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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Peanut's 4th of July weekend

Our little peanut has made it through the fireworks this year... unmedicated!  July 4th started pretty early in our neighborhood... they started with fireworks on Friday which we were not prepared for.  Then they rolled over into Saturday, Sunday, and the city fireworks were Monday night... seriously?  That is a whole lot of fireworks for this little pup.

The good news?  He made it through!  There was very little holding over the weekend, he barked and did not care for them of course, but when he went outside to go to the restroom, he saw the fireworks and heard them, and do you know he did not bark?  Not once, just looked at them, and was ok, so that is what all the drama was about?  That was until Monday night of course...

He went back inside, and laid down... we took him upstairs and got in bed and he was ok Friday and Saturday night.  Sunday night, we think he was getting a bit tired of them, but overall he did pretty well, we are proud parents!

Monday night was a different story since he was used to the occasional firework, when the city fireworks began, he went berserk.  We took him to the bedroom and laid him in between us and gave him all sorts of love.  We made sure he had plenty of balls to play with and chew on for the event.  He whimpered and barked a bit, but the holding and lovings seemed to help immensely. 

This was not our first 4th of July with peanut, so we tore everything off the bed, minus the fitted sheet and a few pillows for us.  He will chew when he gets a lot of anxiety and we did not want anything to cause an emergency trip to the vet overnight.

He began shedding like crazy which happens when he has anxiety too, but we continued to hold him and when it was all over with, he laid down and was out for the count.  He cuddled right up into my side and even tried to lay on top of me so he could be extra close.

He also went to his doctor appointment and seemed interested in the other pups there which was kind of a first for him.  He noticed there was a German Shepherd pup there... yeah, you look like me, they had matching tails!  Too cute!  Their tails were literally identical... then he met a 10 week old Great Dane.  She was adorable, and he was slightly curious in her, but the German Shepherd pup took the cake for him.

This weekend he was also having some issues with his ears.  Sometimes when they are bothering him, he will shake his head continuously.  When he does this, I have to go and get his medicine for his ears.  It is in a bottle that we tip and squirt down in his ear and rub his ear until it goes down inside his canal.  

The ear shaking started Friday night, I went to get the medicine and decided to think ahead a bit, I shut the door to the TV room.  He knew then something was up when I opened the door and shut it behind me again.  Then he saw the bottle and went running... he ran past Mr. Vintage, jumped over the Cubii, and then ran for his crate!  We went in the very back and sat down and was like, nope, not happening mom and dad!

I just looked at him like are you serious?  He has never went to the crate for shelter from us before.  I sat the bottle down and he eyed me like, I am so not falling for that mom... I will stay in here for an eternity if I need to.  I decided to go over and casually sit on the loveseat, but did not make any move to touch the bottle of his medicine.  

He eyed us both like I am ok where I am for now, until if and when I decide to come out, I am totally watching that bottle... don't think I will lose sight of it parents!  About 10 minutes later, he started making some progress to the front of his crate.  He finally came out and was not sure where he wanted to go since the door was still shut.  I got up and acted like I was going out of the room and shut the crate door.

He knew he was had then... he came over and sat in front of me... and was like ok.. I know I have to do this.  I put the medicine in his ear and when I went to try to put it in the other ear, he decided to rear back and duck under Mr. Vintage's arm, and try to make a run for it.  I grabbed his collar and said sorry sir, you need your medicine in your ears so they do not hurt.  

With a little finagling, lots of coaxing, and being quick... we got his ears all fixed up.  He of course, flipped his ears back and forth.  I rubbed both of them more to try to keep it inside.  He finally laid down defeated and was like hm... parents, I am not happy... but he laid down and seemed to do better for the rest of the weekend, thank goodness.

He spent a lot of time outside this past weekend too.  He wanted to go out and lay in the sun and sunbathe.  He kept rolling over on his back and just falling asleep.  Occasionally, he would open his eyes to make sure one or both of us was still there... like he would ever be left outside alone... never!  We watch him when he is outside so we know he does not get into anything.  

A weekend full of sun, medicine, and a vet visit made this pup tired.  He zonked out early on Monday evening on the floor of the TV room until the fireworks started again... hope you all had a wonderful 4th who celebrated.  We are hoping to wrap up the second house clearing very soon... or maybe that is me being hopeful.  I am getting worn out, guess I am not as young as I used to be lol.  Have a wonderful week!  

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