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Thursday, July 29, 2021

What sort of home can I get for $250,000 close to the water

Ever wonder what sort of home you can find for $250,000 close to the water?  We have three homes so share with you that fit the bill.  

We all are aware I have a home searching addiction... Mr. Vintage had to work late one evening this week... so, do you know what I was busy doing?  Why I was searching homes of course!  I have to feed this addiction as often as I can, whenever I can...   

All pictures are sourced from Zillow.com.  

This home is located at 615 Columbia Street in Elmira, New York and started with a lot of clicks, and oohing and ahhing on my part... then I started to wonder about home costs other than where we live.  This home is listed for $99,900.  It does need a lot of work since it is uninhabitable, but Central Ohio is on a housing boom at the moment.  

You cannot even look at a home without expecting to pay top dollar, including pretty oh hum homes... this home has a lot of original features still in place, but other parts, wow, they need restored... but the price tag on this home?  Hmm...   

If only I had the know how and money to bring this beauty back!  She is incredible!  It has 10 bedrooms and 4 baths, and has 8,284 square feet.  WOW!  Can I also just tell you how lovely Elmira, New York seemed looking at the other homes for sale in the area.

We recently spoke with a realtor and she mentioned shacks are selling for top dollar right now.  As I tend to do, I began to think about this and since I analyze everything, I began to analyze locations and prices of homes and what you can get for your money.  

Everywhere you look, homes are on the market, where is everyone going?  If we were looking to sell this lovely cottage, do you know now would be the time.  We could get a decent amount out of this ole' gal and move where the cost of living was lower, but where is that?

We are not looking to sell... nor are we planning to go anywhere any time soon.  Maybe once we retire.  We have considered Maine as a place we would not mind living when that time comes.  

I still like to look and see what is available since I am a curious one... with an insatiable need to know as much as I can about homes.  What they sell for, what they look like on the inside, and if there are any original features left after the home has gone through renovation after renovation over the years.   

We love Rhode Island, but wow!  Homes can be quite expensive in that area.  We like cooler climates and lots of fresh air... I seem to be able to breathe so much better in this part of the USA.  For me, that is very important since breathing is kind of important... lol.  Keeping my wit about the situation. 

When we were looking to purchase a home, we met with a realtor who encouraged us to only look at homes at the price point of $250,000 and below.  She indicated this was a comfortable price point more people can afford.  

If and when it came to resell we would be in a position where our home would sell quickly.  She indicated going much higher than that becomes unattainable for most and so these homes often sit on the market for longer periods of time.  I doubt she thought we would be in a home for the long haul since most do not stay in their homes these days.

The good ole' days, people purchased their home and stayed until they went to their retirement home, or death.  These days?  People do not tend to stay in one spot for very long.  Why do you suppose that is?  Inquiring minds want to know...  

For some $250,000 may be so little, and others, this may seem like too much... and as you know my brain is all over the place when it comes to homes... I started to think what can I buy for $250,000 close to the water? 

Since I so enjoy sharing homes, I plan to show you three homes today that stay within our price point of $250,000.  I get so excited when I get to look at so many homes and share them all with you too!

Cute little cottage located at 195 Baywood Blvd, Brick, NJ 08723 and is listed for $225,000.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, and is 932 square feet.  Who needs a lot of space when you can use the outdoors as an addition to your home?  

I could live here, needs some updating, but I think the cottage itself is cute.  I would paint the cabinets in the kitchen, and probably completely remodel the bath.  I like the small windows on the front of this cottage, how cute.   

The shrubbery needs a good trim, or maybe pull them since they are kind of big and so close to the home.  I always worry about foundation issues when they are so close.  The listing indicates you can walk to the marina!  What a plus!

This condo located at 31 Bullocks Point Ave APT 6B, Riverside, RI 02915 would be in the area we love, but this is more like apartment living.  Not something we are very fond of, but the location?  Who can beat it?

We are doing great at this price point of $250,000 and 895 square feet. Do you love the view?  More great pics of this condo, it is really move in ready which who doesn't love that?  

Many great adventures would await you in this area.  I can guarantee you that, this is where we love to vacation.  So many things to do, so little time!  BUT... living there?  We would never run out of time to see all this area has to offer.  

Lastly, we have another condo located at 11 Church St UNIT 319, Salem, MA 01970.  This unit has 626 square feet and seems pretty spacious despite having the smallest square footage out of the three.  

Imagine being in the heart of downtown Salem.  I doubt you would miss a thing.  You are also very close to the ocean, big plus.  There is not much to do in the way of work on this condo either, reface cabinets and I would say you are pretty much done.  Priced at $249,900, we are still under our budget of $250,000.  

What do you think?  Inspired to live closer to the ocean?  I know it makes me think I could downsize, and perhaps live in a condo, but it's a no go unless there is room for peanut.

The east coast has a lot of condos available, they even take those lovely large mansions and make them into condos.  We have looked at a few over the years wondering what life could be like there...  The price tags are still usually pretty steep, but imagine being surrounded by all of that history.  Gets me every time!     

If I had my choice, I think I would go with the cottage since we would be able to have a yard and outdoor space is pretty important when you want to live close to the ocean.  Imagine the possibilities with the yard area.  A little paint and clean up and you could have a cozy cottage not so far from the water.  

Do you ever dream up where you want to put down roots?  Do you stay in your current location because you are close to family?  We think retirement sounds like a good time to make a move.  We can downsize and live in a tiny house by the sea... or at least that is the dream for now. 😉  What are your dreams?

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  1. Love this so much! You know I'm all in on the first house. :)

    Happy day friend!

    1. I am in love with that home too KariAnne! All those original features... I wish I could take it on!