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Saturday, July 10, 2021

German Village Home Listing

Searching for ideas to implement in your home?  We look to Zillow at homes on the market get ideas for our own home. 

I went house shopping this morning in German Village located in Columbus, Ohio... and wow, did I have a difficult time making up my mind in which home to share with you today!  There were so many great options, it was hard to choose!  The backyard is what won out on this listing!

German Village has always been a highly desirable place to live for as long as I can remember, hence the higher price tags for the homes in the area.  With the housing market the way it is, I am not really seeing an increase in the price of homes in this area which I found interesting since they have always had high price tags with these homes.      

This picture below is what got my attention when it came to this home, it is the first picture displayed for the listing.  Would that alone draw you in?  It did me... all photos sourced from Zillow.com.  

German Village is a compact area, yards are very difficult to come by.  Most homes in the area have small patches of yard, surrounded by brick walk paths, and gardens to lift your spirits.  This here, is very rare for this area for one, and two, I think I could get used to the heated pool and going for a dip every evening... could you see yourself lounging by this pool or getting your strokes in every evening?  Maybe this would help in alleviating stress in our lives... if only... we had this pool... 

As you can see from this angle and photo of the yard, homes are very close.  I am kind of in love with the manicured European Hornbeams.  I was curious about how quickly these trees grow since they are blocking prying eyes in this yard.  From what I read, they grow 10' per 10 years and once they reach full maturity, can reach 40-60' tall!  I would love to surround our yard with these and then have a pool just like this one.  Talk about the lifetime vacation home right here like we discussed earlier this week! 

I found the simplicity of this seating area quite charming.  I even like the weathered wood chaises.  Of course, I could see a chaise like this here as well.  We all know how I love to dream up these homes with my own touches here and there.  I could even see this gray and white outdoor rug under the chaise lounge chairs. 

This picture hits home when I had mentioned how close the homes are in this area.  You could probably reach out and crawl over into your neighbor's home if you needed to.  I do love there is very little maintenance in the front yard... I think I can deal with the trimming of bushes... what about you?  Do you prefer lots of grass to mow, or bushes to trim every now and then?

I do love a gate to a front yard.  I have been thinking about finishing off our front yard with wrought iron fencing across the front and adding a wrought iron gate.  I just do not think the mail carrier will close it each time he delivers mail.  I have caught him stepping over our wrought iron fence that runs along the sides of our yard and was none to happy about it when I considered he could slip and impale himself on it.  

I am not fond of the television over this beautiful fireplace, but it is the world we live in now.  I think I would find a way to disguise the telley.  I do love the brick walls on either side of the fireplace... and I also like the secretary desk.  I took a closer look and could see the top folds down, and the sides come out to support the desk. optimal in writing those letters of days gone by.  I do love a functional piece with storage, and antique to boot, how spoiled do I feel today in this find!  The wood floors appear to be in perfect condition.

I could see a large chesterfield sofa or a sofa like the one below in front of the fireplace, this one is at a really great price too!  I took a look at the information provided and appears to be made well.  I was actually surprised, if you look closely, you can see the additional legs under the sofa which give it more support.  Then I can visualize these traditional chairs on either side of the fireplace.  I think I would go with a more traditional Oriental rug as they have here for this room too.     


I do like the traditional feel of this room.  I love the way the current home owners have kept the age of the home in mind with their decor.  Did you also notice they have picture lights above their portraits hanging on the walls?  For some reason, I have always liked this.  I do not have them in my own home, but I do like them.  Maybe I will need to investigate this for our home... more projects Mr. Vintage!  Oh how he loves those!    

That chandelier drew my attention right to it, like a magnet!  My face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning!  Can you imagine all of the light dancing off of this beauty?  It really seems to glow... I found the sturdy legs of their dining room table to be appealing as well.  I know, me and the details, I notice them all... I'd be curious to know the paint color on the walls, the trim pops around the wall color in this dining room.  I also see we have more perfect wood floors. 

This galley kitchen really gives the appearance of being pretty spacious.  Do you see the glass shelves in front of the window?  I have been thinking about doing something similar in our own kitchen for more storage.  What are your thoughts?

