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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Peanut's jail break

Searching for comical stories about a mischievous pup?  Look no further, our peanut will keep you laughing... or entertained at the very least. 

So the stinker had a jail break one evening this past week... Mr. Vintage took him outside and they were rough housing as they tend to do.  Can you believe he unhooked himself from his leash?  Yes, we have a fenced in yard, but we have a driveway that is completely open.  He has to be on a leash at ALL times when outside.... he cannot be trusted, not one little bit!    

Mr. Vintage calmly comes to the back door and yells Cara, can you come here?  I reply yes, he said can you hurry?  Bring treats with you!  Now that caused some concern on my part and I was scrambling as quickly as I could to the door and grabbing treats on the way.  I did not even put shoes on, just ran out in my bare feet.  I had a feeling this was not going to be a good situation.

I see peanut laying down in the backyard panting pretty hard.  I asked how did this happen?  Mr. Vintage replied well, you know he can sometimes unhook himself, and so he did.  I wondered to myself how is this going to play out?  I took a treat and threw it in the yard.

Peanut ignored it.  Hubby says when I went to try to grab him, he ran!  When he realized he was not attached to the leash he began running around the yard doing donuts very fast, round and round.  I think to myself, well that explains the hard pant.  

Pup showing his teeth while laying down

So I begin breaking up the treats and throwing them.  Peanut just sits there and then takes a step closer to get the treat I threw.  I kept taking steps toward him and then I grabbed his collar.  I was so relieved when I had his collar in hand!  I think he was too.

Hubby came over with the leash and hooked him again.  I walked inside with his leash in hand and it was like any other night, like nothing ever happened.  

I think he was as stressed about the situation as I was because he came in and threw himself down on the floor in the tv room and decided to take a snooze.  I said to him, well, at least you were as concerned as we were.  I did not want a repeat of last year's ordeal.

Last year Mr. Vintage was repairing our front door and he had the door open.  What does peanut do?  Just walks out the front door like it was nothing... yep, he did this!  I did not know what to do, run after him, walk calmly, you know when these things happen, you tend to panic.  I PANICED!  We did not have his leash handy.  I went to go after him and he ran!  I was in my p.j.'s running out in the front yard, trying to catch him.  When I would get close, he would run.  I am sure if any neighbors were looking out the window, they had a good laugh.  Thankfully he never ran out into the street.  

Do you remember me telling how fast he is?  He has nearly caught squirrels, he is that fast!  He ran to the other side of our wrought iron fence and down our neighbor's driveway.  He did not know what to do at that point, he hesitated and I jumped on that.  I got him then.  Hubby got the leash and I hooked him and walked him back inside.  

I sat him down and said do you know how bad you scared me?  Trust us, the world outside these four walls are not always kind.  You are better off staying here.  So this makes the second time he has gotten out and off leash. Makes my heart sink and I worry about what could happen to him if he does ever get very far.  We are working on our options of a gate for our driveway to keep this peanut contained, but finding someone to install it is harder than you think.

I was in the dining room this past weekend and I shout out asking something to hubby.  What does peanut do?  He runs down the hall and begins barking at hubby!  Hey, mom needs you, you better get up, come on, she needs help!  He is barking and bouncing around, and of course in peanut fashion, will not stop until Mr. Vintage gets up.  When hubby got up and he runs down the hall to the dining room.  Hey, this way, she is in here!  

We laughed and hubby said, yeah, whose dog are you?  Yep, your mom's!  He will literally run and get Mr. Vintage if I yell for him or ask a question from another room.  My little helper... of course the best helper in the world, he also helps me keep my sanity around here!  Not to mention he is pretty cute too!  🐶  

He seems to sense when we have a rough day at work and gives more cuddles on those days.  Last week I had a particularly difficult day at work, and when I went to take my lunch, he cuddled right up beside me and snuggled into my side.  I told him his mom needed the cuddles... and he was only too happy to oblige.  We love his spunky attitude and never know what will head our way from day to day with him in the house.  We think our lives would be pretty boring without him here though.  

Interested in what his favorite toy is this week?  He has been carrying his gonought around with him all week and taking his frustrations out on it.  We call it his cigar since he runs around the house with it sticking out of the side of his mouth like a cigar.  If you have a strong chewer like we do, we highly recommend it.  He got it for Christmas and it still looks like new!  We never have a toy this long around here... 

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  1. Pets sure keep things interesting don't they!!

    1. Yes, he does that around here, but we love him regardless.