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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Peanut's Two Year Gotcha Day Anniversary

 It's official, this wild child of a Beagle-German Shepherd has officially made it two years with us this past weekend!  Of course, he got a new toy... and it lasted five hours, improvement over Christmas' similar toy... how he chews through them so quick is beyond me.  I just wish I could find something that holds his attention and something that will last.  He must have a lot of pent up frustration is the only thing I can think of.  If you know of any toys that a strong chewer can have, by all means, let me know!

Silly boy, putting it up over his head...

Dog playing with toy

I worked upstairs on Saturday after I got the brooches (if you missed that post, you can find it here).  Of course Peanut was by my side the entire time.  He is so funny, he watches everything you do.  I have told Mr. Vintage it is like he doesn't know how to be a dog.  He doesn't go and play and do dog things... he likes to be with me, watching what crazy thing I will come up with next or lay at my feet while I do the said crazy things around here. 

Pup laying with toy

He actually watches tv, not just when other animals are being shown, but he will lay there and watch my new obsession with us, Escape to the Chateau.  I am in love with that castle and seeing how they have rehabbed each space.  It has 45 rooms!  I digress, Peanut will lay there and watch and listen to what they say... it is quite comical!

Sunday morning my lil' peanut decided to go upstairs by himself.  I was working on something and Mr. Vintage went to pick up groceries.  Now just know, he does not venture off on his own unless there is a reason... want to know a secret?  I know when he is up to something by listening for his tags.  He has two tags on his collar and they make noise, it is how I know where to find him.  I could hear the tags jingling and so I ran upstairs to see what he had gotten himself into.

Pup laying on the floor with toy

I peek around the corner of our bedroom and he has a roll of paper towels on the floor just shredding the darn thing to pieces!  I said, hey, I thought we decided you were going to be a good boy and no more tearing things up? He just looked at me and took a big gulp... yep, he ate some of the paper towels.  I do not know what to do with him!  He will not stop eating things around the house!  I am so worried he will get himself into some serious trouble doing this one of these days.  

Yep, it was on me, I had them out cleaning, got distracted and moved on to something else and completely forgot I had them out in the first place.  But.... in my defense, I did not leave them on the floor.  They were up, he jumped up, got them down and shredded.  I should have gotten a photo, but with him, if you leave it on the floor, it is game to eat. So I was trying to get it all cleaned up before he could ingest anymore.  It was like a race, me trying to pick up faster than he could put in his mouth!   

We have tried obedience training... when I went to pick him up, I was like WOW, he is a different dog!  I was amazed, while his trainer showed me all that he had learned... well, little did I know when we got home, it was like he had never had training.... back to old habits so quickly!  We tried, really tried to implement the training he had, but to no avail, he just did not care... he ignores me if he does not want to listen...

Pup playing with ring toy

We swear it is the beagle in him... I have read they are stubborn.  We have said since he was a pup it was like there was an angel and a demon on each shoulder... he wants to listen to the angel, but the demon is whispering to him, don't listen to him... do what you want to.  He knows when he does something bad!  A lot of the time when he gets into trouble it is like oh well, so what I did the thing I wasn't supposed to... what are you going to do about it?

Pup laying with foot on ring toy

And then... it is like the German Shepherd in him wants to listen and follow directions.  I give him the sign and he sits immediately, but I do have to be relatively close to him or all bets are off!  He is like whatever mom, catch me if you can and we both know I am SOOOOO much faster than you are!  I am telling you, this tot is ornery with a capital O!  

Only recently when he gets into trouble will he sit and listen to what I say.  I swear he understands everything... he knows if you say cows he will get up to look out the window when we are driving by cows.  If I say dog or puppy he comes running and will bark at the dogs on television.  He always puts his back to me and keeps watch over who comes in and out of doors... he is one smart cookie and our wild child... all rolled into one.  And did you see those nails?  Would you believe we had them trimmed at the vet last weekend?  I know... they grow super fast and everyone is afraid to trim them, I will save that story for another day though... 

Dog playing with yellow toy

Do you not love his bow tie?  If you are interested in this toy, you can find it here and his bow tie collar, you can find here.

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Pup playing with orange ball

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