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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Lifeproof Floors

 So we took the plunge last year and purchased Lifeproof Floors and had them installed.  I went back and forth between these floors and a hardwood floor.  I always thought I would go with the hardwood since we have them upstairs, but when we sat down and went over pro's and con's we decided to go with the Lifeproof brand. 

If you remember, we had cream wool carpet in the dining room and it went out in the hallway and over into the living room.  We tore up the carpet ourselves and had the new floors installed.  

Lifeproof floors

I am glad we went with the Lifeproof floors even a year later.  With peanut running around and sliding on the floors (one of his favorite pass times) I feel pretty good about the decision we made.  The floors are very easy to care for, I have a sweeper for hardwood floors that does not miss anything when you use it.  Then I use a wet swiffer on the floors to clean them.  Super simple!  

Lifeproof floors in dining room

We did opt to have an area rug put down in the dining room, as you can see above.  Our dining room chairs are heavy and I did not want them to be pushed in and out on the floors so the dining room rug takes care of that.  I also put a rug down at our entry which you can see below.  

How much we love our lifeproof floors

I am always afraid when people come in with wet feet they may fall.  Years of worrying about falling after a broken ankle many years ago.  You do not realize how fragile we are after all until something like that happens.   

How lifeproof floors are great for pets

I see a peanut toy in the middle of the rug... this is the rug he enjoys running to and then surfing down the hallway on.  Like I said, if it is peanut proof, then it really is life proof.  He is hard on everything we have and the fact there are no scratches or gouges in the floor is enough for me.  We plan to put it in our den and kitchen, unless something else comes out that strikes my fancy in the kitchen. Now where is that kitchen designer I need to meet with?

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