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Saturday, March 13, 2021

What a lovely Saturday morning!

Wondering what we have been up to this week?  You can find a full run down of projects, recipes, and doggie stories here!

Photo taken in Portland, Maine

Have you been out yet this morning?  It is a wonderful sunshiny Saturday morning!  Yes, it is a little brisk, but you know what?  It doesn't take away from it's beauty!  This is my favorite kind of weather, you can still wear a sweatshirt and jeans and not be too hot! 

I see the weeds are back at it too!  They are my nemesis!  We have them in spades... not something I want to be known for of course, but how do you get rid of those pesky things?  If you have ideas, I am ALL EARS!  Not another minute will be wasted talking about those darn things!

We had a wonderful week here at Vintage Style Gal!  We learned about another recipe that is also gluten free, if you missed it, you can read about this tasty, easy Mexican Skillet.  

Mr. Vintage is really loving the cauliflower being used as substitute for rice.  If you have not tried it, you can find the riced cauliflower in your freezer section so the hard work is already taken out for you!  I used to rice my own and it is hard work!  I am all about saving time through the week so I started buying it already riced.  It is about about $1.99-$2.49 and to me that is totally worth my time.

We heard about  peanut's trip to the vet... He is doing pretty well on the Benadryl, of course, we got inventive to get him to take his medicine.  Mr. Vintage picked up capsules... we take them apart and sprinkle out the powder onto a plate and mix it in with peanut butter.  He eats the peanut butter right up and licks his chops and legs for several minutes after.  He gets very excited about peanut butter time.

I did more research and found a dog food I am hoping he will like.  I am waiting for it to arrive.  From my reading, I found I do not want him to be on a grain-free diet, I guess it causes heart problems.  Good to know!  I do not want him to have heart problems from his diet.  I chose Natural Balance, L.I.D. (Limited Ingredient Diet) which is supposed to help with his itchiness and allergies (sneezing, etc...) I am praying this is the answer. 

On a side note, did you know Amazon offers subscribe and save on dog food?  Delivered to your door when you request it?  Sign me up!  Dog food is heavy and I have always struggled to get it from the cart to the car, and then from the car to the house.  If it is delivered to my porch, then I only have to bring it up one step to get it inside.  I love this!  

I also showed you this week a few of my favorite things, if you missed it, you can read about it here.  I will be so excited when we can get back out and go to live auctions, flea markets, and antique stores!  Do you know my blood pressure actually goes down when I walk into an antique store.  I can actually feel myself relax... it is the most wonderful feeling in the world!  I completely shut out the rest of the world and just cruise the aisles searching for nothing and everything all at once! 

I am seriously thinking I may need to eliminate a few things around here in order to make room for new items.  Although, I wouldn't want to be too hasty, I mean, I may not find items and then I would have donated items that most certainly would want to stay here... dilemmas... I think I will wait a bit before I do anything too rash! 

And finally we learned how to make over a brass sconce!  If you missed this how to, you can find it here.  That was a fun project for me to just get lost in.  There were points in it where it was mindless gluing and then the tight spaces I had to get a little inventive in order to finish.  I do like it hanging on my dining room wall.  I need to finish styling the wall and share with you what I come up with.  Still thinking on it.  I have a few ideas I am tossing around.  I need Mr. Vintage's height though to help.  

Another side note, do you know Mr. Vintage is 6'2" and I am 5'?  A friend commented about our height difference the other day.  I laugh because he tends to forget how short I am until we are working on a project and I come up short, HA!  I am always too short to reach whatever he wants to hand me and he has to come down the ladder a bit to hand whatever off to me.  

I am also a afraid of heights!  Even standing on a chair makes me nervous... I know, I know, those of you safety minded people would say why are you standing on a chair?  A little story about me being a klutz.  When we purchased our home, we came over every weekend and a lot of week nights to work.  I saw Mr. Vintage stand on a folding chair and I thought I could do it too.... well, what he did no share or maybe I did not ask, was that there is a certain place where you can stand.  I did not know this and just stood on it, well, it folded up on me and I fell on the ground.  He yelled, don't you ever do that again!  Do you know how bad you scared me?  I was like, yeah, I do not think I will be trying that anytime soon in this lifetime!  That hurt!  So, no chairs for me... at least standing on anyway.  

Well, I think that is our wrap up this week.  Are you getting excited for spring?  Any projects you would like to share?  If you contact me on Facebook, I will gladly share your projects with everyone if you like.  I am also considering home tours to share.  I think it would be nice to see what others are up to.  Click on the link to follow our Facebook page and send your message.  I will have you email me your pictures to add to our blog.  I will be working on a new project here this weekend I hope to have finished and can share next week, fingers crossed another crazy idea comes to life and is a success... of course, you know Mr. Vintage will make it happen.  😉  Happy Saturday y'all!  

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