it and went rummaging around in the attic.  I could not find a mat for my picture that would fit inside this frame.  I thought about creating my own mat and using a bit of rub-n-buff, but then decided against it and decided to use the left over scraps of the wallpaper.  I used what I had and placed the pieces across the top and bottom of the picture.  

It is not exactly perfect, but I love perfectly imperfect for our home.  I set everything in the frame and then got to work distressing my all black frame.  

blue octopus in black frame

As you can see the black frame was kind of bland so I decided why not use a bit of rub-n-buff to distress it and add some sizzle and pizazz to this piece.  

If you have never used rub-n-buff before, do you see how easy it is to use?  In my opinion, it is the best stuff in the world!  I use it all of the time to give a bit more character to items around our house!  Plus, it is kind of fun too.  

black distressed frame with blue octopus

Here we are all finished up.  Just wait, I have a video to share with you so you can see how it all came together.  I mean, the rug is what inspired this piece for our entryway, and I am so glad I took the plunge and picked it up.  It is quite the conversation starter when someone visits.  

So there is the story of how our foyer ended up with octopuses in it.  Just let your inner child come to the surface and you never know what you will create.  I plan to see what else I can come up with with this technique.  It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed myself for an afternoon while turning on the music and letting loose. 

If you would like to follow along with us on TikTok, you can click the link.  Sometimes we get a little crazy and post videos there to have some fun.  I have found over the past few months it is more important to enjoy yourself in life than always being so serious.  A little silly can go a long way... also, I find a bit of whimsy is always good.  

We provided a link at the top of this post for the coloring page in case you decide you want an octopus in your home too.  Ha!  The wallpaper sample can be found at Dollar Tree.  If you do not have blue eyeshadow, we included a frugal option below along with similar items found in our foyer.  Until next time, and thank you so much for stopping by!   

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  1. I have been passing over your blog , I'd read a few words and think nope not for me. I love the ocean so I plowed through it and was impressed, I hate to say this but we think alike. I hate throwing anything away , absolutely love unusual, I have branches and limbs in my living room. I'm starting fall early as that's my favorite season sooo what do you have planned ?

    1. Hello... I love the ocean as well, especially the New England states. Beaches are not my thing, I like quiet where there is not always a lot of people milling about. Fall and Christmas are my favorite time of year. Christmas seems to overshadow fall for me since I start early, but I always get a little fall in. As you can see, I am all about keeping everything and making items over. Fall is right around the corner, and I am looking forward to dressing up our mantel and a few other projects. Thank you for your comment and letting us know you liked this post.

  2. Lovely post……Thank you for sharing 💐

    1. Thank you so much Anne. I enjoy working on low cost projects around our home, and sharing the ideas and how they came to be all too often.

  3. Very creative! Looks nice and I like how you used the Rub 'n Buff. Thanks so much for linking up at #IMadeItMondayLinkParty 1. Shared.

    1. Thanks Dee, this was one of my favorite DIY's I have worked on in a while. It was like being a kid again, and who doesn't need that every now and then?

  4. Cara, CONGRATS! Your post is FEATURED at #IMadeItMondayLinkParty 2.

    1. Thank you so much Dee! I really enjoyed working on this project and was something different than the usual.