Here is a better picture of the shelving in front of the window.  I have an idea in my head, but it would not be as sleek as this display.  Mine would have a more cottage look to it.  Do you have a television in your kitchen?  If it were up to me, we would have one and it would be in the basement, lol!  They were right back in the day with the console tv's at least they were somewhat attractive then.  I am sure I just received a dirty look from Mr. Vintage on that comment!  

I am not usually a fan of green, but I am in LOVE with this bath!  The emerald green is absolutely breath taking, and the brass fixtures really set it off!  I am assuming the tile goes from floor to ceiling... this is the only photo of this bath, but when I saw it the first time, I just stopped and took it all in.  It is quite simple, yet very rich looking.  

I love the brass cage lights and found a similar light, but then I found a wall sconce I really liked!  Check it out, I really liked the cylinderical lamp body and detail.  Changing up wall fixtures can be a really economical way of changing up your look in a room for not a lot of money these days.  I just cannot stop looking at that bath!  Okay, okay, we will move on...

I do love this fireplace in the nursery, it appears to be original to the home.  Original features... oh, how I love them in a home, let me count the ways...  I think we should all make our homes ours, but those original features?  They are like the icing on the cake!

I could work in this space... could you?  I enjoy seeing the bits of brick in this room, hardwood floors, although I would venture to say they are newer.  I wanted to share this desk with you.  At a first glance, I thought appeared to be made of cabinet doors since I thought I could see the hinges still attached, but upon closer inspection I found it was how the sides were braced together to form a desk.

So then the brain started working, spinning round and round, and wondered how cool it would be to make a desk from cabinet doors and leave the hinges still attached to the doors?  It really only takes one picture folks to get me running in another direction and thinking how I can make something... maybe I need a life?  Or just a well stocked wood shop so I can see all of my creations come to life... 

Does that exposed brick make you smile like I am right now?  I have to say, I do like their rug choices throughout this home.  I am not always a fan of some, but they are spot on.

More exposed brick... I would probably be ok in this bedroom, but I'd imagine Mr. Vintage may have some issues with hitting his head every morning.  That would probably make him grumpy, but peanut and I?  We would be A-okay in here.  

Quite a view, isn't it, which brings us back to the reason I decided to share this home with you.  The yard looks quite lush and the stepping stones running along the left side of the property look magazine worthy from this view.  That hedge?  Yes, please... sign me up!  It is like your own private oasis with no worries and stress free days ahead... did I mention that pool is heated too? 

Yep, I think I would never tire of looking at this day in and day out.  Now, can someone make this happen in my yard for me?    

With space being an issue in this area, I would surprised to find it also has parking for 3 cars.  This home really does have it all.  

You can find this home located at 524 S 3rd Street, Columbus, OH 43215 to see the full listing click on the link to be directed to Zillow.com.  This home has 4 bedrooms, and 3 baths, is 2,741 square feet, and is listed for $1,050,000.  

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  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog so that I could discover yours!

    1. Thank you for finding us Paula, I loved your mirror post! Those vintage finds are near and dear to our heart!

  2. I live in an old summer beach community and some of the houses are that close. Our first home was like that, but there's a certain charm in that I think. This home is fabulous and based on the backyard alone, I'd never guess it was in the US. Ps- your blog looks lovely!!

    1. Kim, my husband did not think it was in the US either, let alone Central Ohio! I love the charm in older homes and neighborhoods where the homes are close, it's almost like you just have to get to know your neighbors when you are this close. Our past could teach us a thing or two about loving our neighbors... thank you so much about your comment on the blog. This has always been a dream of mine, and I am getting to see it come to fruition! So exciting!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. The home is beautiful and so well maintained. I enjoy homes with interiors that represent old world charm, and I get that vibe from this house.
    Your site looks great! Congratulations :)

  4. Thank you so much Karen! Yes, I am not so sure I would have looked at this home if it were not for the backyard, that got my attention and drew me in. Then I was so happy to see the inside with so much still in place. A lot of these older homes in the area have so much removed which I tend to get pretty sad about.