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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

How our little monster terrorizes our home

I have mentioned a time or two about how challenging peanut is... but I have not really gotten into the nitty gritty of his behaviors... he is quite the handful, even on a good day!  

He has this fascination with eating objects around the house.  It started when he was a puppy and started chewing on his bed.  We removed it from his crate and then purchased a larger bed for him to lay on thinking this would change his behavior.  No, of course, this did not work.  Please see evidence labeled as Exhibit A: a bed torn to bits.

Dog bed chewed up

Mr. Vintage and I were working on a project on the day in question while this bed was annihilated.  I was sitting on the floor helping remove staples from the subfloor where we had ripped up carpet in our hallway.  This was the destruction that was happening behind my back!  I did not even leave the room, my back was just turned!  Can you say sneaky?    

It became apparent to us we were not going to be able to offer a bed to him.  Every bed has met the same demise....

Exhibit B: shows him with the ball he got for Easter, at the time this photo was taken, this ball had been in his possession for less than 5 minutes!   

Puppy playing with ball

Exhibit C:  you see that Mr. Bill does not have any arms.... and he is starting on his legs next...  Unfortunately, Mr. Bill's life was cut short due to loss of limbs.  Poor Mr. Bill, Oh NO!   

Puppy playing with Mr. Bill

Exhibit D: caught red handed chewing on a furry blanket.... yep, this blanket's fate was the same as the previous statements.

Puppy chewing blanket

Exhibit E: do you see one peanut in the tree hiding because he got into trouble for chewing up the tree skirt?  

Puppy hiding in Christmas tree

Oh he knows... when he does something wrong, he will hide in a place so you cannot reach him to prevent from being sent to prison (his crate). His favorite place to hide is under the dining room table because it is impossible to get to him.  The table is large and by the time you get to where he was, he has already ran to the other side of the table!  He is lightening fast and crawls Army style under the table.  It takes two of us to get whatever he is chewing up when he is in the dining room.  We have a swinging door we keep closed from the kitchen to the dining room and purchased a baby gate to keep the dining room off limits.  

There you have it folks, in the case of one peanut against his parents... this is a peak at what he is capable of.  He has terrorized this home for nearly two years, but you know, we still love him.  I am not so sure he would have made it living anywhere else.  I am afraid he would have ended up at an animal shelter because you need a lot of patience with him.  Good thing we have that in spades...  

Pup playing in snow

I know, he looks so sweet and innocent; looks can sometimes be deceiving... HA!  He is definitely my pooch, he follows me everywhere I go and does not let me out of his sight.  We have had our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we would not have him any other way!  He keeps life interesting and us on our toes.   

Dog in snow

Here he is sporting his new collar and playing in the snow. He loves snow, enjoys snorkeling in it, and eating it... 

I wanted to make this a fun post, but a friend of mine lost his dog last week due to eating a stuffed toy.  The toy caused a blockage that the vet was unable to alleviate even with surgery.  If your dog likes to eat soft toys, do not let them have these sorts of toys.  This peanut no longer gets these and hasn't for some time.  

If I was able to dispose of blankets and pillows in this house, I would probably do that to keep him safe, but he moved on to my carpet going up the steps... it is always something with him.  We do not let him out of our sight, but he is quite resourceful and has found ways, like chewing blankets as we sleep!  He may find himself in solitary confinement and sleeping in his crate more often than not if he keeps it up!

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