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Friday, March 19, 2021

Our first home tour

Do you ever wonder what a home looks like on the inside, do you enjoy searching for decorating ideas online?  Well, look no further, we have a house tour for you today.   

I want to thank Greg and Gina for being our first home tour.  Thank you so much for sending your photos in of your home.  It is beautiful and guess what?  Greg built this home with his own two hands!  I wish I had that kind of talent!  Wow is all I can say!  Gina has been working diligently for the past year completely making over their home. 

Cape Cod home

Look at all of that landscaping, the picket fence... they have set quite a scene for us.  I am getting excited to see what else they have in store!

Greg built this home for his parents in 1993.  This raised ranch home is 3,000 square feet.  Greg also has a work shop, a barn, and the work shop also has another home inside where Greg and Gina lived while updates were being completed on their home. As you can see, they have updated the siding since the above photo was taken.

Rear of home with patio to the left.  

Pergola off the back of their home.  I see sitting out here relaxing after a long day of work... sipping sweet tea on a hot day, or hot chocolate on those brisk mornings wrapped in a blanket...

Walk path up to patio area from the barns and workshop.  

The yellow building is the second home on their property with Greg's workshop combination.  This country setting seems to be the most idyllic place to sit down, relax, and enjoy the solitude surrounding you.  I asked her if she would be willing to make their extra home a bed and breakfast I could escape to!  Darn... she said they will keep all of this space for themselves!

Here is a close up of the second home that includes Greg's workshop on their property.

 As you can see, they are ready for company at a moments notice 
in the additional home on their property!  

I could see floating the day away on your back in their pool... the views in the background are magnificent!  It is like their property goes on for miles and miles... and seems so peaceful.  Ahhh... I am getting relaxed just looking at these photos, can you imagine day in and day out life here?  I doubt I would ever want to leave!

Greg and Gina's home is steeped in history from their antique collections throughout their home to books written about Fairfield County!  I was impressed to find there was furniture made in this area, who knew?  I would love to get my hands on something made locally all those years ago!  

This book has some age to it, I wouldn't mind knowing when it was printed.  Gina got back with me and indicated the copyright was 1912!

Charles C. Miller, PhD... some may recall a certain building in Lancaster sharing the same name. 

Did you ever notice that even in the past, books were beautiful?  Look at this cover and all of the detail, leather cover, and embossed print... I love books, but old books?  Do not even get me started... the smell of a book when you open it... how the spine creaks from lack of use... these things alone make me excited to see what is inside!

If you are interested in learning more about this book, I found the archive online which you can find here. I find this to be quite fascinating, and the inside of the book cover?  Beauty found again, inside and out on this book!  I can find beauty in just about anything I look at.       

Do you see the year on this book?  Original print in 1883!  This book was reproduced in 1974, but a lot of history can be found here on Fairfield and Perry Counties in Ohio.  I also found the archive on this book, which you can look at further here.  Get your glasses out, I tried to enlarge both archives and was unable to do so... of course, you may have no problem, my eyes are not what they used to be! 

As you can see the Fairfield Heritage featured furniture made in Ohio.  Do you see the Bope chest below?  Circa 1820... the stories this furniture could tell... the craftsmanship?  We just do not make things like they did in the past, unfortunately.  One of these pieces is residing in The Georgian located in Lancaster, Ohio.   

Greg and Gina have put a lot of love into their home, making it their own and sharing it with their four legged kiddos who can be seen running around in some of their photos. 

The entrance to their home has a lovely arched transom window above the front door, look at all of that natural light coming into their foyer.  Do you see that hall tree?  Definitely an item from the past.  I do love them right by the door though.  A place for your hat, umbrella, and walking cane...  I wonder why these are no longer used in homes today?  They organize your things and you know just where everything is located right before you jet out the door.  Maybe that is why we are so unorganized as a society... we need everything in it's place and a place for everything.  We can still learn from the past...

Do you not love this kitchen?  The cherry cabinets...look brand new, but they are original to their home. You can tell this home has been well loved and cared for over the years.

 Gina has a Hummel collection displayed on the shelves above the countertop.  You can see a closer picture of them below.  That is quite a collection and doubles as her spice jars and canister set!  I do love a decorative piece that is functional as well!  I do not believe I have ever seen these spice jars and canisters before.  

I would be in heaven with all of this storage!  Our kitchen severely lacks storage so I always admire kitchens where you just know you will have space for everything.  Greg and Gina had this butcher block kitchen island custom made.  I love the contrast of the black with their cherry cabinets. 

Can you imagine sitting at this kitchen table gazing outside while you leaf through a magazine dreaming away the afternoon?  I can... oh the things I could think up after spending some time daydreaming here... 

