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Friday, February 5, 2021

Label Containers and Drawers to Know What's Where.

Label Containers and Drawers to Know What's Where.

Labeling the containers and drawers in your bathroom closet can help save you time when searching for items or cleaning. Use labels with clear writing or an easy-to-read font for quick recognition. You may also consider using pictures to help children or those with a language barrier better understand where items go. Place the labels in a visible spot so everyone knows which containers belongs to what items.

Cardboard label

Guess what?  It has been nearly 2 weeks and our bathroom closet has stayed organized!  If you missed that post, you can find it here.  I have pics to prove it!  

Since some of us could not remember what was in some of the boxes without opening them all, I decided to purchase "name tags" for all of our storage boxes and baskets.  Also, it will be nice when guests visit that they know where to locate items.  

I purchased these simple tags from Amazon.  The tags and twine were included which was nice.  The twine was already pre-cut too!  How simple and time saving was that?  They are also all the same length!

Label for bathroom closet

I labeled each tag with what is in each storage box.  My handwriting stinks, this is actually very neat for me.  I once had a client tell me that I had worst handwriting of any female he had ever met and worse than most men -- he just could not believe that!  I told him I would take that as a compliment.  I am such a stinker...  

Seriously though, my handwriting looks like scribbles most of the time.  There has been a time or two, or three where I was not even able to read my own handwriting.  Then there was the time I left a note for a coworker and we will just say he saved that post it note and would drag it out every now and then for a good laugh.  What I wrote, he said did not quite look like what I meant for it to say, that's all you get there.  

Label for bath

I used the pre-cut twine and pushed each piece through the hole already punched.  You do have to remove the small piece from the hole on the tag, again, super simple.  

How to organize your bathroom

I just received these tags, but I also felt like I was keeping myself honest so I could show that I was able to keep this simple storage solution still organized two weeks later!  

I know, I know, not exactly a major feat, but maybe I will periodically check in with y'all on this closet.  That will help me keep everything in it's place too!  See, I have ulterior motives here, then it has to stay organized in order for me to share it with you!  

How to organize your bathroom closet

Each box has it's own tag.  I want to use these things everywhere, they are so darn cute! Or maybe I am just giddy it is finally Friday!   Do you get giddy when Friday shows up every week?  I know I do, I live for my weekends and down time.  

How to organize with decorative boxes

I hope to get this house organized from top to bottom some day soon.  Life is hectic like it is for everyone!  Work all day, cook, clean, laundry, do it all over again everyday... how is a gal to have any fun?  

I will share a secret with you... I actually really enjoy cleaning.  I love it when everything has a place and everything is in it's place.  I start to get really overwhelmed when items do not stay in their designated spots and things are haywire everywhere!  It drives me crazy and I may resemble a gale flying through the house on the war path when it gets out of hand.  

How to organize with totes in your bathroom

Well, there you have it, 2 weeks in the books of staying organized in the bathroom closet!  Now I need to tackle every other closet in this house!  Enjoy your weekend!

Looking for more organization?  Here you go:

Bathroom closet 

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