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Friday, February 19, 2021

Guess what is in our living room?

Searching for ideas on how to decorate your roll top desk?  Here you will find easy ways to add style to your desk. 

I cannot wait to show you what I have planned for tomorrow.  It may or may not have something to do with wallpaper... I know, I know, didn't we say we would never cover our walls in wallpaper again after having to remove it from EVERY room in our home?  Well, I may have found the perfect place that was just screaming for a little make over and really needed something on the walls... I think you may be pleasantly surprised!  Stay tuned on this project, I promise you will see it tomorrow!  

Are you covered in snow?  Yep, we are too... I love snow, but for some reason, I am not getting to really enjoy it this year.  I guess I have spring on my mind... flowers and such if you can believe that?  Insert black thumb here... but I am kind of excited to see what this year may bring.  2020 was such a kick in the pants, 2021 has to be better, right?  I am just going to jump right in there and say YES!  😉

Do you recall the mess I had in the living room after Mr. Vintage had some pinball machines brought over from his family home?  If you missed it, you can find it here. Well, I am happy to say, after he figured out how to remove the tops without damaging them, and then getting back onto the movers schedule, they are no longer in my living room!  Can you say hallelujah!!  I did a little dance when that was over with!  

So that brings me to guess what I have to show you?  Yep, you got it! The roll top desk!  I was so excited to get this piece over to our home!  It has been in my husband's family for nearly 100 years!  It was well used in their family business for many years, when it closed, it then became a part of his home growing up.  He would sit and do his homework at this very desk... It's story is long and it is not in perfect condition, but what do I always say?  Perfectly imperfect! 

Lock on roll top desk

Do you not just love that lock?  Oh the details of the past, they make my heart sing!

How to style a roll top desk

I was not sure how the Gothic arch was going to look with the desk, but I actually like it together!  I found similar ones here for you.  I added a vase of rose petals from Mr. Vintage, yep, I keep them all for a few reasons... he always buys a Lennox vase to go with the flower arrangement and I find that so romantic (I found a pretty good deal on a Waterford Crystal vase if you are in search of one here). I also added one of our wedding photos too.

How to style a lantern in your home

You wouldn't know it looking at her, but this desk needed a good polishing.  I got out my Old English and went to town shining her up!  She looks great! You know I love lanterns all over our home, so I added a lantern to the top too.  Mine is 23" tall, but I found one here that is 28” tall if you are searching for one.

Simple living room design

I am searching for my desk blotter I had many years ago, but I have not come across it yet.  It may not have made it in the move.  I honestly do not recall. 

simple living room updates

Here are our ball and claw foot chairs on either side we picked up at an auction.  They are actually in as found condition, they had been reupholstered and matched our living room!  How lucky were we?

Gothic wall hanging over desk

The panels on either side of our Gothic arch are one of my favorite finds.  I wish I could recall where I found them online because I have seen them for outrageous prices and mine were not.  I did find something else I really like that is Frenchie you may want to check out here

Clock and lantern styled on top of roll top desk

You know how I change things up as I am photographing... I added our Hermle Mantel Clock to the desk.  I think it is the perfect place for it.  It was a gift to Mr. Vintage from his employer for his 25th anniversary.

How my roll top desk looks

And then, I decided this small milk glass urn (similar one found here) was perfect with my peonies and roses!  I think this one is my favorite mash up of décor on the roll top desk!  

How to decorate a roll top desk

What do you think?  Isn't she the perfect addition to our living room?  Now I am on the look out for a vintage chair... Mr. Vintage has a rolling desk chair, but I need to clean it up and see what it looks like with the desk and in this space.  

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