More storage!  I could fill this cabinet to the brim and it appears they have filled it with more antiques and dishes too.  Floor to ceiling storage, Mr. Vintage, we need this... I hope you are reading today!

Here is a closer look at all of the goodies inside... 

Loving how the phone is recessed inside the wall!  It is a piece of art  framed out on the wall.  I do enjoy seeing an old phone in a home... reminds us of the past where not everyone walked around with a phone on their hip, or in their pocket, or hand, or purse... 

A vintage rooster collection, vintage tins, glassware, and vases... a gal could get spoiled by all of this.  

You know I love a butler's pantry... they have cherry cabinets everywhere you turn in this kitchen.  If their home is any indication of what is behind the doors, I can only imagine what goodies are inside.  More antiques?  A gal can dream...

More arched transom windows, natural light bounding in from all directions... imagine curling up on the couch with a fire roaring in the fireplace, catching your favorite episode of Hometown, or whatever your favorite show is on a lazy afternoon spent at home... throw a blanket over yourself, take a nap, or just get comfortable and enjoy “me” time...

They have many stained glass lamps throughout their home. Have you also noticed their home is quite roomy? Plenty of space to sprawl out. Into the next room, Gina is using this as her home office while working from home through this pandemic.  I can understand why, although I may be distracted with all of the windows to observe the goings on of any animals deciding to take a short cut through their property.  

Gina indicated this is their sunporch, look at all of those windows to let all of that natural light in!  She used neutral colors as her base and sprinkled color throughout this room.  It certainly looks like it is ready for warmer weather and perhaps a magazine to peruse while thinking up her next project.  

Can I tell you how much I am loving this piece?  At first, I did not know what it was, but thought it resembled a cuckoo clock.  If you look closely, you will see it is a thermometer!  I was in love and I am searching the internet for one as we speak!  

I love pieces like this so much!  I am infatuated with cuckoo clocks, we had one in our home when I was growing up that was my great-grandmothers.  I am still searching for the perfect one for myself.... since I swooned over this piece, she sent a closer picture!  Greg indicated this piece is about 120 years old!  Looks to be in mint condition, like all of their other antiques.  

This is Greg and Gina's newest member of their family... isn't this peanut adorable?  

She has been busy painting him, take a look at what she has created.
Spitting imagine of him, don't you think?  

Here is a photo taken of their bedroom, do you not love that headboard?  The chest and nightstand have a spindle detail that can be found on both pieces.  I love how the curtains allow the light to filter through.  When your neighbors are further away, there is no need to keep prying eyes from looking in.  

You are going to love her design in the master bath!  Those feet?  Oh my goodness!  I love them!  You will not want to miss this bath.  She is not afraid of color and it is put together so tastefully.

I am a huge fan of slipper tubs... I would probably have shriveled up skin permanently from spending so much time here.  Wait till you see her bath tray, it is top notch!

Yep, my reader propped up there and just soaking and relaxing my day away...

Another antique... love this wardrobe, storage abound in this home! 

 Here we have a spare bedroom... she has her China cabinets full of collectibles and I see another stained glass lamp.  Another room with lots of natural light coming in.

  Here is that beauty lit up at dusk... I love when the base of a stained glass lamp lights up!

Below you can see more of her collectibles.  

I find this laundry room to be quite soothing... loving that hat stand and pops of color throughout.  Maybe I would not mind laundry so much if our laundry room looked like this.

I am such a sucker for an antique clock... any clock really... 

Here we have their basement, they have a full set up down here, including another kitchen.  

Greg spends his time in his shop working with wood and Gina has found a new favorite pass time painting.  She has found that it is very relaxing, you can see a bulldog in one of her photos that she painted.  She has quite the talent with the paint brush and Greg is quite talented being able to bring this home from an idea, to plans, to blueprints, to real life!  What a talented couple they are! 

Here are a few more of her painted projects.

I think we can honestly say Greg and Gina are not lacking in space or natural light, and they have done an excellent job showcasing their collections and what is precious to them.  Gina calls their style "a mix of modern farmhouse and a touch of Greg and Gina style."  She also indicated, "antiques and special d├ęcor make it their own".  Isn't this what a home should be to us after all?    

They have a beautiful, well curated home.  I love it when a home has personality since you can see what is truly important to that home owner.  Gina tried different colors on her shutters in the bathroom, new curtains a few times, but she wanted it just perfect, she is not afraid to try new things and it shows in how her home has come together over this past year.  This is how you make a home, especially since of late, our homes are our havens more now than ever before.

Thank you again to Greg and Gina for sharing their lovely home with us.  If you would like to share your home, you can contact me on Facebook or by email at Cara.VintageStyleGal@gmail.com.  This was so much fun writing about someone else's home, I think I will regularly host home tours if you are willing to share.    

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